Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies

Add chocolate chips to Russian Tea Cakes for a Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookie recipe!

Are they called Snowball Cookies or Russian Tea Cakes? Whatever they’re called, they’re one of my favorite Christmas cookies.

Did you know you can make them into Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies? Best. Decision. Ever.

This Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies recipe adds chocolate chips to Russian Tea Cake Cookies!

Do you have a food that, whenever you see or think about it, it makes you think of a family member? I have several.

Whenever I eat Pillsbury Sugar Cookies, I think of my Nana. She passed them off as her own until I was an adult.

Whenever I see orange soda or Cheetos, I think of my Dad. When I was really little we lived in a town called Half Moon Bay, on the coast of Northern California. On weekends he would take me to look at the boats or watch the planes take off at the teeny airport, and we’d always stop at the corner store for bright orange Cheetos and soda.

And then there are Russian Tea Cake cookies (aka Snowballs). Whenever I see them? I think of my mom.

This Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies recipe adds chocolate chips to Russian Tea Cake Cookies!

These are my mom’s cookie. And I mean that in a literal and a figurative sense. It’s her recipe that I always use, but it’s also the recipe that is her. She makes Russian Tea Cakes like an addiction. No joke – whenever we’ve gone to her house over the past few years she either has some on the counter or some in the freezer.

I think it’s pretty much assumed that if my mom is coming to a party, Snowballs are coming with her.

And you know what? I’m kind of overly glad about that because I loooooove these cookies. I love them so much I’ve made her version, I’ve stuffed them with peanut butter cups, and I’ve made them chocolate and stuffed them with Rolos.

Now? I’ve made the simple addition of mini chocolate chips to make them Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies. And oh em gee. What a good decision.

This Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies recipe adds chocolate chips to Russian Tea Cake Cookies!

The idea for this actually came from a Facebook reader. I posted the plain version of these cookies and someone commented, “Oh! I make those with chocolate chips!”

BAM. Lightbulb moment.

It’s funny; as a food blogger I add new things to cookies and bars all the time. I’ll make a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and then add Kit Kats. Or I’ll make brownies and top them with different kinds of frosting.

The irony that I never thought to add chocolate chips to these Russian Tea Cakes makes me laugh.

These are, quite possibly, the easiest cookie you’ll ever make. Butter, powdered sugar, flour, and chocolate chips get mixed up into a cookie dough. You bake the cookie dough balls and they don’t spread, they just get lightly browned, and then you roll them in powdered sugar. Easy-peasy.

A couple notes about this recipe:

  • You can make these any size you want, but baking time will be affected. Mine are tablespoon sized balls of dough, but my mom makes them 1/2 tablespoon size. I’ve also doubled them up for a ginormous 2 tablespoon snowball. Your choice!
  • Once you’ve rolled them in powdered sugar and they’ve totally cooled, you’ll notice some of the sugar melts into the cookie. If you want a shockingly white exterior, you can roll them a second time in the sugar.
  • Um, maybe don’t stack these while they’re hot, before they’ve totally set. You’ll end up with a clump of Snowballs. {What can I say? I was impatient the day I made them. :)}

My last tip? Enjoy them with your family. Maybe these cookies will be the ones that make them think of you years from now. 🙂

This Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies recipe adds chocolate chips to Russian Tea Cake Cookies!


Recipe notes:

There are quite a few comments about the dough not coming together. This recipe works, trust me; I’ve made it approximately a million times over my lifetime. If your dough is too crumbly the culprits could be:

  1. You added too much flour. Did you pack it? Don’t pack your flour.
  2. You added too much powdered sugar. Did you pack it? Don’t pack your powdered sugar.
  3. Are you using REAL butter? Like, butter that’s actually butter, NOT margarine or shortening? (Not that margarine won’t work, but I’ve never used it in this recipe so I don’t know how it performs.)
  4. Keep mixing. It takes awhile for the dough to become a dough, especially if you’re using a hand mixer. It WILL come together eventually.

Here’s proof:


Did you make this recipe?

Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies

A new twist on an old favorite! Take your traditional Russian Tea Cake recipe and add chocolate chips!


  • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened

  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

  • 2 1/4 cups flour

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1 cup mini chocolate chips

  • Additional powdered sugar, for rolling


  1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.

