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Lime Curd Pie

Lime Curd Pie (1 of 9)w

I can eat lemon and lime curd from the jar with a spoon, but I usually try to avoid it because it just seems...wrong. This pie makes it okay to eat straight curd, because it has a crust. Lime lovers, rejoice. The Lime Curd Pie is here. This pie has solved so many problems for me. I used to make lemon curd and wonder if I could substitute limes and make lime curd. Guess what? You can! I used to make lemon curd and want to eat it straight from the jar, but I never did because it just seemed like an addicts way of doing things. Like...drinking vodka straight from a bottle or something. Or pouring Frosted Flakes into your mouth...from the box. This pie makes it perfectly acceptable to eat lime curd. Because it's a lime curd pie: a … {continue reading}

Almond Sweet Rolls

Almond Sweet Rolls (6 of 10)w

I love almond. Almond croissants, almond scones, almond frosting, almond extract. I can never get enough. These Almond Sweet Rolls take my addiction to a new level. There like eating an almond sweet roll dough! We live almost exactly 2 hours from my parents and we drive down often to visit. Exactly halfway into the drive is a Peet's coffee, off of I-80 in Fairfield. I always look forward to stopping at Peet's because they have the best almond croissants,  bear claws, and scones. It's a sad, sad day when we get there and they're out of them. Those suckers go fast. Almond is popular, yo'. Now I don't have to wait to go to Peet's to get my almond danish fix. I can make these Almond Sweet Rolls at home, and all will be … {continue reading}

Salted Butterscotch Brownies {bloglovin giveaway}

Salted Butterscotch Brownies (2 of 8)w

Salted caramel is so last year. Salted Butterscotch is the new salted caramel. And it's so much better. Especially when you pair it with a rich, fudgy, super chocolatey brownie. If you gave up chocolate for lent, you need to make these NOW. Oh my goodness I cannot believe these brownies. To. DIE FOR. Last week I hosted a girls' night out at my house. We got all dressed up and drank martinis and gossiped and chatted for hours. It was exactly what I needed! When I was preparing desserts for the party I knew I wanted something rich and uber chocolatey. I wanted brownies but I wanted something different. Salted caramel sounded so good...but it's been done by about 1,897,865 other bloggers. Then I remembered my Salted Butterscotch Fudge, … {continue reading}

Moose Munch Peanut Butter Cookies {visiting harry & david}

Moose Munch Peanut Butter Cookies (4 of 10)w

Do you love caramel corn? What about peanut butter cookies? Now think about putting the two together. Mind boggling, right? It's the best kind of mind boggling - because it's amazing. Throw some Moose Munch (aka Caramel Corn) into easy gluten-free peanut butter cookies and you have some of the BEST cookies ever! This post is super photo heavy. Don't hate me, mmkay? If you really, really want the recipe first, it's waaaaaay down there at the bottom. But my pictures are super pretty, so I hope you'll stay to look. :) Last week I had the absolute pleasure to visit Harry & David in Medford, Oregon. You know about Harry & David, right? You've probably heard about their famous Royal Riviera® Pears that are grown in the Rogue … {continue reading}

Almond Joy Mini Pies

Almond Joy Mini Pies (2 of 4)w

I'm addicted to Almond Joy candy bars. Are you surprised? I figured it was time I married my love of Almond Joy and my love of pie. Took me long enough. Last week I was in Oregon, visiting the sweet folks at Harry & David (more about that soon!) and it was such a fun trip. My flight home was very entertaining, to say the least. Some things I learned or experienced: *Planes with only window seats on one side exist. Those planes also have propellers that you can see. *There are airports in the US that are small enough where the ticket agent and the gate agent are the same person. *Doing drugs makes you look stupid. I mean, I knew that one already, but it was confirmed by the junkie sitting across from me who really should have just … {continue reading}

Funfetti Coffee Cake

Funfetti Coffee Cake (1 of 5)w

I think I'm making it my mission in life to add funfetti to pretty much everything. Next up: coffee cake. When I was a kid I haaaaated antique stores. My parents would bribe me with a Blizzard to only complain marginally as we stopped at every single antique shop between San Francisco and Seattle. #thatrarelyworked #icomplainedalot #iatelotsofblizzardstoo As a kid, my mom (and dad) always said: "Your tastes will change." They meant it about food...and life too. I always scoffed and rolled my eyes. But they were right. Now when I see an antique store, I run as fast as I can...inside. I could spend hours looking through every nook and cranny for props for all these photos I take on the blog. Plates, linens, cups, cake stands, … {continue reading}

Mini Fruit Tart Cheesecakes

Fruit Tart Cheesecakes (2 of 6)w

I love cheesecake in any and all forms, but I especially love mini cheesecakes. Mini everything is better, don't you think? These Mini Fruit Tart Cheesecakes are made perfectly using PHILADELPHIA cream cheese, and they're the perfect end to any special meal. (Or a random Monday lunch. Cheesecake is good anytime!) I think I could live on cheesecake, especially these fruit tart cheesecakes. I mean, they have almost all the food groups: Dairy, from the cream cheese. Protein, from the cream cheese. Fiber and wheat, from the graham crackers. Fruit, from the topping. Cheesecake is, like, the perfect dessert. How many other desserts can tout that many food groups all in one small little package? Now, as much as I'd like to eat nothing … {continue reading}

Soft Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Soft Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (2 of 5)w

These are the best cookies I've ever made. I know I say that a lot. I make a lot of cookies. But these? Really are the best. Want proof? My husband ate one. You know about my husband, right? How he's Mr. I don't want a cookie thank you. He's Mr. That's Too Sweet. Mr. No Thanks I'll Eat This WW Brownie. Mr. I Don't Need Dessert. And he ate one of these cookies. He couldn't resist. Now, if I was mean, or secretly evil, I'd be saying Bwahahahahahaha and clapping my hands gleefully. I'm secretly evil. The cookie he couldn't resist? A chocolate peanut butter cup cookie. You won't be able to resist either. These cookies are chocolate pudding cookies based off of my Triple Chocolate Pudding Cookies. I needed to make those again … {continue reading}

Over 120 Fun Easter Desserts

Easter Desserts w

Still looking for the perfect cute dessert for an Easter celebration? Look no further! We've collected over 120 super fun and cute Easter desserts, perfect for a class party or any Easter celebration! Find something you love today. **Please feel free to pin the collage. If you see a recipe you love, please click through to that site to pin. Please do not pin the images below. Bloggers around the world thank you.**     This collection was compiled by:Find Carrie: Frugal Foodie Mama | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ | InstagramThanks for reading! … {continue reading}

Coconut Chess Pie

Coconut Chess Pie (3 of 4)w

If you're as addicted to coconut as I am, this Coconut Chess Pie is for you. It's like eating a macaroon with a pudding base and a pie crust chaser. *swoon* Last weekend I texted Mel the funniest picture ever. I wanted to instagram it, but it was just too embarrassing. So I figured I'd post it here: That's duck tape, holding up the back passenger window of my Highlander. The mechanism finally gave way halfway to San Francisco and it was either that or drive another hour and a half pretending we were driving in a convertible. #thankgoodnessforducktape #itcouldsavetheworldifweletit Mel texted back saying "I found you a new car. Go test drive it tomorrow." (The Highlander is 9 years old and very well loved. A new car has been on the … {continue reading}

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