Crazy for Crust

Feb 20

Mom’s Banana Bread

Banana Bread (1 of 1)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyMom always does everything the best, right? Take this banana bread. This is my mom’s banana bread recipe and it’s the BEST one I’ve ever had. I make a lot of banana bread. I eat a lot of banana bread. In fact, I’ve posted lots of banana bread. Every single banana bread or banana-like...

Feb 19

Mint Chip Cake Roll

Mint Chip Cake Roll (1 of 5)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyFebruary 19 is National Chocolate Mint Day. Let’s celebrate in style, shall we? This Mint Chip Cake Roll is perfect for any occasion, like Chocolate Mint Day, a holiday…or a 9th birthday. Dear Jordan, Nine years ago yesterday I woke up to my water breaking. We rushed to the hospital only to have you...

Feb 18

Snickers Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies

Snickers Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies (1 of 6)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyCandy stuffed into cookies is just plain good. When it’s a Snickers stuffed into a peanut butter cookie? It’s freaking amazing. Is it me or is watching The View been reallllllly awkward lately? Every time Barbara is on (which is almost constantly it seems) I feel like I’m sitting at a family dinner where...

Feb 16

Funfetti Cookie Fudge Bars

Funfetti Cookie Fudge Bars (2 of 5)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyI love marrying desserts and today is a super special wedding! Funfetti Cookies and Fudge are now married into one treat: a Funfetti Cookie Fudge Bar! So, February is kind of a ridiculous month around our house. It’s the shortest month, and Valentine’s Day is right smack dab in the middle. But that’s not...

Feb 15

Over 50 Turtle Recipes

50 Turtle Recipes

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyIf you love Turtles, this is the recipe collection for you! There are over 50 Turtle Recipes to choose from, so get looking! Today is my mom’s birthday! Okay, on three. One, two, three… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOROTHY’S MOM! As I mentioned in my Turtle Brownie post the other day, my mom loooooooooves Turtles. She...

Feb 13

Turtle Brownies

Turtle Brownies (3 of 4)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyI could live on caramel and pecans and chocolate. If you’re like me, then these Turtle Brownies could sustain you for a day or two, because they are chock full of caramel and pecans and fudgy chocolate! My mom was a meter reader when I was a kid. She worked for the power company...

Feb 11

Lemon Gooey Bars

Lemon Gooey Bars (3 of 3)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyYou’re not surprised I made another gooey bar, are you? No? Good. Because this lemon version is my favorite gooey bar EVER. Hi, my name is Dorothy and I have a gooey bar addiction. I have about 3,453 versions on this site. Chocolate, Funfetti, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, and the list goes on. Okay, so not...