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Looking for some delicious and easy pie recipes? Look no further – I’ve got a huge list of pies for you. Not only are there classic pies great for Thanksgiving, but you’ll want to keep this list hand all year long for my twist on favorite pie recipes.

pie with dollops of whipped cream

Favorite Pie Recipes

If you love pie you’re in the right place – I have so many easy recipes you’re going to love. Thanksgiving might be the pie holiday but we love making these recipes all year long. It’s a dessert I cannot get enough of, whether I’m making a fruit pie with homemade pie dough or a semi-homemade recipe with store-bought crust.

Below you’ll find all my favorite easy pie recipes, starting with my favorite crusts. Whether you have strawberries to use up, caramel and cinnamon on the brain, or are looking for your next holiday pie – you’ll find one you love.

butter pie crust in a clear pan.

Crust Recipes

A great pie has a delicious crust! I have lots of options for you, whether you want a pastry crust or a no-bake crust. Use my all butter homemade pie crust for fruit pies or traditional cream pies, or use one of my cookie crusts: Oreo Crust, Shortbread Crust, Graham Cracker Crust. I even have peanut butter cookie crust and a chocolate chip cookie crust recipe!

Classic Holiday Pies

The four most popular pies at Thanksgiving are Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Pecan, and Apple. I have so many versions of these for you to fall in love with. See all of my holiday pies!

Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe
This Pumpkin Pie is the best and easiest ever! It's a simple pumpkin pie recipe that's made with condensed milk and has just 6 ingredients! Basically, this is a NO FAIL pie that will be perfect every time!
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whole pumpkin pie
Classic Pecan Pie Recipe
This Classic Pecan Pie is as easy as they come. A handful of ingredients makes the perfect pie!
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overhead shot of pecan pie
Apple Crumble Pie Recipe
This is my absolute FAVORITE pie recipe. It’s the reason I started this blog! A buttery crust filled with sweet apples and a crunchy sweet crumble on top. It’s the perfect WOW dessert, especially with ice cream!
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one slice of pie with crumble topping on a white plate next to a fork.
Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe
This Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe is completely from scratch and so easy! The filling recipe has homemade caramel and you can even make this a dutch apple pie with crumb topping.
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slice of apple pie with lattice top drizled with caramel on white plate with blue stripes
Brown Sugar Pecan Pie Recipe
Brown Sugar Pecan Pie – this easy and fast pecan pie recipe has no corn syrup and is FULL of brown sugar. It’s our family favorite and disappears in minutes every time I make it!
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Brown Sugar Pecan Pie
No Bake Pumpkin Pie Recipe
This No Bake Pumpkin Pie Recipe is and easy pumpkin cream pie with a graham cracker crust.
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no bake pumpkin pie on white plate

Fruit Pie Recipes

Fruit Pies are such a classic – I absolutely love a double crust pie or a pie with crumble topping. I have tons of variations of each of these; be sure to see all my fruit pie recipes.

Blueberry Pie Recipe
This classic Blueberry Pie can be made with a lattice, a double crust, or a crumble topping. Use fresh or frozen or canned blueberries to have this easy classic pie recipe all year long.
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one slice of pie with blueberries baked in and with lattice design on top.
Cherry Pie Recipe
This is the BEST cherry pie recipe that you can easily customize to your tastes with different variations. Use a homemade pie crust or store-bought to make it even easier!
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cherry pie with cherry pie filling in the crust.
Peach Pie
A peach pie can be made with a double crust, lattice crust, or even a crumble topping. This peach pie recipe is easy and fast and perfect!
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slice of peach crumble pie
Blackberry Pie Recipes (2 ways)
This blackberry pie is one of my family favorite recipes. The lattice-top is really easy to do using the how-to photo tutorial! Or use a crumble topping on top instead!
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blackberry pie overhead
Strawberry Pie
A fresh strawberry pie is the perfect summer dessert. This pie is made with a pastry crust but you could use a graham cracker crust. This pie is made without jello and just uses the fruit to naturally gel the pie filling.
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sliced pie in clear pie plate with whipped cream.
Raspberry Pie
Raspberry Pie is an easy berry pie recipe! Make this pie with a double crust, lattice, or even a crumble topping! It’s such an easy pie recipe.
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one slice of pie with raspberry filling and a heart sliced out of the dough.
Aunt Tootsie’s Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe
Aunt Tootsie’s Lemon Meringue Pie – this recipe is a family favorite! It’s an easy pie recipe with homemade lemon filling and meringue. Everyone loves it!
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slice of lemon pie on blue plate

Cream Pies

Cream Pies can have a pastry crust or no bake crust and are full of pudding and whipped cream. Sometimes they even have fruit or cheesecake too! I have so many variations of these recipes, but these are my favorites.

