Baking can be scary but don’t worry – I am going to teach you what you need to know to become a better baker. My baking tips are easy to understand and will make you a baking star!

Don’t be nervous about baking a cake or cookies from scratch; I’ve been doing it for years and now I’m going to share everything I know so you can do it too.
How can I get better at baking?
From learning how to measure flour or how to soften butter, these tips and tricks will make you the star baker in your family. I’ll also teach you about how to measure ingredients and what you can substitute in baking.
Whether you’re baking from scratch or making a semi-homemade dessert, my easy baking tips will help you finish any recipe. I call my tips Baking 101 and they’ll certainly teach you how to be a better baker at home!

Once you feel comfortable, be sure to try my yellow cake or my chocolate chip cookies which are two of the easiest recipes from scratch. But don’t worry, I have recipes that use mixes too, for when you’re short on time and want to get a dessert ready for that class party.

Baking really is easy to do once you know the basics. This is your one stop resource for all the baking tips and tricks you need to make any dessert you love.

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