  2. Mix butter, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, and vanilla with an electric mixer until fluffy. Add flour and salt and mix until the dough comes together. Stir in the chocolate chips. If dough is too soft, chill it until you can work it easily with your hands.

  3. Scoop 1 tablespoon balls of dough and place on prepared cookie sheet.

  4. Bake cookies for 7-10 minutes until bottoms are just slightly brown. Remove from oven and cool for just a minute, until you can handle them. Fill a small bowl with powdered sugar and roll each cookie in the sugar until coated. Place on a rack to cool.  (Once cookies are cooled, you may want to re-roll them in more powdered sugar.)

Based on my Mom's Russian Tea Cake recipe.

All images and text ©. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.

Mom’s Russian Tea Cakes

Russian Tea cakes (3 of 5)w

Reese’s Stuffed Snowballs

Reese's Stuffed Snowballs (2 of 2)w

Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Snowballs

Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Snowballs (2 of 4)w

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  1. Dorothy these look delicious.  When I was little I remember my mom making these.  She would stuff hers with marachino cherries and also the green candied cherries.  They were so yummy!  Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  2. I don’t care what you put in these, Dorothy. They’re always a huge fave! And I love how we associate food with loved ones. It’s such a powerful thing!

  3. I am always kind of sketched out with powdered sugar unless it is going to frosting so snowball cookies where never my favorite. Chocolate chips though change everything. These looks so good.  

  4. You just turned these into the best christmas cookies. Adding chocolate can never be a bad idea. NEVER.

  5. I love snowballs! Loved the story about your mom being snowballs. I’ll have to try freezing some this winter for those cold days in March when I just want a snowball cookie but have zero will power to make them! I must admit the chocolate chip version looks waaaay more enticing than the regular. I’ll never be the same…

  6. I love how food connects us to our loved ones. Thanks for sharing the wonderful story about your mom.
    The ideas of adding chocolate chips to these is wonderful. They sound so delicious!

  7. These are so cute! Perfect for little gifts for the Holidays! 

  8. I love snowballs.  And I like that you used chocolate chips instead of nuts because now I can make them with my daughter who is allergic to nuts!!  🙂

  9. I like the snowball cookies name. These cookies look so unique and delicious. I like how you can make many varieties of them.

  10. My mom makes this amazing rhubarb cake that made her quite famous. Every time I make it, I think of her. I love family recipes! 
    We love snowballs for Christmas! I have to remember to add chocolate chips to them next time! 

  11. They remind me of a recent recipe of mine with a Hershey’s Kiss that I stuffed in the middle. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and powdered sugar 🙂

  12. Snowball cookies are one of my holiday favorites! I make them every year – but only at Christmas time. I love the idea of adding chocolate chips!

  13. I love a snowball cookies! Chocolate chips seems to be the perfect addition! 

  14. Russian tea cakes most definitely bring back memories of Christmas cookie baking when I was a kid. I always loved the way they melted in your mouth. And it was a kid job to do the rolling in the sugar. Never had them with chocolate chips, but that sounds wonderful!

  15. Love the stories behind our favorite foods! I honestly haven’t tried making Russian tea cake cookies before, but I always sneak a few off the holiday cookie platters. Looking forward to making this chocolate chip version! Thanks for the great recipe, Dorothy! : )

  16. I usually make them with chopped pecans, but these look so much cuter!  You are an inspired baker!

  17. Eeeek! so cute! These are one of my favorite cookies too.  Seeing them on your blog makes me want to make them again 🙂

  18. The inside of these cookies is killer!!  I want these!

  19. Are we going to get the SAVE button back ??

    Love these little snowballs !

    • Adeline – Unfortunately no. 🙁 Ziplist is going away as of December 10th – their site, the app, recipe box, all of it will be gone. Removing the button is a necessary evil. I’m so sorry!

  20. Snowballs have always seemed boring to me. They’re the last thing I’d reach for on the cookie tray. However, I LOVE this chocolate chip version and can’t wait to check out your other 2 twists. Pinned of course!

  21. WOW! I have never even heard of these snowball cookies before but I am in love! Gorgeous!

  22. Thanks for the memories- Russian Tea Cakes were my Mother’s  cookies also. Haven’t made them since her death- maybe this year with a change to mini- chocolate chips. 

