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Whatever Friday

Happy Friday! Only two more weeks of summer!{Yes, I'm gleeful. There, I said it. I'm happy to get back to the school routine and time for blogging that doesn't involve hours of TV.}Did you all have a good week?1. This week was super busy around here!I made deep-fried wonderfulness.I made sugar cookie crack.I guest posted for the superawesome Hayley.I made *healthy* popsicles.Aaaand...I co-hosted a Facebook Exchange Party. (It's still on! Go check it out!)Whew. Now I'm exhausted.2. Have you entered my giveaway for The Busy Mom's Cookbook by Antonia Lofaso? Hurry, you still have a little time left!3. If anyone knows why the shadow boxes on my photos are suddenly back (when I removed the code for them ages ago AND added the proper CSS to get … {continue reading}

Funfetti Piewiches

Morning y'all!I made some Funfetti Piewiches for you. But I'm sharing them over at Hayley's house, The Domestic Rebel.Hayley's taking a little blog-cation this week and she asked me to fill in for her. Of course I said yes!Have you ever visited Hayley? She's crazy good. Her treats are to die for (really, I've actually eaten them) and she's a super cool chick. She's also a a real-life friend of mine.What is it about funfetti that makes you feel like a kid again? Eating these made me want to paint my nails rainbow and wear a tutu.{Does that conjure up a visual or what?}Be sure to go say hi to Hayley and get this recipe. If you like sprinkles and funfetti, you'll love them. And of course you'll love them, who doesn't love sprinkles?Oh, and … {continue reading}

Peanut Butter Fudgsicles and Nectresse

peanut butter fudgsicles 3 words

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NECTRESSE™Sweetener for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. It's no secret that I love sugar. Um, all you have to do is read any of my posts to know that! And as much as I love a sweet treat all the time once in awhile, I know it's important to limit how much sugar I eat. I mean, bathing suits don't wear themselves you know. This is why I always use sugar substitute in my coffee. And on cereal. And in whatever I can to easily reduce the calories, because I know I'm going to eat seven brownies after dinner. There's really no fighting that. When Nectresse offered to send me a sample of their no calorie sweetener, I was excited to try it. I must say, I am really picky about … {continue reading}

Facebook Exchange Party

Hey everyone!Are you on Facebook? Do you have a business or a fan page? Then this is the post for you!I'm super excited to be joining up with some fabulous ladies for a Facebook Exchange! Sheryl from Lady Behind the Curtain, Ashton from Something Swanky, Ashley from Kitchen Meets Girl, Jocelyn from Inside BruCrew Life, and I are teaming up to bring you this fab party.This party is totally a great way to network, meet new people, and get new people to your Facebook page.There is only one rule:Link up your Facebook fan/business page.That's it!No buttons or codes or fine print. Just link up!And, in the process...maybe you'll find some new friends. Click through a few of the links and see.Please feel free to advertise this party on your … {continue reading}

Sugar Cookie Bark

sugar cookie bark

  This sugar cookie bark is a combination candy and cookie dough - and will curb your sweet craving for sure! I bet that, if you're a blogger, I could say the name of an ingredient and you could immediately spout at least five things to make with it. Like, if I shouted "REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!" in a room at a food blogger conference I would immediately get responses like: Stuffed Cupcakes! Stuffed Cookies! Pudding! Pie! Cheesecake! Ice Cream! Rice Krispie Treats! Truffles! Am I right? It would be like brainstorming gone mad. But what about when the ingredient is the dessert? Makes it a little harder. Like, for example, sugar cookies. When I think "sugar cookie," I think cute designs … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday and Giveaway

Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where I get to give away a cookbook!Yessiree you picked a great day to party with me! Yesterday you may have seen my post for a Deep-Fried Fluffernutter Sandwich (to die for, BTW). That recipe was courtesy of The Busy Mom's Cookbook,  the new cookbook by former Top Chef contestant, Antonia Lofaso.{Via}And today you get to enter to win a copy! Yay you! Use the rafflecopter widget below. Contest runs until August 5th. Good luck!a Rafflecopter giveaway**Open to U.S. residents only...sorry for the confusion.**And now for the fabulous five from last week...Watermelon Granita by Crumbs and Chaos. This sounds unbelievably refreshing. Yum!Avocado Zucchini Bread by Mother Thyme. It's zucchini bread (which I heart) … {continue reading}

Deep-Fried Fluffernutter Sandwich

Can you believe I've never had a fluffernutter sandwich? I've never even had peanut butter and marshmallows together.*Gasp*I mean, I know I've got some strange eating habits (read: super pickiness) and there are a lot of things I've never tried (like brussel sprouts, beets, sushi, and kale).But a dessert I've never tried? Blasphemy!So when I received a copy of The Busy Mom's Cookbook by Antonia Lofaso and started flipping through the recipes, the deep-fried fluffernutter sandwich totally caught my eye. Finally! A reason to try marshmallow-banana-goodness.You know who Antonia is, right? She was on Top Chef! I was SO excited to get my hot little hands on a copy of her book. I absolutely loved her on the show.Her book is written for busy moms … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday {Lot’s ‘o talking and an Ice Cream Round-Up}

Well, another week bites the dust. Only three and half weeks until school starts.Wait. WTH? We still haven't done anything! Sigh.Did you all have good weeks? Full of glitter, rainbows, and brownies? Mine was pretty good, thanksverymuch.1. Last weekend I accomplished one of the goals I set for myself in January: rock climbing.Indoors of course. I'm not insane.I have a general fear of all things high, athletic, and involving ropes. So it was a pretty big thing for me. I climbed to the top four times! I really wanted a photo of me climbing, but Mel was on belay, and I figured that was more important than fishing out his phone to take a pic.2. I made you lots'o sugar this week too.Like boozy ice.The baby that carrot cake and cinnamon rolls … {continue reading}

Banana Cream Pie with Golden Oreo Crust

banana cream pie 2 words

Have you ever been to an Apple Store? The first time I went I was utterly confused, bewildered and captivated. Truth be told, it made me feel old and clueless. Now that Apple is slowly taking over my life (phone, iPad, computer, router...) I am trying to embrace my new mecca. Recently, on a rare night alone, we went window shopping. Have you ever browsed at the Apple Store? It's like one of the those tactile playgrounds, but for adults. At one point while my husband was playing with the Apple TV device, I told him I was going to shop "the wall," acting all cool and stuff because I was using store lingo. I was captivated by what I found on the wall. Accessories for your iPad. The "Piperlime Accessories Wall" for computers, I … {continue reading}

Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls

carrot cake cinnamon rolls

I have decided that I want to live in a city where I can walk to everything: stores, restaurants, entertainment. Aside from the fact that this would be infinitely more fun than living in suburbia land  (where "exciting" is the fact that they are paving the streets around my house soon and we will be jockeying for off cul-de-sac parking like women at a sample sale), I would not need a car. Now, don't get me wrong. I love having a car. I love the freedom it gives me. {Hear that car? I still love you, please don't be offended by this post.} What I don't love about car ownership is the cost. I mean, the cost aside from buying it in the first place, which has gotten exceedingly ridiculous if you have looked at cars lately.  Cars seem to … {continue reading}

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