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Whatever Friday

TGIF people! I must say, for me it truly is TGIF. Because this weekend my wonderful husband is taking Jordan to visit his mom.So I will be alone.For two nights.I think I hear angels singing. Maybe it's just me?1. This week I...Discovered my love of milkshakes. {And re-affirmed my love of Joy the Baker.}Re-inforced that I never want to be on TV. Instead, I'll laze around on my couch and eat these.And I made myself a snack so that I could ignore all the mess.2. I'm so stoked for Saturday night. The RHOC Reunion Part 1 was on last Tuesday. I DVR'd it and Hayley is coming over to watch with me. We're gonna drink midori lemonades and pause in between fights to make fun of Tamra's hair and Alexis'...well, just Alexis.3. We went to the Bay Area to … {continue reading}

Monster Magic 7-Layer Bars

monster magic bars

These monster magic 7-layer bars are a delicious twist on the favorite bar! Let's talk Summer for a min, shall we? I really love the lazier days of the school's out season. No making lunch at night. No homework. No rushing in the morning. Being able to go on a day trip on a whim. Swimming and the general do-whatever-you-want attitude. I can even handle the heat, because I know that it only lasts a few months. Plus, there's A/C. So pretty much, summer is all great. Except for the dishes. And the clutter. And oh my god the attitude. Let me explain. About a week ago I found myself with a full dishwasher for the second time in two days. I was confused. Then I looked at the kitchen table, where there sat a juice glass, … {continue reading}

Lemon Cream Pudding Cookies

lemon pudding cookies

Do any of you watch The Next Food Network Star? I really enjoy that show, except for the fact that they change formats about as often as I bake. And that Giada seems way too thin. {Am I wrong there? I mean, she cooks for a living. Not that I want her to go all Paula Deen or anything, but geez. Way to make a baker feel bad about herself!} My husband thought it was really funny when Linky was still a part of the show. Every week he'd make some crack like, "hey! I wonder if she has parties?" Is it me, or is it difficult to watch them speak to camera? I mean, even now, when the show is almost over, it's like, a totally cringe-worthy hour. There's stuttering and dropped eye contact and too much energy and not enough energy and why can't … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday & Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where I won't tell if you drool on your keyboard.Okay. I am super excited for the party today. One, because I love Crazy Sweet Tuesday and all it's sugary goodness. And two, because have a super awesome giveaway for you!And I'm so totally ecstatic for this giveaway. You're gonna love it, promise.A few months ago, I cam across The Fakery Bakery 2 on Etsy. Her shop has some of the cutest jewelry you've ever seen - and it all looks like dessert!I immediately emailed a few links to my husband saying things like "Hey honey, I'd really love THIS for Mother's Day...HINT HINT."So, guess what I got?A pie of course!I swear, every time I wear it I get the most compliments. People who know me often chuckle, … {continue reading}

Coconut Macaroon Cake Batter Shake {Sundays with Joy}

cake batter coconut shake words

I am so excited about this post. One, because it has the words cake batter and coconut all in the title. I mean, is there really anything better? Two, because my child thinks I'm a magician, armed with a rolling pin and a wooden spoon that spits glitter and magical rainbows. And three, because it means I finally got my Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes and I can join in with Sundays with Joy, hosted by Carrie at Bakeaholic Mama and Ellen at Indigo Scones. I have been gaping and drooling at Carrie's Sundays with Joy posts for a few weeks now. The premise is simple: once a week we make one of the recipes from Joy's book, and then we post it. Have you read Joy's cookbook? It's beyond fab. If I could pick … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday

Hey everyone! It's Friday again! And now it's July. ??!!Did you all have a good week? I feel really weird writing this, as it feels like it should be Saturday. Having a holiday in the middle of a week is a good way to confuse a girl.Pssst...I'm guest posting today over at My Happy Place. Want to hear more about these cookies?Then go say hi to Sophie...and give her a hug for me!1. This week I...Made you kinda uncomfortable.Made you liquid gold.And made you real gold.Thanks to everyone for looking at all my fun treats this week!2. When I broke my baby fondue pot, I was outside with the fam and the dog. My dog is so addicted to people food she immediately went for the dip. She wanted it so bad it didn't even matter that there was glass … {continue reading}

Olympic Gold Medal Brownie Batter Hand Pies

Olympic Gold Medal Hand Pies

Make some Olympic Gold Medal Hand Pies to get yourself in the mood for the Olympics!   I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! We had a relaxing, easy day filled with swimming, barbecue, and guacamole. And a delish new drink I can't wait to share with you soon!   America's birthday might be over...but the Olympics are around the corner! Now, I'm not a sports person. You know that. But I love the summer Olympics.   When I was a kid, Nadia was my favorite movie everrrr. Like, I watched it constantly. I practically had it memorized.   All of my friends loved it too. At least, I thought they did, because I made them watch it with me.   One of my favorite playtime activities was spreading out a blue tarp on my front lawn and … {continue reading}

Cookie Dough Fondue

cookie dough fondue 1

When looking for props for my photos I usually find stuff at stores like Ikea, Kohls, Sur la Table, Homegoods. I only buy stuff on the cheap or when it's on sale - which is probably why I use the same stuff in every photo. Last week, over on Instagram, Ashton and Jocelyn were talking about finding cool stuff at Goodwill. I'd never thought of going there, although I have stalked garage sales with hawk-like mini-plate eyes. So over the weekend, in my quest to shop without spending much money and my need to be child-free for a few hours, I went to Goodwill to treasure hunt for some cute props. Have you been to Goodwill lately? They have interesting stuff. Fine china nestled in alongside plastic, overused Tupperware. Ice cream … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Hi everyone! Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where sugar rules the world.  Seriously.Before we start the par-tay, let's talk about what's new. I have finally updated my sponsor page! Do you want to advertise your blog, Etsy shop, or business? Have no fear, I've got you covered. I'm starting out with a few basic button packages, so check them out and see if something is right for you.And, remember, I am always happy to host a giveaway and/or do a product review. So if you have something you want to give to my awesome readers, just shoot me an email (crazyforcrustblog at gmail dot com).Now...onto the fun...features!Rocky Road Cake by All is Amazing. Chocolate...marshmallow...pecans...yum!Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls by Monster Mama. I can't wait … {continue reading}

Very Vanilla Bars {50 Shades of Grey Desserts}

50 shades vanilla 3 words

Um...disclaimer. If you happen to be a young, impressionable teenager...maybe you skip this post? Thanksmuch, I really don't want to hear from your moms. ;) A month or so ago, one of my girlfriends casually mentioned that a bunch of us should read 50 Shades of Grey and do a girls' night book club for it. I heard "girls' night" and said "of course!" Then, of course, I had to read the book. Have you read the book? Undoubtedly, you've heard about the book. And what you've heard is spot on...and more. Way more. Like, eons more. {I wonder...if I really talk about what's in the book...what will some of my Google Analytics keywords say? I mean, red pancake disease is already listed. And people, do not Google that. I did. Luckily I … {continue reading}

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