  23. They look like real snow balls! Perfect for Christmas 🙂

  24. These look amazing!

    Check out my Christmas giveaway |


  25. Snowballs are one of my fave cookies especially around the holidays! Adding chocolate chips makes them even better if that was possible.  They look amazing! Pinned 🙂

  26. Funny I was thinking of making classic recipes for this Christmas and Russian Tea Cookies were my mom’s recipe too. She used to add walnuts to only half the batch because I liked them plain. However, I’m loving the thought of mini chips! Pinned for Christmas. 

  27. sooo sweet that snowball cookies remind you of your mom! They’re not usually my favorite but CHOCOLATE CHIP snowball cookies??! oh yes!

  28. Snowball cookies are the best — especially with chocolate chips!

  29. Best idea ever! Adding chocolate is always a win.

    And I second what Averie said in her comment. I saw these and they made me think of her cookies with the kisses stuffed in them! 🙂

  30. I love these (Adorable – everything is better with choc. chips) and I love your nan –> “Whenever I eat Pillsbury Sugar Cookies, I think of my Nana. She passed them off as her own until I was an adult.” <– Amazing! 😀

  31. Sounds so simple, delicious, and festive for the holiday season! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  32. Snowballs are one my favorite holiday cookies…although I don’t roll them in powdered sugar. I go for chocolate topped every time with candy cane bits. Love this fun chocolate chip version and the stories of what foods remind you of who!

  33. Snowballs, Mexican Wedding, Russian Tea Cakes.. whatever. All’s I know is they are my absolute FAVORITE CHRISTMAS COOKIE EVER. Seriously, I make a batch and between my dad and I, they’re gone within seconds. Love the idea of adding chocolate chips to them for a festive, sweeter touch! 

  34. We made these and loved them! My daughter is having a hot cocoa bar at her 5th birthday party in a few weeks and I’m going to make a big plate of these to go w it.  Thank you for sharing, we will be making these a lot!

  35. I made your chocolate chip snowball recipe this morning.  I found them to be too dry.  Three tiny bites later and I needed a drink.  I have made snowballs before and they are to melt in your mouth.  Disappointed.  I have enjoyed many of your recipes.

  36. Is it  2 AND 1/4 cups of flour? 2 1/4 cups is obviously not enough, hence the pile of goo on my cookie trays. I knew going into the oven something had to be off. Super disappointed now. 

    • haha Of course that’s what you meant. Disregard comment! 2 1/4 cups doesn’t make any sense! Can I blame this on tired, overworked, mom-brain? I scooped up the goo, added more flour & popped them back in the oven. They’re now chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, but they look extra pretty rolled in powdered sugar & they’re still yummy. 

  37. Can you freeze these 

  38. in Arizona, we call them Mexican Wedding Cookies

  39. Can I make this dough ahead of time and leave in the fridge overnight before I bake? Also, can I used salted butter and leave out the salt called for?  

  40. I’m the exception and don’t like this type of cookie (I know, if ya love them, ya think I’m crazy) ;o)…the chocolate chips, did however, make them better, BUT I gave them in my Christmas treats trays and they were a big hit!! The chocolate chips sent them over the moon, with the sand tart–wedding cookie—etc lovers!! Thanks for a nice recipe…Very easy to make!! ;o)

  41. Couple questions… can you use salted butter? Also, can you use regularly sized chic chips? Thanks so much! These look so yummy and I want to make them today!!

  42. My mom was also known for her Russian Tea Cakes. Every year when we’d make holiday cookies, these were always on the top of her list. They were her absolute favorite. She passed away 8 years ago and I haven’t been able to make them. It’s been too hard. I think I’ll give it a go this year but use this recipe instead of the traditional pecan version. They look divine. 🙂

  43. Do these come out soft/chewy or hard?

  44. My dough is super powdery and not sure I can even roll it into balls. I’m going to try to chill it and see if I can get it to work. Did I do something wrong, or is this how it’s supposed to be?

    • How do you measure your flour & powdered sugar? Possibly too much was added. Do you scoop the cup in the flour or use a spoon to scoop flour into the cup? I’ve made this recipe (and my mom’s, the original on, without the chocolate chips) hundreds of times, and it always looks like cookie dough, not crumbly. Hopefully the chilling will work. Also – are you using a mixer of an sort? Or doing it by hand? Mixers usually incorporate the ingredients better. You could try adding a teaspoon or two of milk to help it bind, if needed.

