Crazy for Crust

Dec 14

WiseDecor Tutorial and Giveaway

WiseDecor Giveaway

Do you ever look at your walls and think, “Hmmm…something is missing…”? You want to put something up on the blank wall…but you just don’t know what?  I was thinking that very thing about my office wall when I got an email from WiseDecor. And my problem was solved! WiseDecor Decorative Lettering offers an inexpensive...

Over 100 Christmas Cookies

Are you still looking for baking inspiration? Here are over 100 Christmas Cookie recipes to help you get ready for the holiday!   Cookies, cookies everywhere! Thanksgiving might be the pie holiday, but Christmas is the Cookie Holiday! (Well, it’s probably a tie between Cookies and Fudge!) You need to look no further for...

Dec 11

Double Chocolate Mint Cookies

Chocolate Mint Cookies (2 of 4)w

These Double Chocolate Mint Cookies are perfect for Christmas – everyone loves mint and chocolate!  I know that the traditional “mint” of this time of year is peppermint. But I love me some regular mint too – and as we all know – so does Jordan. Besides, regular mint is green. Green goes with...

Dec 10

Mom’s Russian Tea Cakes

Russian Tea cakes (2 of 5)w

These are my Mom’s Famous Russian Tea Cakes! They’re the perfect Christmas cookie. Mom’s just do it better, right? Your mom’s recipe for something is just the best one, period. These Russian Tea Cakes are no exception to that rule! My mom has been making these longer than I’ve been alive. I call them...

Dec 09

Gingerbread Cookie Cake

Gingerbread cookie cake (3 of 10)w

This Gingerbread Cookie Cake is full of the best flavor of Christmas! When I was a young girl, probably around 8 or 9, my Aunt and Uncle visited for Christmas and gave me a giant cookie cake in the shape of a Christmas tree. It was gingerbread, with crunchy green icing and decorations. I...

Dec 08

Butterscotch Squares copycat recipe

Butterscotch Squares (3 of 4)w

If you love those Butterscotch Squares from your favorite candy shop…this recipe is for you! I’ve mentioned before about my See’s Candy addiction. Growing up, a pound lasted less than a day. The chocolate factory is in my hometown, so that whenever I smell the inside of See’s store, I think I’m home. If...

Dec 07

Win a Blue Nile Infinity Chain Bracelet

Blue Nile Infinity Bracelet

Need the perfect gift for someone special? Enter to win a Blue Nile Infinity Chain Bracelet!   This week in the 12 weeks of giveaways (Eek! We’re on week 10!) I’m giving away some jewelry. Because every girl likes jewelry! I am especially fond of this Blue Nile Infinity Chain Sterling Silver Bracelet because...