Chocolate Ganache S’mores Pie


Summer = S’mores. And since I don’t camp, I eat s’mores in non-traditional ways. Like Pie.

This S’mores Pie is filled with chocolate ganache and topped with toasted marshmallows. There is nothing better than this pie!

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie: gooey, super chocolatey and perfect!

So yesterday I showed you the perfect graham cracker pie crust. I promised you a pie to use it with and I don’t like to break promises. Enter: this pie.

We’ve talked about this at length before, but for you newbies: I don’t camp. I don’t sleep outdoors, I don’t like bonfires, and I really don’t like bugs.

I tell my husband I am perfectly happy going to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon or any campground…as long as I have a cabin, a bed, indoor plumbing, and wifi.

I spent my childhood summers in an RV. Two weeks every summer, which I do remember fondly. I saw a lot of the country as a kid; more than most of my friends. I’ve been to every western state and seen all the landmarks. I’ve also had my fill of having to shower in a campground.

And, well, my husband turned me into a princess. I blame it all on him. I didn’t know what Nordstorm’s was and the ritziest hotel I’d ever stayed at was a Best Western until I met him. It’s all his fault.

Anyway, this does relate to pie. Because while I don’t roast marshmallow over an open bonfire, I do like to roast them with my blowtorch. And I like to turn them into other things…like this Chocolate Ganache S’mores Pie.

Really, there are no words to describe this pie.

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie

I mean, really. Is there anything better?

Let’s break it down.

I used my perfect graham cracker crust. This one was baked for 10 minutes in a 325° oven, but you can use the no-bake version as well.

Then I filled the pie with chocolate ganache. It’s like a pie full of fudge.

And then I topped it with marshmallows and attacked it with my blowtorch.

Do you have a kitchen blow torch? They’re fun. You should get one.

If not, you can broil the pie too. It’ll achieve the same result.

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie

And by result, I meant ooey gooey chocolate marshmallow s’mores goodness.

This pie is way better than camping. It’s better than most things, actually.

It’s über chocolatey. Ganache is like that.

The graham cracker crust is perfect.

And the marshmallows…

The perfect Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie!

I’d say they’re pretty perfect too.

Chocolate Ganache S'mores Pie (8 of 8)

Wouldn’t you?

Chocolate Ganache S’mores Pie

An easy homemade graham cracker crust filled with chocolate ganache and topped with roasted toasted marshmallows. The perfect no-bake indoor s'more pie!
Yield 8 -10 servings
Serving Size


  • 1 9 ” graham cracker crust baked or no-bake or the grocery store
  • 12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • About 20 large marshmallows or more if you want


  • Place chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream in a medium bowl. Heat in the microwave for 45 seconds, then whisk. If the chocolate doesn’t melt into the heavy cream, heat an additional 15-30 seconds, whisking every 15.
  • Whisk until mixture is smooth.
  • Pour ganache into prepared crust. Cover and chill until set, at least 2 hours.
  • Right before serving top with large marshmallows. Broil or use a hand torch to toast the marshmallows. Best served right after topping with the marshmallows.

Nutritional information not guaranteed to be accurate

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  1. Summer? i am craving this for Christmas desert, I always make a cheesecake –interested in trying something new and love smores- I have and have been searching the web to find the perfect recipe. Since I am visiting and do not have a blow torch, would you say its ok to brown the marshmallows earlier before leaving? I know not the best but i am not sure i want to deal with the host’s oven. Pretty tempted though!

    1. As long as you’re eating the pie within a few hours, I think it’ll be fine. Marshmallows don’t last in the air for more than a day or so (they get stale) so a few hours should be fine!

  2. Hi there, me again. I am a rookie is it best to use heavy cream or whipping cream or does it really not matter. i am very literal about ingredients so I didn’t see “heavy whipping cream as an option” Thank you!

    1. The only difference between the two (heavy whipping cream vs. whipping cream) is the fat content: 36% for heavy, 30% for regular. For ganache it shouldn’t matter which you use. Heavy is always better for actual whipped cream (it stays stable longer and is just more stable over all than if you whipped whipping cream) so I always buy heavy. I always list exactly what I use in the ingredients, so readers know. Regular whipping cream should work in the ganache no problem, but I’ve never made it that way. If it’s all you have, use it. If you’re going shopping, buy heavy. 🙂

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  4. I’m about to attempt doing this in bars, instead of as a pie, for a cookout I’m going to. Going to play around and try and combine it with peanut butter bars, so a peanut butter bar bottom, topped with the ganache, and then the marshmallows. I really hope it works out!!

    1. That should totally work! Did you use peanut butter cookies? Or no bake peanut butter bars? OMG I’m totally making that, lol! Thanks for the idea!

  5. I am really surprised that you didn’t use marshmallow whipped cream for this pie.  When I saw the recipe, I instantly thought, “Yes! Just the vehicle for some marshmallow whipped cream!”

    I really, really want to make this pie and eat the whole thing by myself.  Is that bad?  Yes.  Yes, it is very bad.

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