      • Before making these tomorrow I must ask – should I be scooping the flour or using a spoon to spoon flour and powdered sugar (it’s called icing sugar here 🙂 )into my measuring scoop? I always just scoop my flour but I have never had a cookie like this before and sure don’t want to mess it up.

      • To be on the safe side, use a spoon to measure into the cup, then level it with the flat part of a butter knife. Be sure not to pack it. It can be scooped, but you have to make sure not to get too much in the cup, so spooning makes it safe!

  45. So after seeing this recipe, I couldn’t help thinking about how I made it even MORE chocolate-y (yes, I’m that kind of girl….) . I ended up deciding to experiment and I added half a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, along with the flour and sugar. It worked great!!! I did everything else according to the recipe, and they are so delicious (much better, I have to admit, than the non-chocolate ones, at least to me). Everyone loved them! Anyway, thank you so much for the original recipe, and try added the cocoa powder if you ever have a chance. 😀

  46. These look so yummy! How many will this yield? I’m looking to use it for a cookie swap and need to shop for enough ingredients for 8 dozen 🙂

  47. Found you through Pinterest and I’m so excited to try this recipe! I’m planning to make them this Wednesday ahead of a family party on Friday — what’s the best way to store them? Container on countertop or refrigerate? Thanks for the recipe!

  48. So, I found you through Pinterest as well. I just finished making these, and they are GOOD. I’ve never made them before. Thank you for a good recipe.

  49. I just made these and was wondering how you got your cookies to keep a sort of ball shape. Mine spread out and look like puffy cookies. Also, my initial powdering of sugar while the cookies are still warm made a gloopy mess. Is that normal? Haha thanks!

    • Sometimes I’ve had them spread more than others. It’s strange how that happens and the only thing I can think for the reason is that the dough is warmer than it should be when it bakes. Sometimes if you feel the dough is a little too wet or sticky before baking (if it comes off on your hands when you’re scooping) you can chill it first, that’ll help. And the powdered sugar does make a bit of a mess on the warm cookies, it melts. Just let them cool and the roll again, they’ll be perfect!

  50. so yummy! we’ve just prepared our third batch! The first time we made them we put Hershey’s kisses w/Almond in the middle in some and in others we put Lindor’s inside (the ones in the red wrapper) …a couple of them with Xmas coloured M&M’s…LOL…all were really really good.

    This third batch we’re doing straight chocolate chips in them and that’s it…plus the icing sugar of course.

    The only problem is they are so good that I end up eating most of them – thanks for the recipe!

  51. So hilarious, as I make these with the mini chocolate chips instead of nuts. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers, though, and made a small batch at Christmas time, and put half in my freezer. So glad you posted this, as I am defrosting my six frozen cookie dough bites, and will make them and give them to my ‘ on Weight Watcher’s’ daughter for her birthday on Monday instead of a cake she doesn’t want. She can pace herself, and have a little treat all week. They are seriously my favorite all time cookie. Next Christmas, I’ll make another small batch of them, and that will be my annual Christmas treat to look forward to, and freeze some, and hopefully, something will jog my memory to pull the other half out at Easter time, LOL!

  52. I just made these and they are absolutely scrumptious!! I have always loved pecan crescents (which I roll into balls instead – like Italian Wedding cookies). I love shortbread-type cookies because they are melt-in-your-mouth and buttery. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I’ll be sharing these cookies for Christmas.

  53. I have a question, since there were no eggs involved in this recipe, can these be eaten without baking?

  54. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this recipe! I made these tonight, and they are my new favorite cookie! Which is a big compliment because I bake almost every weekend. Thank you thank you! I’m so glad they freeze or I would eat these all at once! I paired them with a baileys & coffee and I’m having the best night ever. 🙂

  55. Are these best made the day of? Or can they be made the day before?

  56. awesome – thanks! making these for a winter “one”derland party. I know they’ll be a big hit 🙂

  57. Thank you so much for this recipe! I’ve had horrible experiences with cookies throughout the years. They just never turn out well for me. I just finished making a batch of these, and they’re perfect! I can see them becoming my go-to cookie recipe.

  58. It seems like the recipe is missing where the vanilla goes? Also mix the butter and powdered sugar ? What about the granulated sugar

    • In the directions, step 2: “Mix butter, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, and vanilla with an electric mixer until fluffy. Add flour and salt and mix until the dough comes together. Stir in the chocolate chips. If dough is too soft, chill it until you can work it easily with your hands.”

