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Whatever Friday

whatever friday 11_2

Happy Friday! Did you all have a good week? I hope so! 1. Why is Halloween not on Friday? I think that it should be one of those "observed" holidays - always on a Friday. One, I feel bad for the poor, poor teachers who have to deal with my over-sugared under-slept kid the day after Halloween. And two, I feel bad for me because I have to be the mean mom that makes Jordan go to bed at a reasonable hour because it's a school night. Friday nights, people. It would be a good thing. 2. Speaking of Halloween, how was yours? Jordan was Hannah Montana, and I? I was myself. Crazy for crust, of course. 3. We blew out the pumpkins and turned off the lights about 8pm on Halloween. My husband says it was because Jordan was in bed and … {continue reading}

Muddy Buddy Cheeseball

muddy buddy cheeseball 1 words

When I was growing up and would have a party or go to a potluck, my mom always brought a cheeseball. Always. Even today, I expect it at gatherings. I remember when it was easy to find the little glass jar of cheese she used (I think it was Kraft? or something?) and then later, when only certain stores would sell it. Those little tiny jars were my milk glasses. Oh, how many Oreos I dipped in those little jars of milk. I've never actually made my mom's cheeseball. She does it so well, why ruin tradition? Now that I make desserts "for a living" I'm kind of always expected to bring sweets to parties. So, when Stephanie from Back for Seconds invited me to her new blog launch party, I knew I was bringing a treat. I mean, have you seen … {continue reading}

Sugar-Free Pumpkin Snack Cake

sugar free pumpkin cake 1 words

 Yesterday, Jordan and I went to a local pumpkin farm with her Brownie Scout Troop. We spent an exhausting (and unseasonably warm) few hours playing on the slide, riding the train, and jumping on hay. {Well. She did that.  I watched.} This pumpkin patch is known for their baked goods (aren't they all?). They sell their homemade pumpkin bread and cake, as well an assortment of pies and cookies. Normally, I just go all dessert-blogger on them and say something snotty like "I can make that at home, let's go." But yesterday we carpooled, and the driver needed baked goods. So, of course, I bought some too. (A slice of pumpkin cake, loaf of pumpkin bread, and two cookies, to be exact.) I still had that funny feeling in my tummy, you … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday & Welcome Home Brands Giveaway

cst 10_30

Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where life is back to "normal" and I'm buried in sugar, as usual. There's a lot going on this week, so let's get started! Last Saturday, I was so so excited to finally meet some more local Sacramento bloggers. I hosted our meet-up for Online BlogCon and we met for lunch and talked for three hours! That's Hayley from The Domestic Rebel, Heather from Heather's French Press, Michelle from Michelle's Tasty Creations, Trish from Mom on Timeout, Allie from Eat at Allies, and little old me. We ate fries. And instagrammed. Instagramed? Hmmm... I must say, I cannot wait to see all these ladies again! Thanks for the fun. I got to talk about blogging for three hours and not watch my husband's … {continue reading}

Fluffernutter Nutella Banana Bread

Fluffernutter Banana Bread with Nutella Swirl

There are 57 days until Christmas.54 or 55 if you want to have all your presents purchased, wrapped, and under the tree in time. 57 days. Not WEEKS. DAYS. Let's not even talk about how Jordan's Halloween costume is still not complete and Halloween is in 3 days. I am SO way behind this year. Usually? By now I have my excel spreadsheet started, updated from last year. Old gifts have been taken out , people have been updated. New sheets have been created for "shopping list" and "food to bake" and "MEL DON'T PEEK IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT MY COMPUTER." I have not opened my spreadsheet. I have not thought about Santa. I have not created a to-bake list. I have not purchased 12 bags of red and green candy melts. (Which means, you … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday

whatever Friday bunting

It's FRIDAY. Oh my goodness...what a busy week! 1. Online BlogCon is over. Sniff. I'm so sad it's done! It was probably one of the best things I've ever done. I learned SO much and made so many new I got to be even better besties with Ashton. Win-win. That said, I'm kind of excited to get my "life" back. I feel as though I've been neglecting you all, my favorite people. Oh, and my kid. She told me the other day she's happy it's ending so I can, and I quote, "spend time with your lovely daughter again." 2. This is also the same kid who, when I was telling her that we needed to work on her poem recitation last weekend and asked, "You don't want to fail your speech, do you?" answered me: "But mom, everyone fails … {continue reading}

Ginormous Halloween Round-Up

my halloween

Remember a few weeks ago when I promised you a Halloween round-up? Yeah, I forgot too. But I don't like forgetting to do things. Not at all! So, to make it up to you, I'm doing a special, superfabuloushuge Halloween round-up. With LOTS of spooky and delicious treats! First, we'll start with everything I made, this year and last: Eyeball Red Velvet Pie, Ghost Topped Pumpkin Cheesecakes with Biscoff Crust, Witch Hat Cupcakes, Peanut Butter Cookie Pops with Candy Corn M&Ms, Candy Corn Brownie Bites, Witch Hat Cookies, Witches Brooms, Oreo Jack 'O Lanterns, Halloween Cookie Masks And now, for some other Halloween treats that have caught my eye lately... Chocolate Pumpkin Spider Donuts by Inside BruCrew … {continue reading}

Pumpkin Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate #Pumpkin #Cupcakes, perfect for #Halloween!

I have a confession to make: these cupcakes were almost purchased from the store instead of made by me. Let me rewind. Here's the story: I'm kind of a yes-mom. Can you take my kid home from school? Yes, no problem! Can you be the food chair of Bingo night? Sure, why not? Can you help me create an online blog conference? Of course! (<-- actually...I'm kind of glad I said yes to that one.) Can you make cupcakes for the cake walk on the same day that you host the teacher luncheon while you're also getting ready for your online blog conference? Yes, of course I- Wait, what? When? {Everything always seems to bunchupclosetogether, doesn't it? Nothing can ever spread the heck out.} So anyway, last week was the … {continue reading}

Apple Butter Pie Bars

apple butter pie bars

I have decided I want to crown November "pie month", or, more accurately, "crust month." I mean, I'm sure that pie eating on Thanksgiving day is at an all time high. To me, "pie day" will forever be March 14...but I think the rest of the country disagrees with me. In an effort to brainstorm pies for November, I asked my husband what kind of pie I should make. To which he promptly answered, "Apple Crumb Pie." Um, sweetie? I've already done that. Twice. "Well, that's my favorite," he said. Okay, again, thanks hun, but I need something I can actually post. You know, something crazy with seven types of candy and that's dipped in chocolate and covered with whipped cream. When Musselman's asked if I wanted to join in on … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

CST 10_22

Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, were we're smack in the middle of Online BlogCon! An oh, my, heck it's blowing my mind out of the water. This post barely got written, I want to spend all my time on Facebook! First off, let me tell you all how grateful I am that you come and read my blog and share your sugar. Seriously, this is the best job I've ever had and I can't believe I get to do it. So, thanks. It's pouring rain here today (hello, Winter, I'm afraid your friend Fall decided to skip out on us this year!) and all I want to do is eat all these comfort foods. Let's talk features! Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownie Pie by Inside BruCrew Life.  I mean, it's brownies in a pie. Genius! Salted Caramel Squares by Food Babbles. That … {continue reading}

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