Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie

Are you ready for this? Take a seat people, this pie is gonna wow you.

Graham cracker crust, ganache, dulce de leche, no-bake, cream cheese…there ain’t one thing in that sentence I don’t LOVE.

Let’s take a ride on the pie train, shall we?

No-Bake Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie - the BEST summer dessert!

Two weeks ago I showed you the anatomy of the perfect graham cracker crust. I made two crusts for that photo shoot and then had to make two pies. We don’t waste crust at my house, no sir. I made a s’mores ganache pie with one of them.

Then, last week, I showed you how easy it is to make homemade dulce de leche in your crockpot. You can buy it at the store, but (1) it’s expensive and (2) you can’t find it everywhere. Making it at home is so easy – especially when using your slow cooker. Set it and forget it! Then you have 24 ounces of gooey, gorgeous, milky sweet caramel to use.

Enter: Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie!

No-Bake Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie - the BEST summer dessert!

This pie is no-bake, which is essential here in Sacramento in summer. It’s upwards of 90 every day and A/C is expensive. So expensive that we have to pay $312 every month (even in the off months) so we don’t have an unexpected $500 bill in August.

WHY can’t solar be cheap to install?


It’s even no-bake if you make the dulce de leche at home, because you use your slow cooker. When it’s hot, I put my crockpot outside in the shade so it doesn’t heat up my house. Or, you can buy it from the store. I know they have it at Safeway and Walmart, but it seems not every store carries it. You might find it in the bakery aisle, or the Mexican foods aisle.

But, you know, you can buy sweetened condensed milk at every grocery store for about $1.50 if you get generic. Ahem.

No-Bake Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie - the BEST summer dessert!

Dulce de leche is a milky, thick, caramel that is so good. It’s not drippy so it’s good to eat with a spoon. And it’s good to put in recipes too, like no-bake pie. I liken it to peanut butter in consistency, and you can substitute it for peanut butter in lots of things (except for the sugar content – dulce de leche is much sweeter than peanut butter!)

Caramel + chocolate go really well together, so instead of just making this a dulce de leche pie, I gave it a black bottom. Black bottom is code for “fill the bottom of the pie with chocolate ganache”. It’s made of semi-sweet chocolate chips and heavy cream and layered on the graham cracker crust. You chill, then top with the fluffy dulce de leche filling.

The filling couldn’t be easier to make. Simply beat cream cheese, dulce de leche, vanilla, and sugar with a hand mixer. I folded in a container of Cool Whip to add some filler. Cool Whip is a staple in no-bake recipes. I love using is because I can control the amount of fat and/or sugar. Use regular, light, fat-free, or sugar-free Cool Whip to make the pie to your liking. Plus, Cool Whip is cheap!

Can you substitute whipped cream for the Cool Whip? Honestly? I wouldn’t. You probably can, but I didn’t, obviously, because my recipe calls for Cool Whip. I know that whipped cream doesn’t have the same stabilized life that whipped topping does and if you don’t eat your pie within the day you have a chance of the filling weeping.

A crying pie is not my idea of good. Just use Cool Whip. :)

No-Bake Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie - the BEST summer dessert!

Because the pie was, let’s just call a spade a spade, ugly by itself, I topped it with a chocolate ganache drizzle. You can make your own using chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream, or you can use that jar of long-forgotten hot fudge ice cream topping that’s in the back of your refrigerator. Whatever makes you happy!

(Note: you could probably use the ice cream topping for the black bottom too, if you want…)

All the components of this pie combine together to make bites of delicious. The graham cracker crust (I used the no-bake version; make my recipe or buy one from the store), the caramel dulce de leche filling, the chocolate. I think is my favorite no-bake pie ever (well, tied with this one at least).

This pie lasted about 5 days sealed in a tupperware container in my fridge before it disappeared. The crust stayed crunchy, the pie didn’t weep or melt or get funky. So you can totally make it ahead of time for a party.

