Basic Dessert Recipes

Everyone needs these Basic Dessert Recipes in their recipe box. An easy basic recipe can be turned into so many new desserts! Turn chocolate chip cookies into gooey bars or chocolate cake into cucpakes.

This collection of recipes are the absolute basics – every easy recipe that you need. I’ve been creating these recipes for years and these are my favorite versions of every single recipe (like fluffy pancakes).
What should a beginner cook?
Start with these basic dessert recipes!

A basic recipe is a canvas to create other recipes. I’ve turned pie crust into dozens of pie recipes! All you need is an easy recipe and some imagination and YOU can create NEW recipes everyone will love. It’s not hard to be a recipe developer if you know where to start: with the basics.

I’ve created over 40 recipes everyone should know how to bake on this list! These are classic easy recipes every adult should know and they’re simple enough you kids can make them too!

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