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Homemade Dulce de Leche Coffee Creamer

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Remember that time I made Homemade Dulce de Leche? Well, I had 3 jars in my fridge that needed using. One, I ate with a spoon. One went into this pie.

The third? Became DIY Homemade Coffee Creamer!

Dulce de Leche Coffee Creamer - only 2 ingredients!

I have a physical next week. The anticipation is making me remember how much I really hate going to the doctor. Does anyone actually enjoy it? In the first place, they weigh you, and I have a problem with that. And when you’re a germophobe/partial hypochondriac, the doctors tend to look at you like you’re crazy.

{Which you totally are, but whatever.}

I think the internet has made it worse for us partial hypochondriacs, don’t you think? WebMD is probably a real doctor’s nightmare. But sometimes I actually know what I’m talking about at the doctor, but they still give me that I know you’re a partial hypochondriac look.

Actual conversation I’ve had with doctors:

Dr.: Why are you here today?
Me: I have an ear infection.

Dr.: Have you had a fever?
Me: No.

Dr.: Have you had a cold?
Me: No.

Dr.: [Partial hypochondriac look on face] hmmmm….
Me: Well, I went swimming and normally I don’t put my head under water but I did even though I knew better that I totally shouldn’t have and now I have an ear infection. It’s not swimmer’s ear, it’s a real one.

Dr.: Well, you can’t get an ear infection like that from swimming.
Me: Okay, well, I’ve had ear problems all my life. You not supposed to, you know, be able to feel your eardrum. I think normal people without ear infections or fluid actually just go through life not knowing what their eardrum feels like, so I’m pretty sure it’s infected.

Dr.: [look on face gets deeper] hmmmm…Let’s take a look.

[Doctor looks in good ear.]

Dr.: WOW. You have a lot of scarring. Have you had ear trouble before?
Me: Yes. LIKE I SAID. I know what I’m talking about.

[Doctor looks in bad ear.]

Dr.: WOW! I’m sure that sucker hurts. That’s the worst ear infection I’ve ever seen!

See? Even partial hypochondriacs know what they’re talking about DOCTORS. (That convo? Has happened at least 3 times in my life with different doctors, FYI.)

This has nothing to do with coffee creamer, other than I love coffee and I probably shouldn’t drink so much of it.

But my husband and kid would rather I did. The non-caffeinated version of Dorothy is not one they like to deal with.

Enter: homemade coffee creamer. Like, the best thing ever. Especially with Dulce de Leche!

Dulce de Leche Coffee Creamer - only 2 ingredients!

So you remember when I made homemade dulce de leche, right? Y’all loved that I made it in a slow cooker. When I was trying to figure out what to make with it, I remembered my funfetti coffee creamer and the lightbulb went on.

I’m a girl that loves her coffee creamer. I love it in coffee, I love it in dessert. And I really love making it homemade because I can make flavors I can’t buy in the store.

Did you know that coffee creamer is super easy to make? Really, it only has two base ingredients: sweetened condensed milk and milk. Then you add your favorite extracts or flavorings.

But, with 3 jars of dulce de leche staring at me from my refrigerator, I remembered that it can be substituted for SCM in lots of things – like ice cream.

Basically this recipe has two ingredients: dulce de leche (canned or homemade) and milk. The result is a liquid that’s wonderfully sweet and has rich caramel undertones. It’s great in milkshakes, in hot chocolate, and in coffee.

Since it’s still a bajillion degrees, I made iced coffee. But you can use it in hot if you like too!

Dulce de Leche Coffee Creamer

Just give me an IV of coffee with dulce de leche coffee creamer and a direct link to WebMD and I can be kept happy for hours. Until I find a symptom of mine…then I won’t be happy anymore. 🙂

Dulce de Leche Coffee Creamer


  • 3/4 cup dulce de leche
  • 1 cup milk — nonfat, 2%, or regular


  1. Place both ingredients in a small saucepan and heat over medium low heat, whisking, until smooth and melted together.
  2. Transfer coffee creamer to a jar and let cool before covering and storing in refrigerator. Serve in hot or iced coffee!

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  1. Oh my word, you know how much I love this right? My coffee thanks you!! And as for doctors, one word: UGH.

  2. I love your homemade coffee creamer recipes, so delicious! I could probably just drink this dulce le leche coffee creamer 😉

  3. Making your homemade dulce de leche tonight so I can use it in an ice cream recipe later this week. I’ll have to set aside enough for this creamer. It looks absolutely divine!

  4. How long will this keep?

  5. Physicals SUCK! Dulce de leche helps!! My co worker would be allll over this!! Must make for her sometime!! 🙂

  6. 1) I have a dental apt. next month where I have to have tissue grafting done. So looking forward to that. NOT. 2) Fellow germaphobe here *raises hand* …Howard Hughes ain’t got nothin’ on me, and 3) coffee is optional with this creamer, right? Because I’d just drink it on its own.

    • 1. OH I’m so sorry. That’s worse than a physical. I’ll commiserate with you. And bring you pudding! 2. LOL, I get it from my dad and when I get really bad I just stop and say “WWDD?” and dial it back 10 degrees. 3. THANK YOU!

  7. I love how you dressed this amazing recipes in these cute jars!

  8. Thanks! Great recipe. I’ve been bringing different chilled coffees to work in mason jars. This will be a great addition.

  9. One I ate with a spoon…haaa! haaaa! This looks so incredibly delicious. I know what I’m doing the next time I make dulce de leche!

  10. Seriously when are you going to market this stuff? It is magical!!!

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