Crust and Crumbs 12

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Wow, it’s been a really long time since I wrote one of these posts. Therefore, it’ll be long. We have a lot to gab about!

1. If you read food blogs at all you probably know that last weekend was BlogHer Food in Miami. Are you sick of hearing about trip after trip yet?

Let’s pretend you said no. {If you’d rather not read about my trip, skip down below for some other fun stuff!}

I’ve never been to Miami and I really hope to go again some time. I feel like I got to see a little bit of it, but not enough.

For instance, I got to see this view once, for about 10 minutes:


That’s #nofilter, my peeps. Breathtakingly gorgeous. I even got a shot of me:


So, BlogHer Food. What did I learn? Weelllll, not much. Actually, that’s a lie. I learned a lot – from my blogger BFFs. I attended 2 sessions (and only because friends were on the panel). The rest of the time I spent meeting brands and networking with bloggers that I’ve been chatting with online for a long time but never met in real life. (Blog Conference Tip: you learn more from the people you meet than in the sessions. #truestory)

For example, I’ve been friends with Shawn for years and we’ve never met. She was my roomie and I totally love her, especially because she taught me to curl my hair with a flat iron, which is something I’ve been unable to ever do.


That pic was after a night of dancing and sweating. So, yeah.

FYI, if you ever go to BlogHer, bring water to the closing party, or you’ll end up drinking it from a tap in the bathroom after waiting an hour in line and then finding out they want to charge you for water. #epicclosingpartyfail #austinwassomuchbetter

But then we danced with Ree, and the night got better. #starstruck

Really, the best part about any blog conference is meeting new friends.


Not only did I get to hang out with a few blogging besties, but I got to meet a whole lot of new friends too:

From left to right: Donna (and Chad)/The Slow Roasted Italian, Lisa/Je Suis Alamentageuse, Liz/Love Grows Wild, Roxana/Roxana’s Home Baking, Julianne/Beyond Frosting, Aimee/Shugary Sweets, Jocelyn/Inside BruCrew Life, Toni/Make Bake Celebrate, Amy/Amy’s Healthy Baking, Alice/Hip Foodie Mom, Jocelyn/Grandbaby Cakes, Allie/Baking a Moment, Connie/Urban Bakes, and Shawn/I Wash You Dry

{And those are only the ones I got photos with!!}

And then I met this gal:


I don’t know about her, but I was instantly smitten with Jocelyn from Grandbaby Cakes. I plan to stalk her a lot, and then show up on her doorstep and beg for a girls weekend. #BFFforever

Seriously, if you don’t read her blog, GO. Someday you’ll see her on the Food Network and you’ll be able to say you knew her when.

You know the best part of a food conference? That everyone knows it’s okay to do this:


{That’s Lindsay from Life, Love, and Sugar.} It’s perfectly acceptable to take food photos of your food (and everyone else’s) and no one says a peep or gives you the evil eye. #bloggersforthewin

I got to have lunch with these fabulous ladies:


Mental note: don’t bend over in photos. Also? Don’t wear short, airy dresses in Miami. (Ahem, wind.)

I was a little star-eyed at that lunch. Another place where I lost my tongue and forgot how to talk. #starstruck

While I was in Miami I also got to eat the best dulce de leche dessert ever, drink lots of cocktails, and finally try Key Lime Pie!

It was a great trip, and I can’t wait to see all my blogging friends again soon. I just hope it’s sooner than a year from now!

2. Since I packed half my closet and 7 pairs of shoes for Miami, the logical thing to do was go shopping. I’m glad I did, because I found my favorite pair of jean capris ever at Express. Totally worth the price: they’re soft, fitted, and super stretchy. I want 4 pairs!

3. Some of my favorite recipes lately:


Almond Chip Cherry Pie Bars / Peanut Butter Oreos / S’mores Oreo Truffles / Chocolate Chip Mud Hen Bars / Peanut Butter Twix Pie / Margarita Sangria

4. My trainer, Bobby, started his own business in Lincoln, CA. If you’re in the Sacramento area and want to work with a trainer, I recommend him 100000%. I can’t even thank him enough for how much he’s helped me physically and mentally. Check him out at RockFit (or on Facebook)!

