Chocolate Ganache S’mores Pie

Summer = S’mores. And since I don’t camp, I eat s’mores in non-traditional ways. Like Pie.

This S’mores Pie is filled with chocolate ganache and topped with toasted marshmallows. There is nothing better than this pie!

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie: gooey, super chocolatey and perfect!

So yesterday I showed you the perfect graham cracker pie crust. I promised you a pie to use it with and I don’t like to break promises. Enter: this pie.

We’ve talked about this at length before, but for you newbies: I don’t camp. I don’t sleep outdoors, I don’t like bonfires, and I really don’t like bugs.

I tell my husband I am perfectly happy going to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon or any campground…as long as I have a cabin, a bed, indoor plumbing, and wifi.

I spent my childhood summers in an RV. Two weeks every summer, which I do remember fondly. I saw a lot of the country as a kid; more than most of my friends. I’ve been to every western state and seen all the landmarks. I’ve also had my fill of having to shower in a campground.

And, well, my husband turned me into a princess. I blame it all on him. I didn’t know what Nordstorm’s was and the ritziest hotel I’d ever stayed at was a Best Western until I met him. It’s all his fault.

Anyway, this does relate to pie. Because while I don’t roast marshmallow over an open bonfire, I do like to roast them with my blowtorch. And I like to turn them into other things…like this Chocolate Ganache S’mores Pie.

Really, there are no words to describe this pie.

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie

I mean, really. Is there anything better?

Let’s break it down.

I used my perfect graham cracker crust. This one was baked for 10 minutes in a 325° oven, but you can use the no-bake version as well.

Then I filled the pie with chocolate ganache. It’s like a pie full of fudge.

And then I topped it with marshmallows and attacked it with my blowtorch.

Do you have a kitchen blow torch? They’re fun. You should get one.

If not, you can broil the pie too. It’ll achieve the same result.

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie

And by result, I meant ooey gooey chocolate marshmallow s’mores goodness.

This pie is way better than camping. It’s better than most things, actually.

It’s über chocolatey. Ganache is like that.

The graham cracker crust is perfect.

And the marshmallows…

The perfect Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie!

I’d say they’re pretty perfect too.

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie (8 of 8)

Wouldn’t you?

Did you make this recipe?

Chocolate Ganache S’mores Pie

An easy homemade graham cracker crust filled with chocolate ganache and topped with roasted toasted marshmallows. The perfect no-bake indoor s'more pie!


  • 1 9” graham cracker crust (baked or no-bake or the grocery store)

  • 12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips

  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream

  • About 20 large marshmallows (or more if you want)


  1. Place chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream in a medium bowl. Heat in the microwave for 45 seconds, then whisk. If the chocolate doesn’t melt into the heavy cream, heat an additional 15-30 seconds, whisking every 15.

  2. Whisk until mixture is smooth.

  3. Pour ganache into prepared crust. Cover and chill until set, at least 2 hours.

  4. Right before serving top with large marshmallows. Broil or use a hand torch to toast the marshmallows. Best served right after topping with the marshmallows.


If you are broiling the pie, make sure you place it under the broiler when it's very cold so it doesn't melt. Remove it from the refrigerator, quickly place the marshmallows on top, then broil immediately. Do not walk away when broiling, it will only take a few moments. Use fresh, room temperature marshmallows for best results.

All images and text ©. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.

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  1. i love anything s’mores and this pie is no acception!

  2. That looks like the perfect summer pie! Great recipe!

  3. Oh.. oh oh oh.. this pie looks so tempting and sounds so good.. 🙂

  4. Woah now that is some rich pie. So much ganache. And marshmallows. And graham crust. OMG. 😀

  5. Ho.Ly. Crap. I’ve made a tiny version of this before, so I have an idea of what this tastes like. Only yours likes a million gazillion times better than mine, so my brain is kind of exploding imagining this!!

  6. Summer is all about S’more and this is the ultimate!

  7. Love this pie, Dorothy! Such a fun twist on a classic dessert! I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows, but I think I would eat this pie, especially with the ganache! Pinned!

  8. Isn’t room service the best? It’s so much better than a shower on a campground.
    The ganache looks amazing, and I love that you do it in a microwave! And who doesn’t love having fun with a blowtorch? This is fantastic, Dorothy!

