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This is the Ultimate list of Christmas Cookie Recipes! I’ve been posting my favorite cookies for the holidays for so many years and I have tried and true favorites we all love. From gingerbread cookies to sugar cookies, classic crinkle cookies to Santa’s Favorite Cookies, this list has a little bit of something for everyone!

plate of cookies

Classic Christmas Cookies

These are the classic cookies everyone makes for Christmas, from sugar cookies to thumbprints to gingerbread and shortbread. These cookie recipes will look familiar because you might have made them before! These are all recipes I make every year.

Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe
These are my family's favorite Cut Out Sugar Cookies! This easy cookie recipe holds it's shape and makes soft and delicate sugar cookies!
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tree shaped cookie with frosting decorating the cookies
Chewy & Soft Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
These easy soft and chewy gingerbread cookies are the perfect holiday cutout cookie recipe!
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gingerbread cookies
Mom’s Russian Tea Cakes Recipe
This is my Mom’s famous Russian Teacake recipe! This classic recipe is a family favorite, wether you call them snowballs or teacakes or wedding cookies!
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bowl of snowball wedding cookies
Jam Thumbprint Cookies Recipe
Learn how to make classic Thumbprint Cookies with your favorite jam filling! These cookies are always a hit and are very easy to make. Plus, you can customize them with different kinds of jam, so you never have to have them the same way twice!
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stack of cookies on patterned plate.
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Recipe
Chocolate crinkle cookies are a classic chocolate cookie and always a holiday favorite! No cookie platter is complete without a few of these crackle-topped cookies coated in powdered sugar. 
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chocolate crinkle cookies covered in powdered sugar.
Easy Peanut Butter Blossoms Recipe
These are the perfect classic peanut butter cookies with kisses! This easy cookie is soft and chewy and topped with a chocolate kiss. This cookie will remind you of your childhood!
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plate with blossom cookies
Santa’s Favorite Cookies
What are Santa’s Favorite Cookies? These easy brown sugar pudding cookies, of course! Soft and pillowy, these cookies are filled with brown sugar and Christmas candy!
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Santa's Favorite Cookies on a red plate
Shortbread Cookies Recipe
Classic Shortbread Cookies are an easy cookie recipe that is super buttery! You can make these into any shape and they are the perfect shortbread cookie for all year but especially for Christmas.
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Stack of rectangular shortbread cookies on a wood cutting board
Molasses Cookies Recipe
These Christmas Molasses Cookies are the BEST drop gingerbread cookies full of molasses and spices, with Christmas M&Ms on top!
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STACK OF 4 MOLASSES COOKIES on brown parchment
Danish Butter Cookies Recipe
These easy Butter Cookies, also called Danish butter cookies, are a holiday season classic. They’re simple but so delicious they literally melt in your mouth.
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Tall stack of easy butter cookies with top two cookies split in half

Snowball Cookies

Whether you call them Snowballs, Russian Tea Cookies, Wedding Cookies, or Butter Balls, they’re all the same recipe: a buttery shortbread-like delicate cookie rolled in powdered sugar. Traditionally they are full of walnuts or pecans, but I love adding flavor twists.

snowball cut in half with a Rolo inside

Chocolate Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolate? These are some of our favorite chocolate cookies for Christmas, from snowballs to blossoms.

stack of three cookies on rack

Mint and Peppermint Cookies

It wouldn’t be Christmas without peppermint and candy canes! I love making peppermint cookies or cookies with mint chip flavor – these are some of our favorites.

Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

Christmas = Gingerbread in this house! We love the spiced flavor and soft centers of these cookies. I love molasses and cutouts but these are some fun twists on a favorite recipe.

frosted eggnog cookies stacked on a cutting board

Frosted Christmas Cookies

Frosted cookies are just so special at the holidays. These aren’t cut out cookies – they’re just easy delicious drop cookies topped with a flavored frosting.

Stacks of green grinch cookies on a metal wire rack

Fun Cookies

From Grinch cookies to cake batter copycats – these put a fun twist on Santa’s Favorites!

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