5. Monday is Memorial Day! Are you having a BBQ? Here are some fun ideas for you:

Memorial Day

Red, White, and Blue Cupcake Tops / Raspberry Arnold Palmer / Blueberry Slab Pie / Mini Crumb Apple Pies / Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bark / Chocolate Chip Cookies – Bakery Style XL / Peanut Butter FLAG Dip / Cherry Coke Poke Cake / No-Bake Lemon Dessert

6. I’ve been posting over on the Pillsbury site! Check out my newest two recipes:

Cinnamon Roll Flower how-to

Cinnamon Roll Flowers (7 of 11)w

Strawberries and Cream Trifle (made with biscuits!)

Strawberry Trifles (9 of 11)w

7. Scandal. OMG. We watched the first two seasons in about 2 weeks. I was SO mad we’d have to buy the 3rd season on Amazon. Then I got an email it’s now available on Netflix.

It was like a sign from the heavens.

#scandalobsessed #arethereanyothershows #Iwouldntknow #Ionlywatchscandalnow

8. Favorites I’m loving:

Strawberry Blueberry Yogurt Pops by Wine & Glue
Mini Samoa Donuts by URBAN BAKES (and, well, pretty much everything else on her site)
Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Cupcakes by Life, Love, and Sugar
Easy No-Bake Granola Bars with Nutella Drizzle by Yummy, Healthy, Easy (I met Jen – FINALLY – at BHF and OMG I love her!)
Creme Brulee filled Croissant Donuts by Lemons for Lulu
Chocolate Tart by Cupcake Confession. Dude – it’s a potato chip crust!
Frosted Candy Bar Stuffed Cookie Cups by Kevin & Amanda

And waaaaaay too many more to count.

9. I would like to thank Woman’s World Magazine for featuring my Funfetti Gooey Bars in the May 19th issue!

10. Yes, coffee is this to me.

11. As I write this, my house is in chaos. We are smack in the middle of getting new flooring installed in almost the entire first floor of our house. The living room, family room, kitchen, hallways, laundry room, and downstairs bath are all getting new wood laminate.


Preparing to get these floors done has been like moving, except I had to find places for all my crap in my same house. I have a washing machine in my garage, three hutches in my living room, dining room chairs in my bedroom, a coffee maker in my bathroom, and I’m currently high on glue fumes. It’s been a good day.

#Itwilllookamazingwhenitsdone #wontbedonesoonenough #totalchaos

12. I want to thank you all for visiting here as often as you do. If you come often, or if this is your first time, thank you. YOU all make it possible for me to do what I love to do. Because of you, I have a job I love and I can help support my family. So…thanks. 🙂

13. One last thought: make these for breakfast.

Cinnamon Sugar Pancake Rollsw

Hope you’re doing well. What’s going on in your life???

Oh and I lied, one more thing:

What should I make next? What recipes do YOU want to see (desserts/breakfasts only, obvi)? I’m in a rut and I need ideas! Cake? Pie? No-Bake? Flavors? Help!!!


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  1. What a post. The 2nd pic down, the ocean/you, I literally cried when I saw that come on my IG feed last weekend because of all the what if’s, why’s, and ugh’s over having to cancel my trip. So, so wish it could have turned out differently. Sigh. Anyway, though, you look amazing and so do all the ladies.

    And your wood floors – gorgeous! And all those links you gave of other blogs of stuff you’re loving … some of those are new to me! Off to investigate!