      There is no granulated sugar in the recipe.

  59. I’m sorry if I missed this written someplace, but how many cookies does this make?
    and can i freeze them after baking, or just freeze the dough?

    • Somewhere between 30-40, depending on size. And you can freeze the dough if you want, but I’ve always frozen the cookies once they’re baked and rolled, then I sometimes re-roll them in powdered sugar after thawing.

  60. These were perfect for my “snow day” with my preschooler today (no snow where we live, so we’re pretending). Thanks for sharing such a yummy recipe!

  61. Hello Dorothy. I just made these and they are very dry. Not sure if they are supposed to be or not. But I wonder if it is because I used 2 cups regular all-purpose flour and ran out and used 1/4 cup of Whole Wheat Unbleached flour. Would that make that much difference?? Thank you

    • I think what whole wheat flour can definitely make a difference. I’m not sure how much that little but could make, but it might be the culprit. The other issue could be how you measure your flour. Do you scoop it or spoon it in to the cup? If you’re scooping, make sure not to pack the flour. Too much flour will make the cookies dry and crumbly. I recommend spooning it instead to make sure you don’t use too much.

    • Hello, I found you recipe  and followed all instruction even have it chilling for like 20 mins and when I try and roll them they just fall apart. what went wrong? Can I add anything to help them stay together?

      • There is a chance you added too much flour. How do you measure it? Do you scoop or spoon it into the cup? If you’re scooping it, you’re probably adding too much. You can try adding a little more butter or a tablespoon of milk, but it’ll change the texture of the cookie slightly.

  62. i tried making this 2x and both times they ca,me out flat and completely crumbled! What am I doing wrong? I never had a problem baking cookies before! 😢 lol

    • Are you using real butter and measuring your flour correctly? Chances are you’re packing your flour, which can make them crumbly. The flatness, I’m not sure, except that possibly your dough was warmer than mine going in the oven. The warmer the dough, the flatter the cookies. This can be caused because the butter is really soft when you start (or not using real butter) and can be solved by a quick chill before baking. But definitely try not to pack your flour – spoon it into the cup, don’t scoop to ensure success.

  63. I just made these this morning for our holiday gathering at work. They were so fast and easy to make. I used my small cookie scoop to portion them and a powdered sugar shaker to dust them instead of rolling them. It was a breeze and almost no mess!! Thanks for the recipe!

  64. While combing ingredients my mixture was to crumbly and not put together, I then realized that I started off with room temperature butter which was too soft. After I put it into the refrigerator to chill. Is it possible that they will still turn out okay if I bake them?

    • It could also be because I did not use my hand held mixer, I am worried. The fact that I enjoy baking and the holiday season is upon us. s.o.s.

    • Are they still too crumbly after chilling? If so, there is a chance you added too much flour. How do you measure it? Do you scoop or spoon it into the cup? If you’re scooping it, you’re probably adding too much. Also, I use a stand mixer. Doing it by hand or with a hand mixer will make it take much longer than using a stand mixer. If it was just too soft butter, then chilling should work just fine!

  65. I made these exactly like the recipe called for and they melted completely…..

    • There is a chance your butter was too soft when you started? That’s the only thing I can think of other than not using enough flour. Were they too soft to roll? If they were too soft to roll (or too sticky) then one of those things is probably the culprit.

  66. I have been making these snowball cookies for 30 years.The only different is I use regular size chocolate chips.They are absolutely delicious.Can’t wait to make them for Xmas.mmmm

  67. I make these with chopped cashews! Yum!

  68. I’ve been making these for 68 years. I started making them just st Christmas but over the years, started to make them whenever I wanted to make something easy & good. I usually put pecans in, but if I’m out, I’ll use chips,coconut,any other nut orI even put in dried cherries,cranberries or blueberries- all were just as good.

  69. I used my small cookie scoop to portion them and a powdered sugar shaker to dust them instead of rolling them. It was a breeze and almost no mess!! Thanks for the recipe!

  70. we do not have the holidays without a similar cookie (with ground pecans, we call them pecan puffs, recipe dated 1950 from my mother); but we have several family members who have pecan allergies so i make a second batch with ground almonds and substitute almond extract for the vanilla and they are delicious!!

