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Dec 18

Apple Pecan Pie Baked Brie

Hands down, baked brie is my favorite party appetizer. I know, I know, this recipe is not a traditional dessert. But this Apple Pecan Baked Brie kind of tastes like it…and I could eat it all day and all night long.

I think that qualifies it for a spot on this here old blog, don’tcha think?

The best party appetizer ever is this  recipe for Apple Pecan Pie Baked Brie! Brie, apples, pecans, and brown sugar are baked in crescent rolls for a gooey sweet snack!

I discovered brie about 13 or 14 years ago, probably at a holiday party. It was baked, it was creamy, and you got to spread it all over slices of baguette. Bread and cheese: is there anything better? From that day forward every single party included a wheel of brie. Sometimes I baked it, sometimes I just put it alongside some gorgonzola and white cheddar. Sometimes I’d buy a slice and eat the whole thing myself.

Then I got pregnant, in the summer, which meant I was knocked up during the holidays. Back then, it was a big NO NO to eat brie while growing a kid.

That was probably the worst holiday season of my life. #notjoking #firstworldproblems

It about killed me not to eat brie (let alone coffee or alcohol) for  9 straight months. I’ve since made up for my brie-lacking months. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t even bring it into my house or I’ll eat it all.

The best party appetizer ever is this  recipe for Apple Pecan Pie Baked Brie! Brie, apples, pecans, and brown sugar are baked in crescent rolls for a gooey sweet snack!

A few weeks ago I was craving a baked brie. The oozy gooey sweet cheesy treat was just calling my name. Luckily, we had company over that day, so I made this Apple Pecan Pie Baked Brie. Because if there had been no company? I’d be about 5 pounds heavier.

This is not a traditional dessert recipe, but it fits quite nicely here on this blog. First, it’s got a combination apple and pecan pie on top. That’s dessert.

Dec 17

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecakes

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Dec 14

Double Chocolate Peppermint Patty Cookies

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Dec 13

Over 30 Cake Roll Recipes

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Dec 11

Pecan Praline Popcorn from Party Popcorn

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Dec 10

Sugar Cookie Martini

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