  2. Oh I so want to go to Miami now. Those beaches are like a dream. And the food. Want to come back with me?

  3. What a great post, Dorothy! I’ve heard a lot about the blog conferences from various blogs, and I love hearing about it! Sounds like you all had a great time! And I think I might just make those cinnamon sugar pancake rolls for breakfast….drooling over here! 🙂

  4. YAY! You’re back! I may “see” other bloggers, but you are my fav…I always come back to your recipes. AND you got me started on cake rolls!! Yes, you alone are responsible for a few of them, lemon coming this weekend! Thanks for taking the time on directions and how to’s, I appreciate it! Off to do my morning walk so I can bake another day! <3

  5. So I read this and am insanely jealous. I follow so many of these blogs (yours is among my favorites!) and seeing you all together having such a good time in MIAMI made me happy, but also sad. Because it looks like so much fun! And I think I was changing diapers while you ate key lime pie.
    And as for your baking rut? Well, I’ll always recommend peanut butter and chocolate. But failing that, I vote for something with those new-ish Hershey spreads. They are really good, but figuring out what to do with them is the challenge!

  6. Love this Dorothy! I cannot get enough of the BlogHer recap posts, I swear. I just want to keep re-living the experience over and over! You summed it up so perfectly, great read! I’m so happy we had a chance to meet and chat at the closing party. Your smile just lit up the whole room! Good luck with the new floors, it’s going to be so gorgeous when it’s all done!!!

  7. I really loved this post! It’s fun to see some of the behind the scenes. So jealous of all the Miami pics – I wish I was at that conference! You look so pretty on the beach! Also – love all those recipes for Memorial Day!

  8. BlogHer Food conferences are so much fun, hanging out with all the girls is an awesome way to spend the weekend. 🙂 Now those Cinnamon Roll Flowers are screaming my name!

  9. The floor looks great! I’m so jealous! I want to go to the beach. I don’t know if I’ll make it this year, boo! It looks like you had a really great time.

  10. This is such a great post! It looks like you had a lot of fun with all the blogging all the blogging gals 😀 Omg I’m seriously dying over than beach pic!!

  11. Dorothy you are truly the sweetest (in my eyes- big time!) gal I know. The fact that you still get star struck over other bloggers is very humbling. I’m SO happy to have met you and party like a rock star at the closing party. I think we both can agree that seeing everyone get loose that night was a lot of fun. I’ve been to Miami before this conference and it’s beautiful. There so much to see so I highly recommend to go there again if given the chance. I hope to someday hang out again!! PS: To the last question on this post, I wanna see ice cream 🙂

    • I hope I can go again! I wanted to just camp out on that beach!! And ice cream, coming up — well, as soon as my floors finish. I’m in kitchen withdrawal… 🙂 xo

  12. Woohoo! I had so much fun hanging out! I look so serious in that photo – food photos are serious business apparently. 🙂 I will have to check out those capris as express. I just got shorts from there and I’m in love! Thanks for the cupcake shoutout!

  13. You my dear are the apple of my eye BFF. Love ya much!!! When do I get to see you again??? lol

  14. Looks like you had such a fun time! Miami looks beautiful! I definitely want to visit there someday!

  15. I’ve been on the lookout for some sort of really yummy (non-alcoholic) raspberry drink! I would love it if you posted something like that 🙂 Or raspberry anything for that matter.

  16. Had so much fun with you at BlogHer food! Until next time sweet friend! (but next time we won’t be drinking water from the bathroom)

  17. Wow!!!!!! Trust me, I’m totally enjoying reading the BlogHer recaps because I’m pretty sure I will not be able to attend such a fantastic event for a long time, so it makes me soooooo happy and excited to see everything that’s happening and I loveeeeeeeeee that beach selfie! 😀 Thankkkkk you sooo much for linking to my post! :* Oh btw, that coffee post!!! hahahah!!!! I fell off my chair laughing! 😀 that flooring is going to look like a million bucks when it’s done!!!!!

  18. What a lovely post!! Love when you do these crumbs. Looks like Miami was a blast!! I know for a fact that Jocelyn was smitten too 🙂 Wish I could have met you..I would have been star struck and quite lol! But instead I was driving through the middle of the country to a graduation where on the bright side I got to stop in Defiance Ohio randomly because I saw the sign…#scandalobssessedtoo!!! Watch House of Cards if you don’t already, its pretty good!

    • OMG you got to drive through DEFIANCE? I swear, it’s like Forks. I have to go sometime. 🙂

      It would have been awesome to meet you Zainab!! Hopefully some other conference soon!