Or just eat a slice of pie a day for 5 days. #piewin #itswhatiwoulddo

No-Bake Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie - the BEST summer dessert!


Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie

Yield: 8-10 slices

Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie

Graham cracker crust, ganache bottom, dulce de leche filling - this pie is the trifecta of amazing! Plus it's no-bake, a win for summer!


  • 1 9” graham cracker crust, from scratch or from the store
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup dulce de leche, room temperature (from scratch or the store)
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 container (8 ounces) Cool Whip (regular, light, or fat-free)
  • Topping (optional):
  • 1/3 cup hot fudge sauce OR
  • 1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon heavy whipping cream


  1. Make sure pie crust is chilled and ready to fill.
  2. Place 1 cup chocolate chips and 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream in a microwave safe measuring cup or bowl. Heat for 45 seconds on HIGH, then whisk until smooth. Depending on your microwave you may need to heat it for another 15-30 seconds. Pour this mixture into the pie crust and chill until ready to fill.
  3. Beat cream cheese, dulce de leche, sugar, and vanilla with a hand mixer until smooth. Fold in the Cool Whip. Spread carefully on top of the black bottom in the crust.
  4. To top the pie using hot fudge sauce: place gently warmed hot fudge in a small ziploc bag and cut off one tip. Pipe desired design on the top of the pie.
  5. To top the pie using homemade ganache: melt 1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips and 1 tablespoon heavy whipping cream in 15 second increments on 50% power, stirring in between each, until melted and smooth. Place this mixture in a small ziploc bag and cut off one tip, then pipe desired design on the pie.
  6. This pie will last up to 5 days in your refrigerator. Make sure it's sealed in a tupperware container so it doesn't get funky.
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  1. I NEVER want to get off this pie train Dorothy. THIS IS AMAZING.
    You are seriously the pie queen…and I am in love with the fact that it’s no bake. I’m in FL, so I feel ya! Pinning!
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    And I love this pie, especially if it holds up with less A/C. Delicious and environmentally friendly! :)
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  4. you had me a few days ago with the dulce de leche, and now ganache?! what a combo. I grew up in Danville (about 1.5 hours south of Sac) and the summer heat was also killer. Now I’m living in Switzerland and though it doesn’t get as hot, there is no AC in practically all apartments! We haven’t had our heat wave yet, but you better believe I won’t be turning on any ovens and will be spending most my time in Starbucks.
    Caitlin @ teaspoon recently posted..36 Hours in Venice, ItalyMy Profile

  5. If I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me up!!! This looks insane and delicious and like it needs to be in my mouth. NOW.
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  6. This pie really is the best of all things combined! Especially with the ganache, dulce de leche and, of course, no bake! Amazing, Dorothy! Perfect for these sweltering days. Pinned!
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  8. That looks crazy good girl!
    I don’t know how you handle that heat but I’m sure it’s better any day over winters here in PA.
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  9. I’m actually a little bit jealous of your heat! It’s been kinda cold and rainy for the past couple of weeks. But still hot enough to have a delicious no-bake pie! Loving all these gorgeous layers, it looks amazing. Oh and congrats to your cute girl on being in the magazine. Saw that on FB and thought it was adorable! :)
    Chelsea @chelseasmessyapron recently posted..{On-the-go} Pancake CupsMy Profile

  10. It’s like a coolwhip-PB-cream cheese nobake pie but with DULCE DE LECHE. Omg you amaze me. I would be in heaven. This would be a must-donate-it and rehome it before I eat it all thing! And that chocolate drizzle work. Nice going with your squirt bottle – totally flawless!! Wow, this is a stunner! pinned :)
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  11. Hold me! This pie is off the hook!

