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Today I’m going to show you how to frost cupcakes like a pro – the easy way! I know there are so many ways to frost a cupcake but this is my FAVORITE method and they look beautiful every time.

I’ve been frosting my cupcakes this way for years and every time I do people ask where I bought them – so you know they’ll turn out gorgeous!

chocolate cupcakes on a counter with chocolate frosting

Frosting Cupcakes is Easy!

If you’ve ever looked at bakery cupcakes and wanted to learn how to make yours look like that without a ton of skill or know-how, then this is the post for you.

I know that there are so many ways you can frost a cupcake with different swirls and styles, but this ONE method always looks beautiful. As much as I want to learn other ways, this one is always prettiest to my eye, so it’s the one I always use.

You don’t need a ton of special equipment or tons of skills to frost a beautiful cupcake!

In this post I’m going to teach you:

  • My favorite method for frosting cupcakes
  • How to get that piled-high frosting look
  • What tools you need to frost cupcakes easily

This method works with ANY cupcake and ANY frosting recipe!

cupcakes in a gold tin with white frosting and gold sprinkles on top

Tools for frosting the perfect cupcake

You don’t need a ton of tools or gadgets but you do need one specific thing: a large star tip. Every brand has their own name for these tips, but the two main ones you’ll find are:

(Wilton is the brand I usually buy, but either will work the same way.)

The tip is really all you need, but I love using disposable pastry bags. If you don’t have the pastry bag you can use a large ziploc bag (I recommend a thicker one, like a quart size, instead of the sandwich size bag).

Overhead shot of all ingredients needed to make rainbow swirl frosting

Easiest method for frosting cupcakes

If you’ve ever used a 1M tip for frosting a cupcake and wondered why your frosting didn’t get sky-high, it’s probably because you skipped the first step in the process: the center step.

frosting a cupcake process

Before you start frosting the outside of the cupcake, make a small star of frosting in the center. This makes a base for the other frosting to sit on, making it higher.

frosting cupcake process

Then, frost a circle around the center star.

frosting cupcakes process

Keep frosting, in a continuous manner, without stopping, swirling on top of the base, then on top again to make the tip.

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This even works with cream cheese frosting, although that will be a little flatter, as you can see, because cream cheese frosting isn’t as stiff as buttercream. You can also do this with whipped cream!

unicorn cupcake in silver liner

This even works when you put multiple frostings in one pastry bag, like I taught you how to do in my Unicorn Cupcake post.

It’s just such a simple method for frosting cupcakes that I had to share it. Now you too can always be asked where you bought your cupcakes!

My favorite cupcake recipes

cupcakes collage photo

Learn how to frost cupcakes like a pro! This easy method for frosting cupcakes turns out gorgeous every time no matter what kind of frosting you use!

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

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