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Oct 13

Drinking Chocolate

If you’ve ever thought about drinking chocolate ganache, this is the recipe for you.

Drinking Chocolate - an easy hot chocolate recipe that tastes like liquid ganache!

A few weeks ago, when I was in Seattle, I went on a Savor Seattle Food Tour. The tour had been recommended to me by a friend, so a bunch of us dessert bloggers got together and did the Chocolate Indulgence Tour. It was two hours of eating dessert. You guys, that’s my kind of sightseeing!

I ate so much dessert that day – cupcakes, ice cream, candy, pie, cheesecake. We tried desserts at 6 famous Seattle sweet shops all over downtown. While it was all good (obviously) one of the things we had really stood out: the Drinking Chocolate from The Confectional at Pike’s Place Market.

What is drinking chocolate? It’s like hot liquid ganache. That you can drink.

Easy Drinking Chocolate Recipe

I’ve made ganache a lot in my life. I’ve made it to drizzle on cake, I’ve frosted brownies with it. I’ve even made entire pies full of the rich chocolate stuff. Every time I make it I want to drink it. And now? I can! (And so can you, bwahahaha.)

Drinking chocolate is a deep, rich hot chocolate. It’s something you might think you’d get in some little chocolate shop in Switzerland or Paris. This is not your regular powdered watery hot chocolate. It’s a thick drink that is, quite literally, pure chocolate. It’s ganache that’s been thinned down so you can drink it.

With a straw.


Oct 11

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Oct 06

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Oct 04

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Oct 01

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