13 Pies for National Pie Day.

Today, January 23rd, is National Pie Day! I couldn’t let this day pass without a celebration. Pie for everyone, the end.

13 favorite pies from www.crazyforcrust.com

Now, if you know me at all, you know that, even though Pie Day is a big day, my big pie celebration is Pi Day. Pi Day, to celebrate the math symbol, is on March 14. This year is going to be an epic pie day because it will be 3/14/15. If you’re a math nerd, you’re as excited as I am.

But today we’re just celebrating PIE which is okay. I mean, it’s the best dessert, after all. It has a whole day named after it. So…it’s probably a law that you eat pie today. You’re in luck, because I have quite a pie collection on this blog. These 13 pies are my absolute favorites. Enjoy!

1. Potato Chip & Caramel Brownie Pie – this is man food at it’s finest. Or woman food – I won’t discriminate. I’d eat the whole thing with a fork if I let myself. Layers of brownie, caramel, ganache, and a salty crunch of potato chips!

Potato Chip Caramel Brownie Pie (14 of 15)w

2. Classic Pecan Pie – everyone needs an easy, classic pecan pie recipe. This can be yours. It’s my mom’s and it’s one I’ve eaten every holiday…since I stopped boycotting it, that is.

Classic Pecan Pie (4 of 11)w

3. Candy Bar Pie – Blondie + Pie. Raid your pantry to add whatever you want. I’m adding Kit Kats next time. And more Rolos, because, Rolos. Duh.

Candy Bar Pie (1 of 16)w

4. Lattice Top Blackberry Pie. This is one of my favorite pictures, ever. And the post has a tutorial full of photos of how to make a lattice-top pie. Use this recipe for any fruit, not just blackberries.

Lattice Blackberry Pie (3 of 7)w

5. Milky Way Pie – this one is from my book, but I couldn’t help including it. Because…well, look at it!!

Milky Way Brownie Pie (1 of 6)

6. No Bake Black bottom Dulce de Leche Pie. The perfect graham cracker crust, filled with ganache and homemade dulce de leche. It doesn’t get much better!

No Bake Dulce de Leche Pie (13 of 13)

7. S’mores Ganache Pie. Chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallows inside the perfect graham cracker crust. Ermergersh, hand me a fork.

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie (1 of 8)w

8. Lime Curd Pie – because, well, lime. And lemon. Use lemon curd instead for this recipe and you’ll die happy. Just try not to attack the pie with a spoon. I may have done that.

Lime Curd Pie (1 of 9)w

9. No Bake Peanut Butter Twix Pie. I made this for Pi Day last year. Also, it’s full of peanut butter with a shortbread crust soooo, you should make it.

Peanut Butter Twix Pie (4 of 5)

10. Peanut Butter Chess Pie. Because we need to #peanutbutterallthethings.

Peanut Butter Chess Pie (4 of 5)w

11. 7 Layer Ice Cream Pie. This baby has an Oreo Pretzel Crust. The end.

seven-layer-ice-cream-pie (11 of 11)

12. Cheesecake Pie. An Oreo crust, cheesecake flavored with your favorite creamer, and topped with ganache. #faceplant


13. Snickers Peanut Butter Brownie Pie – last but not least! This is one of my favorite recipes on this website. And it’s covered in Snickers. #yourewelcome

snickers pie 1 words

Are you having pie today???

Last Updated on October 9, 2017

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  1. That No-Bake Peanut Butter & Twix Pie is calling my name. I am totally going to make this soon!!! And congrats on your Fitbit! My mom (RecipeGirl) is totally addicted to hers! 

  2. yumm! 🙂
    really tempted to try the dulce de leche pie…

    I am a Health Psychologist and I recently started a blog about how our mind and emotions effect what we eat and strategies how to be more motivated to eat healthily.  If you are interested, I would really appreciate if you take a quick look 🙂


  3. I was admiring your crust in these pictures, then I found your butter crust tutorial! Cannot wait to make any number of these pies using your recipe and technique! Thank you, Dorothy! Oh my, where do I start???

  4. I didn’t know it was a National Pie Day. I missed it! Oh well, that’s for sharing these amazing pies. Can’t choose which one I like more, but S’mores Pie is screaming my name!

  5. It’s a good thing you explained, because I had no idea there was a pie day other then Mar 13!  I was thinking but it’s NOT Pi day yet!  Evidently I’m a total math nerd.  But I already knew that!  There are so many great looking pies here, I don’t even know which to try first!  Probable that last snickers one.  Wow, does that look insane!