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Crazy for Crust

May 01

Cinnamon Roll Cobbler

Okay, y’all, are you ready for this one? Three words, only two ingredients: Cinnamon Roll Cobbler. Will you eat this for breakfast or for dessert? Or BOTH?

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This Cinnamon Roll Cobbler is an easy 2 ingredient recipe that's the perfect brunch, breakfast, or dessert! If you have hands, you can make this recipe - it's totally foolproof!

Have you ever watched Dance Moms? Jordan loves that show and it freaks the heck out of me because Jordan loves to dance and she’s almost to the competition point. You guys, I am not, nor will I ever be, a dance mom.

Watch every practice faithfully? Nope, I’ll drop you honey, don’t trip on the car door as I drive away.

Coach the kids on their perfect pointe and smiles? Nope, more like, “Oh? You’re practicing today?”

Sitting backstage at competitions and recitals helping the girls change, doing make-up, and corralling them? Um, I’ll give that one a NOPE. I’d rather do…almost anything else.

Watch Jordan from the audience and cheer as loud as I can? Now THAT I can handle.

All this comes up because today I get to spend 4 hours in the parking lot of our dance studio waiting in line for “VIP Registration” so I can save 25% on classes and actually get Jordan into the ones she wants before they fill up. Admit it, you’re jealous of my Sunday, right?

At least I had cinnamon roll cobbler for breakfast and I’ll eat it again for dessert.

Easy Cinnamon Roll Cobbler Recipe - this only has 2 ingredients!!

This recipe blew my mind, seriously. I have one of those Pillsbury recipe-a-month calendars hanging on my wall and Cinnamon Roll Cobbler is April’s recipe. When I flipped the month my mouth dropped; how have I never thought of this before?

Their recipe involved boiling canned fruit along with pie filling and I thought that was too difficult. I mean, if I’m making Sunday brunch that means I’m already grumpy, so no prep is wanted.

This recipe is easy, foolproof, and has only 2 ingredients. I know, right? It’s actually easy enough that the kids can make it for you on Mother’s Day. Open the cans, dump, bake. No mixing, no bowls, nada.

Just good cobbler…topped with cinnamon rolls (and icing, of course).

Apr 28

Cake by the Ocean Cocktail

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Apr 26

Mini S’mores Cheesecakes

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Apr 24

French Silk Brownies

French Silk Brownies (2 of 6)

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21 Best No Bake Layered Lush Desserts

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Apr 19

Overnight Monkey Bread French Toast Casserole

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Apr 17

No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pudding Pie

No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pudding Pie (1 of 6)

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