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Funfetti Coffee Cake

Funfetti Coffee Cake (1 of 5)w

I think I'm making it my mission in life to add funfetti to pretty much everything. Next up: coffee cake. When I was a kid I haaaaated antique stores. My parents would bribe me with a Blizzard to only complain marginally as we stopped at every single antique shop between San Francisco and Seattle. #thatrarelyworked #icomplainedalot #iatelotsofblizzardstoo As a kid, my mom (and dad) always said: "Your tastes will change." They meant it about food...and life too. I always scoffed and rolled my eyes. But they were right. Now when I see an antique store, I run as fast as I can...inside. I could spend hours looking through every nook and cranny for props for all these photos I take on the blog. Plates, linens, cups, cake stands, … {continue reading}

Mini Fruit Tart Cheesecakes

Fruit Tart Cheesecakes (2 of 6)w

I love cheesecake in any and all forms, but I especially love mini cheesecakes. Mini everything is better, don't you think? These Mini Fruit Tart Cheesecakes are made perfectly using PHILADELPHIA cream cheese, and they're the perfect end to any special meal. (Or a random Monday lunch. Cheesecake is good anytime!) I think I could live on cheesecake, especially these fruit tart cheesecakes. I mean, they have almost all the food groups: Dairy, from the cream cheese. Protein, from the cream cheese. Fiber and wheat, from the graham crackers. Fruit, from the topping. Cheesecake is, like, the perfect dessert. How many other desserts can tout that many food groups all in one small little package? Now, as much as I'd like to eat nothing … {continue reading}

Soft Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Soft Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (2 of 5)w

These are the best cookies I've ever made. I know I say that a lot. I make a lot of cookies. But these? Really are the best. Want proof? My husband ate one. You know about my husband, right? How he's Mr. I don't want a cookie thank you. He's Mr. That's Too Sweet. Mr. No Thanks I'll Eat This WW Brownie. Mr. I Don't Need Dessert. And he ate one of these cookies. He couldn't resist. Now, if I was mean, or secretly evil, I'd be saying Bwahahahahahaha and clapping my hands gleefully. I'm secretly evil. The cookie he couldn't resist? A chocolate peanut butter cup cookie. You won't be able to resist either. These cookies are chocolate pudding cookies based off of my Triple Chocolate Pudding Cookies. I needed to make those again … {continue reading}

Over 120 Fun Easter Desserts

Easter Desserts w

Still looking for the perfect cute dessert for an Easter celebration? Look no further! We've collected over 120 super fun and cute Easter desserts, perfect for a class party or any Easter celebration! Find something you love today. **Please feel free to pin the collage. If you see a recipe you love, please click through to that site to pin. Please do not pin the images below. Bloggers around the world thank you.**     This collection was compiled by:Find Carrie: Frugal Foodie Mama | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ | InstagramThanks for reading! … {continue reading}

Coconut Chess Pie

Coconut Chess Pie (3 of 4)w

If you're as addicted to coconut as I am, this Coconut Chess Pie is for you. It's like eating a macaroon with a pudding base and a pie crust chaser. *swoon* Last weekend I texted Mel the funniest picture ever. I wanted to instagram it, but it was just too embarrassing. So I figured I'd post it here: That's duck tape, holding up the back passenger window of my Highlander. The mechanism finally gave way halfway to San Francisco and it was either that or drive another hour and a half pretending we were driving in a convertible. #thankgoodnessforducktape #itcouldsavetheworldifweletit Mel texted back saying "I found you a new car. Go test drive it tomorrow." (The Highlander is 9 years old and very well loved. A new car has been on the … {continue reading}

Perfect Sugar Cookies

Perfect Sugar Cookies (4 of 7)w

I love sugar cookies. They're one of my absolute favorites. The only thing I don't like about them? Rolling the dough. That's why this recipe is perfect for me. If you're a drop-cookie girl like me, they're perfect for you too! I'm super excited today. It's Lisa's baby shower day! Almost two years ago I got an email from a reader. She had read my infertility post and wrote to me about it. Of course, touched that someone had taken the time to write me an email, I visited her blog, Wine & Glue. And I never left. Lisa is one of the most inspirational people I know, and her blog reflects that. Since that email she and I have become fast friends. I know I can count on her anytime I need her. I was even able to meet her last … {continue reading}

Chocolate Bacon Pull-Apart Bread

Chocolate Bacon Pull-Apart Bread (3 of 8)w

I really hope bacon doesn't freak you out. Because it's all over this post! And I reallllllly hope bacon + chocolate doesn't send you screaming. It really is an amazing combo! Don't knock it 'til you try it! On Saturday morning we were up, dressed, coffee'd, breakfasted, and in the car driving away at 7am. No, not for a sporting event. Not for a trip. We got up before the sun on Saturday morning to take a 2 1/2 hour (each way) drive to Palo Alto, California, home of the Stanford Shopping Mall...and the American Girl Store. 5 hours in the car with two tweens, two dolls, and me. And I survived! Really, it's a super cute outing, if you're close enough to a store and your daughter loves American Girl. We celebrated a (very) belated … {continue reading}

Lemon Cake Roll

Lemon Cake Roll (4 of 8)w

You all knew it was coming, right? This should be no surprise? I have been super addicted to lemon. I love cake rolls. The result? A Lemon Cake Roll! I love my job. My job is super fun. I get to make cookies and cake rolls for lunch. I get paid to make dessert and ramble onto y'all every day. It's pretty much a dream come true. Sometimes I look back on my life BB (Before Blogging) and I think about all the things I used to do: Clean my house. Enjoy cooking dinner. Cut Jordan's sandwiches into hearts. Decorate for holidays. Celebrate holidays on time. Purchase <insert holiday name> gifts more than 2 days before <insert holiday name>. Not buy butter in bulk. Now, my house is a mess, Jordan's lucky if she gets a … {continue reading}

Over 90 Carrot Cake Recipes

Carrot Cake Recipes

Carrot cake is good. Carrot cake turned into other desserts? Is almost better. If you need a new recipe for the flavor of the season, you're in the right place today! We've collected over 90 ways to eat carrot cake. Which is good, because it has carrots in it. That means it's (1) good for you and (2) counts as breakfast. Find something new today! **Please feel free to pin the collage. If you see a recipe you love, please click through to that site to pin. Please do not pin the images below. Bloggers around the world thank you.**     This collection was compiled by: Find Jen: Yummy Healthy Easy | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ | Instagram  Thanks for reading! … {continue reading}

Carrot Cake Blondies {with cinnamon cream cheese frosting}

Carrot Cake Blondies (2 of 4)w

I love carrot cake - in all forms. I love blondies - almost too much. When carrot cake and blondies get's like a match made in heaven. The other day I got a comment on Facebook asking why there is so much carrot cake and lemon going around the internet right now. The answer? Easter. Spring. Like gingerbread is for Christmas, red velvet is for Valentine's Day, carrot cake is an Easter thing. Why? I have no idea. I'm assuming it's because the Easter bunny is a bunny and bunnies like carrots. Hence, all things carrot cake. And I'm okay with that. I hope you are too, because this latest carrot cake creation is one of my favorites. Carrot Cake Blondies. It's like a blondie...but it's carrot cake. I almost called these … {continue reading}

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