May 28

Starbucks Copycat Blueberry Muffins

Starbucks Copycat Blueberry Muffins – this EASY blueberry muffin recipe is better than Starbucks and has a delicious streusel on top! EVERYONE loved these! Quit spending all your money at Starbucks and make your own blueberry muffins at home! These are the BEST EVER!

Starbucks Copycat Blueberry Muffins - this EASY blueberry muffin recipe is better than Starbucks and has a delicious streusel on top! EVERYONE loved these!

Can I be honest for a minute? I really am not a huge fan of Blueberry Muffins. They’re never something I buy in a store because most of them are just okay and not worth the calories. I’m kind of like that with store bought or bakery muffins in general, really. They’re too sweet or too dry or not flavorful enough; so I just reserve muffins for making at home. BUT…

Confession: I am ADDICTED to Starbucks Blueberry Muffins. Recently they change their distributor or something because I never used to like them, but now I do. They never used to appeal to me but now? Now every single time I step foot into a Starbucks they scream my name. LOUDLY.

Dorothy…Dorothy…we’re over here don’t you see us? Blueberry Streusel Muffins…we go so good with that Americano you’re drinking….Dorothy…don’t miss out there’s only one left!

Seriously, am I the only one that hears food talking to her? It happens everywhere I go. (Don’t get me started on the Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.)

Starbucks Copycat Blueberry Muffins - this EASY blueberry muffin recipe is better than Starbucks and has a delicious streusel on top!

ANYWAY, when I was having company recently I wanted to make a killer muffin for breakfast. I have a few that I love on this blog, most stemming from my Lemon Crumb Muffins I made a few years back. They’re tender and soft but flavorful and they have the perfect texture. The secret to the perfect muffin, in my opinion, is using sour cream, baking soda and vinegar. The sour cream gives body and the baking soda and vinegar give a crumb that is unparalleled by baking powder.

With this basic muffin recipe I’ve made chocolate chip muffins and cream cheese blueberry muffins. For this muffin, I simply took out the cream cheese and POOF: I had me a Starbucks Copycat Recipe on my hands.

Now…if you’re looking for a banana muffin recipe or a zucchini muffin recipe, don’t worry, I have those too. 🙂

Starbucks Copycat Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Everyone who tried one of these muffins raved about them. I mean, how could you not? They’re the perfect muffin AND they’re blueberry AND they have streusel. If you ask me, it ain’t a muffin without streusel.

This is an easy streusel that comes together fast and easy. It’s crunchy and sweet and perfect with the blueberry. Now…if you’re not in the mood to make a crumble you can leave it out…but that’s kind of anti-muffin, right?

May 26

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May 23

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May 18

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