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Crazy for Crust

Dec 02

5 Minute Chocolate Bark (6+ ways)

Make 5 Minute Easy Chocolate Bark over 6 different ways with only 2 main ingredients! It’s the perfect gift for the holidays. Will you start with dark chocolate or white chocolate?

5 Minute Chocolate Bark - this easy recipe shows you how to make bark over 6 ways using only 2 basic ingredients! Chocolate bark is the perfect gift to give for the holidays!

What Christmas movies do your kids love? Jordan pretty much watches them all at this point, but her favorite, hands down, is Elf. She also loves Home Alone and Santa Clause, and because we’re horrible parents, we’ve been watching Christmas Vacation with her for years. (I don’t filter a lot of what she sees and hears, unless it’s violence. I wouldn’t even filter that except for the nightmares and mama needs her sleep.)

Speaking of movies that are inappropriate, what (older) movies should I be watching with her? I’m thinking those cult movies we all loved from the 80s and 90s…we already watched Breakfast Club, Clueless, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Three Men And A Baby is on my list…but I know there are others she’ll get a kick out of. She’s almost 12 and we allow up to PG-13 (again, sans violence). There comes a time during parenting that you just cannot watch Disney Channel any more. No more cartoons or whiney brats or silly tween dramas; I reached the point about a year ago that I need real movies and TV shows during family TV time. But I need more ideas…so leave some in the comments!

This is my favorite time of year to have family movie night (or day). The weather is cold and it feels good to snuggle on the couch with a good movie. Plus, Jordan has two weeks off after Christmas this year (her last day of school before break isn’t until December 22!) so I think we’ll be watching LOTS of them over vacation. I plan to pop in lots of inappropriate movies and serve lots of sugar. (Obviously, this makes me a good mom, right?! LOL)

One of our favorite things to snack on over the holidays is chocolate bark. It’s SO easy to make (Jordan often makes it herself without any help) and everyone loves it. Plus, it’s easy to cater to everyone’s likes.

5 Minute Chocolate Bark - this easy recipe starts with only 2 ingredients and makes so many different versions!

With this simple, basic, EASY bark recipe (only 2 main ingredients!) you’ll have chocolate candy bark success every time. I often call bark my “clean out the pantry” dessert because that’s basically what I do when I’m coming up with flavors: I search through my baking cabinet with half used bags of candy or the dregs of the sprinkles or cookie boxes. EVERYTHING goes good with chocolate and it’s easy to personalize the recipe.

Does your holiday gifting list prefer milk or semi-sweet chocolate? Great – make them chocolate bark with peanut butter cups. Maybe dark chocolate is something you love? Well, then almonds and toffee with dark chocolate are where it’s at. And don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten about white chocolate either.

White chocolate is great with crushed peppermint candies, M&Ms, or even with chopped cookies (like cookies and milk!). The sky is the limit on the flavors and combinations you can make. Really, the recipes I list are just some ideas. Take them and run with it – think of some of your favorite.

Dec 01

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Nov 27

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Nov 25

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Nov 23

Happy Thanksgiving 2016


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Nov 22

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