Easy No Bake Coconut Cream Pie Recipe
No Bake Coconut Cream Pie – this EASY no bake pie recipe is full of coconut pudding, fresh whipped cream, and a Golden Oreo crust! This pie goes down so easy!
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Simple coconut cream pie
Banana Cream Pie Recipe
Make my easy banana pudding recipe from scratch! This simple pie is easy to make and full of fresh sliced bananas and homemade pudding.
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banana cream pie with sliced bananas on top.
No Bake Chocolate Cream Pie
This is the BEST No Bake Chocolate Cream Pie recipe! An Oreo crust is filled with a thick eggless chocolate filling and topped with whipped cream!
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pie in pie plate with slice missing.
No Bake Lemon Cream Pie Recipe
This easy No Bake Lemon Pie is creamy and perfect with a graham cracker crust. You can even freeze it!
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lemon pie in a tin with sliced lemons on top.
Double Chocolate Pie Recipe
This easy Double Chocolate Cream Pie is completely from scratch! A chocolate crust, a decadent chocolate filling, and fresh whipped cream.
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slice of chocolate pie with whipped cream on white plate with bite missing
No Bake Peanut Butter Pie
No Bake Peanut Butter Pie – this easy no bake pie recipe is all peanut butter with a no bake crust! It’s so creamy and everyone loves it!
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No Bake Peanut Butter Pie on a dark plate with a fork

Custard Pies

Custard Pies and Chess Pies are baked with a creamy center and sometimes different flavors. These are some traditional ones, but be sure to see all my chess pie recipes for my different variations.

Sugar Cream Pie Recipe
Sugar Cream Pie is an easy no egg custard pie that’s sweet and has tons of vanilla flavor. Also called Hoosier Pie, traditionally it’s sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg but sometimes we’ll dust it with cinnamon sugar before baking. This is such a classic pie recipe, reminiscent of crème brulee.
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One slice of sugar cream pie on a plate with fork
Chocolate Chip Chess Pie
Chocolate Chip Chess Pie – a classic easy chess pie recipe filled with chocolate chips! This is the best holiday pie, everyone loves how EASY and good it is!
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Chocolate Chip Chess Pie
Maple Chess Pie
This is an amazing and easy pie, if you like pie you'll like this!
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slice of maple chess pie on a tan plate next to a fork
Chocolate Chess Pie with Graham Cracker Crust
This delicious and rich Chocolate Chess Pie has a graham cracker crust for a new twist! The crust is thick and crunchy and the filling is rich, chocolatey, and fudgy. It’s the perfect pie for any occasion!
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Slice of Chocolate Chess Pie on a white plate

No Bake Pies

These are some of the easiest pie recipes – and when I call a pie no bake, that means it’s TOTALLY no oven needed! I have so many no bake pie recipes – and even an entire no bake round up post with a list of my favorites.

The BEST No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Recipe
The PERFECT recipe with only five ingredients! It's the easiest pie recipe you'll ever make and everyone will devour it.
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slice of chocolate pie on white plate with bite missing.
No-Bake Peanut Butter Twix Pie
A pie that’s like a peanut butter TWIX!! Shortbread crust, peanut butter filling, and chocolate topping! This is my FAVORITE pie!
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slice of peanut butter pie with chocolate top on white plate
No Bake Butterscotch Pudding Pie
This No-Bake Butterscotch Pudding Pie is completely from scratch with the BEST butterscotch pudding EVER and a graham cracker crust!
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Slice of no bake butterscotch pie on white plate
Caramel Cheesecake Pie Recipe
This easy no bake cheesecake is full of caramel in every bite! Top a simple no bake cheesecake with caramel sauce, all with chocolate cookie crust.
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Close up shot of a slice of caramel cheesecake pie on a white scalloped plate

Mini Pies and Slab Pies

Sometimes you don’t want a normal size pie – and that’s when mini bite size pies or giant pan pies come in handy. These are a few of our favorites, and be sure to check out all my pie bar recipes too.

Mini Pumpkin Pies Recipe
Mini Pumpkin Pies are made in a muffin tin! This easy recipe uses sweetened condensed milk and couldn't be more simple – it's an easy portable pumpkin pie. We love these with whipped cream!
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pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top on a white plate.
Mini Pecan Pies Recipe
Learn how to make Mini Pecan Pies in a muffin tin! This is an easy recipe that's perfect for the holidays. Make bite sized pecan pies in a mini muffin pan or a cupcake pan. This is the classic Karo Syrup recipe!
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Close up shot of mini pecan pies stacked on top of eachother on cutting board
Mini Berry Pies
Mini Berry Pies are so easy and the perfect size for serving at parties! Learn how to make mini fruit pies completely from scratch with crumble topping and homemade berry pie filling.
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Two mini berry pies stacked on top of eachother surrounded by fruit
Mini Crumb Apple Pies
Make an easy mini apple pie with a crumble topping instead of a full size apple pie! Easier to serve, easier to eat, mini apple pies are the same as my favorite apple pie recipe in bite size form!
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overhead shot of apple pies on white plate
Apple Slab Pie Recipe
An apple pie in bar form – eat it with a fork or your hands! Perfect for easy serving at parties.
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sliced apple slab pie in sheet pan with spatula
Blueberry Slab Pie
Slab pie is so much easier to serve! This one has a scratch crust and a crumble topping and is full of blueberry pie filling!
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Blueberry slab pie in sheet pan with corner piece being scooped out with a serving spoon

I’m sure you’ve wondered what the 5 most popular pies are – and I can guarantee they’re on this list. Whether you serve these with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream – be sure to save a few of your favorites for the holidays and all year long!

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