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Jan 19

Easy Meatball Sub Bites

This easy Meatball Sub Bites recipe is perfect for an appetizer or lunch. Wrap frozen meatballs in biscuit dough with sauce and cheese for the perfect bite!

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Meatball Sub Bites - this easy appetizer recipe has just 4 main ingredients and is perfect for a party or lunch. Wrap frozen meatballs in biscuit dough for a handheld meatball sub in a bite!

It’s mid-January and you know what that means….FOOTBALL is on the brain! Well, Mel’s brain, not mine. It’s only on my brain because I have to plan our weekends around the playoffs and the big game. As in, “Okay, you take Jordan to her thing in the morning and then I’ll take her in the afternoon once the games start” or I better download 4 extra books for this weekend because there is no way I’ll be watching regular TV at all.

And although I’m not a fan of watching football I am a fan of eating football food. A big, big fan. Now, normally I lean towards the sweet when I’m making recipes for a party (like, say, a peanut butter football or some gooey bars) but, contrary to popular belief, I actually make real food for parties too. I told you last week that one of my entertaining staples are Pepperoni Pinwheels but another go-to are meatballs. I make them in some way for every gathering, and at least a few times a month for dinner (and even more when it’s busy or I don’t feel like cooking a full meal).

Meatball Sub Bites - this easy appetizer recipe has just 4 main ingredients and is perfect for a party or lunch. Wrap frozen meatballs in biscuit dough for a handheld meatball sub in a bite!

My favorite way to eat meatballs are plain, from the oven. But I also love meatball subs, although you’ll never catch me ordering one in a restaurant. There is no dainty way to eat a meatball sub, now is there? I’m pretty much guaranteed to spill red sauce all over my shirt while I look like a cow shoving food in her mouth.

However, THESE easy Meatball Sub Bites aren’t messy at all. They’re about two bites each (although I’ve been known to eat them in one gulp) and they are the perfect football food. I always start them with frozen meatballs because I ain’t got time to make meatballs from scratch, especially when it’s time for football.

Jan 17

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Jan 15

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Jan 12

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Jan 10

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Jan 08

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Jan 05

Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal Muffins

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