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Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where it's always time for sugar (and my thighs know it). Happy October! I cannot believe it. Just yesterday school got out for summer. And now it's almost Halloween! One of these days I'll get in the mood. Quite possibly when the weather finally cools off... Congratulations to Meg from Sweet Twist of Fate. She won the Trident giveaway. She gets to chew away for a whole year. I'm so jelly! Guess what? I have another giveaway for you! Shocker, it's for Online BlogCon! I'm super excited about this giveaway. (Well, I'm super excited for all of them. They're all SO awesome!) But this one is one I've done before...for Silpat! Seriously, it's one of my most used kitchen items. I use it almost … {continue reading}

Witch Hat Cupcakes {Halloween Week!}

witch hat cupcakes 2 words

These spooky witch hat cupcakes are filled with a sweet surprise! Yay! It's Halloween Week! Hayley (aka The Domestic Rebel) and I were talking recently. We wanted to do a theme week thought, why not Halloween? I mean, it's the first week of October people. We need to get in the spirit. I, for one, am NOT in the spirit. Sure, I decorated my house. But I am NOT in the spirit. It's kind of hard to get in the spirit of Halloween when it is 100 degrees. I kid you not people. But I know, you did not come here to here me gripe about the weather. Again. {And, really. As much as I love candy and Halloween decorations...I'm not really in love with Halloween. Trying to pick a costume, staying up late, dealing with the eventual … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday

whatever friday button

It's Friiiiiiiiiday! Want to know everything I did? I figured as much...since you're here and all. ;) 1. Okay. Let's talk Real Housewives of New Jersey. Total set-up, methinks. Although, I really don't know how I felt about Teresa being involved. I think she knew about it and did nothing to stop it, but I don't think it was her idea. Thoughts? Oh, and is it just me, or does knowing all this took place before the last reunion make you feel weird? Like the last reunion was the reunion for this show? And it said they hadn't seen each other since - are they making a new season???? So. Many. Questions. I can't wait to watch the reunion! 2. Oh, you want to see what food I made? Okay. I made crack balls. I made the BEST. CAKE. … {continue reading}

Banana Cake with Caramel Filling

banana cake 4 words

Last week I hit the dreaded "mid-thirties." I turned 35. Really, it's just a number. I know. I have to check a different box on some forms. I have no problem with the fact that I'm quick sliding to 40, really I don't. I remember the year several of my friends and I turned 30. They were all full of woes and "oh my god I'm 30!!!" statements. I? Didn't care. I was actually happy to finally be 30. I was tired of my 20s. Plus, my husband is older, so I kinda just wanted to be over that gap into the 30s. The reason I have issue with 35 is I actually feel 35. I wake up with a sore back and when I stretch I crackle. My ankles hurt more after sleeping than they do after a workout. (How do you get hurt sleeping, may I … {continue reading}

Cookie Butter Pretzel Granola Bites

biscoff bites 1 words

So. You know Ashton right? From Something Swanky? I know, big surprise. I know her quite well, actually. We've been working on that teeny, tiny project together. You know the one. You're probably tired of hearing about it. I know. But it's what I've been devoting the majority of my days to lately. It's quite a nice distraction actually. Like, vacuum....or update attendance? Clean the toilets....or email sponsors? {Really, if you give me any other chore besides cleaning? I'll pick the "other" every time.} Don't worry this post isn't all about Online BlogCon. Again. Well, that's a little lie. It's not totally about Online BlogCon. Really, it's about these Cookie Butter Pretzel Granola Bites. Or, a party in your … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday {Sponsored by Trident}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where I hope that all of the Fall sweets you link up will make Mother Nature stand up a take a listen to my pleas. It's going to be 97 next Saturday here, people. Sigh. I have a confession to make. Well, two confessions. One, I'm addicted to gum. Like, I'd chew it all day if I could. I see it as an eating deterrent. ;) Two, I love music...but I am not a music person, if you know what I mean. I love listening to the radio...but never think to turn it on in my house. I have no idea who sings the songs I love...just that they sing them well. So, if you happen to say to me, "I love that new Pink song! Don't you??" I'll nod and say yes even though I have no clue what you're talking about, because I love … {continue reading}

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip PB bars 1 words

This post is sponsored by Nestlé® Toll House® Morsels, the perfect special ingredient for all of your family’s favorite treats! Growing up, baking was something that my mom and I did together. In fact, my love of all things chocolate came from her.  Of course, when I had Jordan, I was so excited because now I could have a little helper in the kitchen too. Too bad I am waaaaay to anal to have a kid in the kitchen with me. Jordan sees me baking all the time. In fact, after dinner, she always asks for the treat I made that day. {God forbid I don't bake one day. She looks at me like I have two heads. Then she sighs and heads off to her candy bucket in the pantry.} Occasionally she watches me bake. And sometimes, if the stars … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday

whatever friday button

Hey there friends. It's Frrriiiiday. Woot! Who had a good week? Hopefully...all of you. Did you do a lot? I feel like life is never ending, am I the only one? Here's what I did this week: 1. My blog turned 2! And I'm giving away some of my favorite things. Oh, and I made pie. Of course. I would like to say, all your sweet comments and FB posts and tweets are just making me a little emotional. I heart all of you too! Thank you for being not just loyal visitors, but friends too. :) 2. I hijacked Back for Seconds while she was out of town. I love that girl and I know you will too! I made her some Pecan Pie Poptarts. Go see! 3. Ashton and I revealed our first big Online BlogCon giveaway. A Kindle Fire HD 8.9"! … {continue reading}

Funfetti Cake Batter Pies

funfetti cake batter pies

    Thursday is a big day for Crazy for Crust. It's her birthday! Tomorrow my little piece of the internet turns 2. So I made her some cupcake pies to celebrate. I really cannot believe I've been doing this for 2 years. {Really, I count it at about a year and a half...because for the first 6 months I had no clue what I was doing.} So much has happened and changed in the past two years, I can't even wrap my mind around it. This little blog of mine started as something to keep me busy while Jordan was in Kindergarten. I read exactly one blog before starting mine: Bakerella. And I thought, hey, I can do this too. Sometimes I want to hide the evidence of my earlier work. I've thought about deleting the horrible … {continue reading}

Peanut Butter Cookie Pops with Candy Corn M&Ms

Peanut Butter Cookie Pops

I have a slight shoe addiction. Hold on, let me rephrase that. I have a major shoe addiction. One that comes complete with a high. Before I had a kid, back in the days with two incomes and places to be seen other than Target, I had lots of shoes. Nice shoes. Shoes meant to be seen. Heels, wedges, peeptoes. Sandals, boots, plaforms. Oh, yes, I fed my shoe addiction regularly back then. I discovered the wonder of Franco Sarto at 23 and never looked back. But then Jordan came along, and with her came nowhere to go and a half shoe size. My Francos were relegated to the back of the closet and only the boots came out but once a year. Until now. It started at Mother's Day. I had asked for (and recieved) a pair of camel-colored … {continue reading}

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