  9. Brilliant!!! I invite you to share your yumminesss at my hop today. Hugs

  10. Girl you weren’t kidding about great minds. This is fantastic!!! Now send me over a slice stat!

  11. I’m a s’mores addict so I am competely loving this pie! Looks amazing!

  12. This is AWESOME! And your pics are wonderful! I made a smores pie over the winter (talk about seasonally confused) and this is the pie I had in my mind but didn’t make. Mine was a brownie pie. This thing looks crazy good! Pinned

  13. Amazing as always Dorothy, love this pie!

  14. Oh man, this looks delicious!

  15. you are my new favorite person! I thought the filling was going to be chocolate pudding… but you went there… rich fudgy ganache filling???!!! YES PLEASE! and the buttery crust and gooey mallow topping. I will never make an ordinary s’more again after making this!

  16. I am jealous that you have seen that much of the country! I cannot say I am jealous of the RV vacations. Your husband sounds wonderful! You deserve to be spoiled 🙂 And I deserve this pie. Mmmmmm yes. Smores pie. Can’t wait to try out that crust too! Always looking for a better crust!

  17. Oh my, how good does this look? Love S’Mores, love pie, so of course this is completely up my alley. As an aside, I’m with you on the whole camping thing. Though in one way, my story is opposite yours: my parents, who aren’t into camping, spoiled me with hotel, indoor plumbing-laden vacations, and my husband is the one who would love to take me camping. 11+ years together and it still hasn’t happened. Stay tuned…. 🙂

  18. oh my gawd, this looks SO good .. I want to make this like right now!!! LOVE!! I soooo need a blow torch. . this might be the recipe that makes me finally buy one!!!

  19. I love everything about this pie. Nature and I don’t get along. I camp like you camp.

  20. This looks wonderful. I love the pics, especially the one where you tear the marshmallow with the fork! Yum!!!

  21. We must be soul sisters cuz I do not camp and I do spend all my time and $$ at nordies!! LOL Oh and I love chocolate ganache so the fact that you’ve put it in a pie topped with marshamallows!! DAmnn!!

  22. Where do you get the blowtorch? I have to make this! And about camping, my parents would never take us, so I starting going with other people as soon as I turned 18. Love it! Makes me feel like some brave, resourceful pioneer woman.

  23. I grew up travelling in an RV too. Why sleep in a tent when you can get all the benefits of camping without truly roughing. right?
    This pie looks so good. Now I want to make s’mores flavored something.

  24. I have to find a blowtorch, and make this! On the subject of camping, my parents would never take us. So, as soon as I turned 18, I started going with other people. Love it! Makes me feel like a brave, resourceful pioneer woman.

  25. This pie is so fun! This is a “must make” for the next cook out! I do love sitting by the campfire with friends and family though. I think we have some of the best laughs there! BUGS!!! ick, they end our campfire conversations way too early almost every time!

  26. This looks absolutely delicious! And I love your pie crust recipe too I need a good one it looks perfect!

  27. This pie is completely insane! I love s’mores, so this looks beyond good! 🙂

  28. I think I’ve gone to s’mores heaven! AMAZING! Also, I’m with you on the camping thing! 🙂

  29. I am so not an outdoorsy kinda gal and went camping once and that was it for me haha. But I do love me some s’mores. Especially if it looks like this gorgeous pie! Love the chocolate ganache – pinning 🙂

  30. Chocolate ganache and marshmallows sounds like a sugar bomb but that pie looks so delicious so my only wish is to eat it all 🙂
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  31. This pie is definitely better than camping! Wow it looks amazing Dorothy!! And I love anything with lots of chocolate ganache 🙂 Pinned!

  32. Wow this pie looks gorgeous Dorothy! I would love a slice right now. The gooey toasted marshmallows look like a dream… Yum!

  33. Given my addiction to all things s’mores, you know this is going to make an appearance in my kitchen asap!

  34. This pie looks delicious! I’d much rather eat this inside than go camping too 🙂

  35. I camp like you, but I am all about S’Mores, and this PIE – WOW!!

  36. I want to dive head first into that ganache filling! OH MY GAWD!

  37. I want this right now. It’s just perfect! The chocolate base, and the marshmallow top… divine.

  38. Oh my goodness, this is over the top awesome. Gorgeous!

  39. You’ve totally outdone yourself girl! I know where to turn when I want a S’mores recipe.
    This looks perfect for a pie eating contest. I can’t imagine ever getting sick over this deliciousness!
    Have a marvelous weekend!

