Aug 25

Peanut Butter Almond Roca

In case you didn’t know what Almond Roca is, it’s toffee covered in chocolate and almonds. Is there anything better? Yes. Yes, there is something better. Adding peanut butter to homemade Almond Roca is a gillionty times better! You guys. Something super exciting happened! Sit down, because you’re gonna be excited too: You can use...

Aug 23

Caramel Apple Pie Magic Bars

I know it’s only August, and that it’s still 90° outside, but I want apple season to be NOW. If I bake it, fall will come. Last week, in the midst of construction, I learned a valuable lesson I wanted to pass on to everyone. It was evening, the contractors were working late to...

Aug 22

What is O Organics Kombucha?

I know, I asked myself that question too. I’m here to tell you – it’s kind of my new favorite drink! When Safeway asked me to try their new O Organics Kombucha line of drinks, the first thing I said to myself was What the heck is Kombucha? I’d never heard of it, and...

Aug 21

Chocolate Cheese Danish

This is possibly the easiest breakfast recipe ever! Want to hear something I never thought I’d say I did? I washed a cookie dough bowl out on my lawn using the garden hose. Ginger followed after me and cleaned up the mess on the lawn. What did people do without garbage disposals? Or ice...

Aug 19

Mini Crumb Cake Bites

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to make Crumb Cake Bites at home! You guys, my baby started 5th grade yesterday!!! *sobbing* I know I’ve been moaning all summer about how I wanted school to start. And I still do but…but…5th grade!! That’s, like, almost an adult. In 2 years she’ll be in...

Aug 15

5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips (the before)

I have some exciting news: we’re expecting a new addition. No, not a baby. A new KITCHEN! Demo starts on Monday and in (hopefully) six weeks or so I’ll have a brand new space to work in. I’m excited…and totally petrified. SIX. Weeks. Without. A. Kitchen. You guys, I bake for a living. It’s...

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