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Crazy for Crust

Dec 10

Sugar Cookie Martini

Sugar Cookie Martini (2 of 5)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmail Every holiday needs a signature cocktail and this Sugar Cookie Martini is the perfect one for Christmas. You really cannot ever have enough sugar cookies. #sugarcookieallthethings Every year I tell myself this is the year I’m going to have a grand holiday party. I’m going to invite all my friends and make cookies...

Dec 08

Chocolate Mocha Snickerdoodles

Chocolate Mocha Snickerdoodles (7 of 7)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailRegular snickerdoodles are so 2012. What’s in this year? CHOCOLATE Mocha Snickerdoodles. Because, well, you heard me say chocolate, right? Something I don’t understand: people who don’t have to stretch after working out. I know, #firstworldproblem. But really, I see people get off the treadmill, rack their 15 pounders, finish a zumba class…and they...

Dec 07

$500 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

giveaway graphic

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailUm, you know you need $500 in Visa gift cards, right? Because I certainly could use them. I can’t enter this giveaway, but YOU can. I’ll try not to be jealous, mmkay? I’ve joined with some of my BFF blogger friends to bring you the best Christmas present ever: $500 in Visa Gift Cards!...

Dec 07

Gingerbread Cake Roll with Eggnog Whipped Cream

Gingerbread Cake Roll (4 of 12)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmail‘Tis the season for all things gingerbread and eggnog. I’ve killed three birds with one stone in this post: I’ve got both flavors covered in a holiday cake roll. This Gingerbread Cake Roll with Eggnog Whipped Cream was a hit with my family, and it will be with yours too! So you know how I blather...

Dec 06

Over 50 Gingerbread Recipes

Over 50 Gingerbread Recipes

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmail Gingerbread Cookie Sticks Gingerbread Cake Roll Gingerbread Cookie Cake Gingerbread Spice Cinnamon Rolls Gingerbread Fudge Gingerbread Poke Cake Gingerbread Cookie Dough Truffles   {The rest of the links are listed below each collage and follow the order left to right, bottom to top. Please visit the links to pin.} PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmail

Chocolate Dipped Ginger Shortbread (2 of 8)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailGood shortbread can be addicting. It should melt in your mouth and be just the perfect bit of sweet mixed with the perfect bit of buttery flavor. These shortbread cookies? Are perfect. And I’ll do you one better than perfect shortbread: Chocolate Dipped Ginger Shortbread Cookies that are slice and bake. Is there such...

Dec 03

Mint Chip Scones

Mint Chip Scones (4 of 9)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailIn case you’re looking for something for breakfast, these fluffy and pillowy soft Mint Chip Scones are what you need. You know, in case you aren’t happy with that green smoothie. Scones > Smoothie. Always! One of my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday morning is to walk to Starbucks with the family...