  12. This looks incredible. I would be afraid that I would eat the entire pie though:)
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  13. This pie looks amazing! I just got through our heating season.. and the bills are still catching up… so I’m trying to delay the start of the air conditioning here. I really think I heard Gdog ask me to turn it on last night :)
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  14. I have such weakness for dulce de leche! This pie would be dangerous to have around! I want the whole thing!
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  16. What a great twist on a classic recipe! My grandma makes dulce de leche for us when we visit her, and it is one of my favorite recipes from her! Yummm!
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  17. Your recipes always amaze me. This one looks so insanely good I feel like I need to make it now! The dulce le leche looks so good, I could eat it by the spoonful!
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  18. Shut the front door! *faints*
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  19. this pie looks sooo good!
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  20. Already pinned this recipe! The pie looks amazing and so fluffy! I’ll make this with homemade whipped cream since it’s so quick and easy to make!
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  21. I want to ride the pie train! This sounds like the most awesome pie ever! Especially for summer :)
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  22. It’s hard to take my eyes off this pie. I wish I could just reach through my computer screen and grab it. It looks so awesome.

  23. Oh my goodness, I’m so in love with this pie! Love that you make the dulce de leche in the slow cooker, and that you put it outside! Such a good idea. No bake pies are the best! :)
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  24. This is absolutely beautiful… :)

  25. Oh…my…word!! I am seriously wanting this right now! How fast can you get this to me??
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  26. Crystal says:

    Yummy! I wouldn’t substitute anything for cool whip. I grew up on it. Love the recipe!! Pinned :)

  27. Dorothy… This looks like pure bliss. In the perfect graham cracker crust. Dulce de leche, chocolate, and no bake? You’re a lifesaver for these hot Sacramento days!! :) Hope you’ve momentarily escaped the heat and are having fun on you SoCal vacation!
    Amy @ Amy’s Healthy Baking recently posted..Skinny BLTs with White Garlic SauceMy Profile

  28. Dang this looks good! Makes me think I need to make a jar tomorrow so I can try this pie! I need to hear more about your crockpot in the shade trick.
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  29. Oh yum! Awesome looking pie! Could go a slice right about now!
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  30. Love this no bake pie and totally drooling over that ganache drizzle! So so gorgeous – pinned!

  31. Hi Dorothy,

    I don’t live in America, and we don’t have cool whip here. If you dont suggest whipped cream, do you have another suggestion?


  32. As soon as I read no bake I get really excited because I do not own an oven (well….student.) This recipe looks so perfect for summer I am dying to try it! :)
    Sam Murakami recently posted..Japanese Stationary or: How I sold my soul to cuteness.My Profile

  33. BEST.PIE.EVER!!! I love everything about this delicious pie and the fact it’s no bake makes it even more amazing! Pinned & SU! :)
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  34. What are you trying to do to me? This pie is THE pie of the year! I am seriously so in love with this!
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  35. I love dulce de leche! This is an amazing no bake pie! Definitely need to add it to the menu soon!

  36. Dorothy you make me want to get good at making pies :) even though they do not seem to be my friend
    and if people do not like cool whip, then they can have a weepy drippy mess!
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  37. And here it is! A marriage of 2 of my favorites of your most recent post! With an additional chocolate crust! Sigh. Such an amazing combo! You are taking over my “To Bake” List. And it’s not really fair to others. ;-)
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  41. What a perfect combination. This looks SO good!

    Would you please consider doing a tutorial on how you make your pie designs? I’m pretty much decorating klutz. Thanks in advance :)
    Krystle(Baking Beauty) recently posted..Red, White, and Blue Whoopie Pie RecipeMy Profile

  42. This looks delicious! And so very pretty!

  43. The pie was fabulous! I changed the ganache and the crust but kept the filling the same, and that was the best part! It was AMAZING! I kept standing over the sink, eating the filling off of the whisk. I shared the recipe on my blog ( and gave you and your blog credit — hope that’s ok — if not, let me know and I will take it down. Again, one of the best summer pies ever!

  44. This pie looks delicious!!
    I’m moving back to Sacramento in 2 weeks after spending a few years in NJ. I’ve heard this summer has been pretty brutal. Not looking forward to it! But on a positive note, at least it’s not humid like the east coast =)


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