  40. I can’t even handle how delicious this looks!! That rich fudgy pie and those toasty marshmallows?? YUM! I don’t camp either, so this is the perfect way for me to get my s’mores fix! Hope you have a great weekend, Dorothy!

  41. Oh my goodness these look amazing! I love smokes! Pinning for later!

  42. Great dessert idea for those of us who don’t like camping so much 😉 hehehe

  43. Amazing!! I love s’mores!!! My mouth is drooling! Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  44. I must try this! I think this pie looks amazing Dorothy!

  45. I need this pie in my life!! I’ve never had a S’More (not American so it wasn’t part of my childhood) but they always sounded so delicious!! I think I need to make this pie ASAP!

  46. WAYYYY too rich for me. There is nothing light enough to balance the chocolate ganache out! Sorry our family didn’t enjoy this but thatpnk you fir sharing!

    • It’s definitely rich – that’s a lot of ganache! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Maybe adding some whipped cream or ice cream would help, ha! (That’s my mind – we like it rich around here.) 🙂

  47. Pie queen does it again!!
    Looove and swoon!

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  50. I grew up camping too, and there were times we’d even skip the tent and sleep out under the stars on our super thin blow-up mattress pads (if you can even call them that). It was magical as a kid, and even a pre-teen, but I doubt I could do that for multiple days on end. But… My parents literally just bought a cabin in Tahoe on Sunday (my mom has been lusting after this cabin-on-a-lake dream for 12 years), so “camping” trips this summer will be a whole lot easier! But in the meantime, a s’mores pie in the comfort of my own kitchen with my culinary torch sounds pretty darn good. 😉

  51. You are so right – I need a kitchen blow torch. 🙂 And this pie looks amazing! I didn’t think a S’more needed improvement, but you proved me wrong. Ganache is sooooo much better than a small piece of chocolate! Love your photos too!

  52. Those pictures are knocking my socks off!! SO DARNED DELICIOUS!!!

    I, like you, not into camping (although I camped my whoooole life. But I always hated it.) But s’mores? THE BEST!

  53. Oh my gosh, you did not play around. You just straight up put some ganache in a graham cracker crust and slapped down those flaming marshmallows like nobody’s business, and I love you for that. So good!

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  60. Summer? i am craving this for Christmas desert, I always make a cheesecake –interested in trying something new and love smores- I have and have been searching the web to find the perfect recipe. Since I am visiting and do not have a blow torch, would you say its ok to brown the marshmallows earlier before leaving? I know not the best but i am not sure i want to deal with the host’s oven. Pretty tempted though!

    • As long as you’re eating the pie within a few hours, I think it’ll be fine. Marshmallows don’t last in the air for more than a day or so (they get stale) so a few hours should be fine!

  61. Hi there, me again. I am a rookie is it best to use heavy cream or whipping cream or does it really not matter. i am very literal about ingredients so I didn’t see “heavy whipping cream as an option” Thank you!

    • The only difference between the two (heavy whipping cream vs. whipping cream) is the fat content: 36% for heavy, 30% for regular. For ganache it shouldn’t matter which you use. Heavy is always better for actual whipped cream (it stays stable longer and is just more stable over all than if you whipped whipping cream) so I always buy heavy. I always list exactly what I use in the ingredients, so readers know. Regular whipping cream should work in the ganache no problem, but I’ve never made it that way. If it’s all you have, use it. If you’re going shopping, buy heavy. 🙂

  62. This pie would never make it the table. It would all be mine.

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  64. I’m about to attempt doing this in bars, instead of as a pie, for a cookout I’m going to. Going to play around and try and combine it with peanut butter bars, so a peanut butter bar bottom, topped with the ganache, and then the marshmallows. I really hope it works out!!

  65. I am really surprised that you didn’t use marshmallow whipped cream for this pie.  When I saw the recipe, I instantly thought, “Yes! Just the vehicle for some marshmallow whipped cream!”

    I really, really want to make this pie and eat the whole thing by myself.  Is that bad?  Yes.  Yes, it is very bad.

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