  71. I’ve made Russian Tea Cakes for years and never considered adding other flavors. Thanks for the inspiration… How about mint flavor and green food coloring for St Patrick’s Day, strawberry flavor and red dye for Valentines Day. Divvy the batter and make pastel colors for Spring and Easter. If you add cocoa powder you could make chocolate-chocolate chip, even mint chocolate chip. What about a tablespoon of flavored Jello…orange flavored/colored for Halloween…or any flavor/color available.  Alternate mix options…coconut, chopped butterscotch chips or white chocolate chips

  72. What kind of flour is used?? Plain/self raising??

  73. What happens if I use salted butter?

  74. I just tried making these. When I took them out of the oven and tasted them they were very doughy on the inside, but I know they were done because the bottom was brown? The recipe causes for 1 cup of butter which equals 2 sticks, but in the video it looked like you only used 1 stick. Is that where I messed up? Did I use to much butter?

    • No, the recipe is correct. Have you checked your oven temperature? Sometimes when the oven cooks too hot on the bottom it’ll brown them before they are done on the inside.

  75. Try the chocolate chip snowball cookies and no luck. Could not get to the dough stage of the cookie.  I will not try this  receipe again

  76. My 12 year old daughter just made these without any assistance and they turned out perfectly! These are so scrumptious, they melt in your mouth! Cannot wait to try all the variations with nuts, dried fruit or even cinnamon chips!😋

  77. By now this post is a year old, but I just had to leave a comment to tell you that I grew up in Pacifica! I, too, spent many hours at the HMB airport and tiny harbor, and every year until I was 13 I entered the costume contest at the Halloween Fair! It really made my day to read where you grew up as not a lot of people know about our little piece of California.  🙂

  78. I wonder if you think adding dried fruit like raisins, or lemon peel would work or even some a small can of crushed  pineapple. 

  79. Have you ever tried baking these in a mini muffin pan to try to keep the round shape?

  80. What does it mean to “pack flour?” I realize how silly this sounds!

    • Packing flour is just when it gets compacted in the cup. A lot of times when people scoop flour they do it with a heavy hand, which packs it, causing the recipe not to work because there is too much flour.

  81. I am doing some extra baking this Christmas and thought these cookies looked amazing!

    I made them and oh em gee, these are the most delicious cookies I have ever made! Thank you so much!

  82. Hi, I just made these and they were way too flat. I’m not a baker so I followed your recipe to the letter, but was dissapointed that they didn’ t retain more rounded shape. You just said flour, so that’s what I used. Is it possible you meant all purpose flour?

    • Unless otherwise noted, I always use all-purpose flour. The only reason I can think that they were too flat is your dough was too soft. Possibly your butter was super soft? If the dough is sticky at all you can refrigerate it before baking.

  83. Have you tried subing almond extract for the vanilla extract? I feel like that would be amazing, but wanted to see if anyone has tried it before I do it tonight… If I don’t hear back, I’ll let you know! 🙂

  84. Is parchment needed if baking on stone cookie sheets?

  85. I’ve been mixing for nearly an hour and the dough is still crumbly. Help?

    • What are you mixing with, a stand or a hand mixer? It should definitely not take that long, even with a hand mixer. Possibly you used too much flour, but regardless if you get your hands in there and work it they should come out okay.

  86. Made these today and they are delicious, however, I couldn’t get them to cook in a “ball” shape. They flattened out. They also broke up very easily. What can I do next time to address both of these issues?

    • Was the dough sticky at all or almost too soft to roll or touch? If so you may have needed to chill it, or possibly a little more flour. Did you use real butter or make any substitutions?

  87. Dorothy– These cookies ROCKED my world! Wow- delicious! I didn’t realize (or had forgotten about) fluffing up the flour. I couldn’t get these cookies off my mind after they were consumed & had every intention about making another batch (1 batch- not nearly enough!!!) Even though Christmas is over & I’m supposed to be eating well, I am tempted to make these for dinner tonight! Thank you so much for sharing. I used semi sweet mini chips & they were splendid. (& I loved how easy they were!)

  88. Oh, my mom loves “Snowball” cookies! I will have to try to make these and surprise her, they look absolutely amazing!

  89. Love this simple cookie recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  90. Love this recipe!!! I have taken them to several parties and if they are not all eaten people ask if they can take them home! Great job perfecting the recipe!!!

  91. Nice. Would like to test one for sure

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