  19. Aww Dorothy, it was so fun hanging out with you for those few moments in Miami! Thank goodness we have lots more to come in SJ!! 🙂 And WAIT A SECOND — they wanted to make you pay for water?? Are you kidding me?? That’s insane! The after parties need to come with a disclaimer next year… BYOB&W. (W = water, not wine. Although I suppose we could make it BYOBW&W, just to be safe.) Definitely came pretty close to having some Marilyn Monroe moments in Miami (wow say that 5 times fast) too! And YAY congratulations on your Women’s World Feature!!! Are the magazines still out on stands? I want a signed copy! 🙂

  20. Ha ha . . . love the addicted to coffee part – so true 🙂

  21. It looks like you had such a great time in Miami-I’m so jealous!!! and I love Jocelyn too!

  22. Glad you had a good time. I love all the pics. You look so relaxed and happy.

  23. Dorothy, you are such a beach girl, you need to get some food company connections in Hawaii and Tahiti, and you could make it a business trip and write off some or all of the expenses (I don’t have a business, so I am not up on all the IRS rules). Love your new floors!

  24. Dorothy, it was so much fun hanging with you. I can’t wait to see you again. Are you going to BH in San Jose? We are thinking about it. 😉

  25. I will try not to make this long. Here I go. This is the first post I have read every since i subscribed to your blog. I absolutely loved it! It was the most relaxing, inspiring, loving and happy blog post ever. It made me smile and I love it. I hope and pray that my blog post makes someone smile like yours made me smile. You rock! Keep the great post coming:)

  26. Awesome post!! I love the coffee link. I feel the same way about my coffee! Love the new floors…beautiful!

  27. Dorothy, you totally belong on the beach!! I love that picture! What a great group of gals you were with! Since I couldn’t be there myself, I really enjoyed reading about your experience!! 🙂

  28. Yay for sun and food with your blogging girlfriends (new and old)!!! Totally jealous because I want to meet all you fun, talented, gorgeous ladies too! I feel like it was yesterday that you posted the photo of your demo’d floors on IG! Love the new ones!

  29. Can’t wait to see that floor! Ours is almost the same color! I’d love to go to a food conference…I’ve done some shopping damage in Miami before..did you go to Bayside?

  30. What a wonderful time! So jelly! Hopefully I’ll be able to attend next year, it looked like way too much fun to miss again!

  31. Oh man! I truly feel lucky to have had you as a roommate!! I had so much fun hanging out with you and I’m still super bummed that I missed the beach and key lime pie. Guess I’ll have to make another trip out there! 😉

  32. OK, I’m definitely hanging out with you next time!!! And thanks to the introduction to a couple new to me bloggers 🙂
    PS. I’m voting for 2015 in Chicago!

  33. I LOVE this post Dorothy! It looks like you had SO much fun! How exciting to meet so many great bloggers! Thanks for sharing! I am hoping to catch a BlogHer Food conference sometime.

  34. I was already totally bummed about not being able to go to BlogHer Food, and now that I’ve read your recap I’m even more sorry I missed it. It sounds like such an amazing time, and I know I missed out on meeting some fantastic new friends! I’m with you on voting for a California conference next year. San Jose would be great since I’m only an hour away! Glad you had a great time!

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  36. OMG. I’ve tried 7 times now to read this post (#iheartcrustandcrumbs) and I finally had time to get all the way through (woo hoo!!)
    1. LOVE Jocelyn! She’s amazing and totally destined for stardom.
    2. I’m beyond jealous of all things Miami. #exceptdrinkingoutofthefaucet
    3. Once I lose the baby weight #in2000never I’m using blog money to buy new clothes, and I’m adding those jeans to the list!
    4. Come visit me and rewatch all of Scandal with me!! #LOVETHATSHOW
    5. Hey! You linked up my yogurt pops #onlytookmesevenyearstoseeit
    6. Ummmmm #12 made me teary #imightbehormonal
    7. LOVE YOU DOROTHY #movetowisconsin #californiaisoverrated

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  38. I totally need to check out those capris! Love a good stretchy pair!

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