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Sweet Cream Shooters

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Is it after dinner yet? Because I’m ready for dessert: a Sweet Cream Shooter!

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Sweet Cream Shooter - this is the perfect after dinner drink recipe! Only 3 ingredients it's great for dessert!

So, you might remember that I have a slight obsession with coffee creamer. Milk in coffee is boring – I need my coffee creamer and I need it in every cup! I’ve been known to bring individual creamer packets with me on vacation in case the hotel doesn’t serve them. You guys – I even will pack little creamers in my quart size liquids bag. I’ll leave the good shampoo and body wash at home and use the cheap stuff they give you in the hotel room just so I can bring creamer with me and my coffee tastes the way I like it.

(I really can’t make that stuff up. I also travel with sweetener packets, BTW. Pretty much, if we’re on a trip together and you forgot something, I’ve got you covered.)

My favorite flavor of creamer is International Delight Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer. I always have an open one in my refrigerator and an extra in the garage just in case I run out. I cannot run out. My day would be ruined, I’m not joking.

Sweet Cream and me, we’re like this. (I’m crossing my fingers.)

It was only a matter of time before I figured out how to use my favorite coffee creamer in a dessert cocktail. Because a dessert cocktail just means you get to have dessert twice.

Sweet Cream Shooter - this is the perfect after dinner drink recipe! Only 3 ingredients it's great for dessert!

When Mel and I were young marrieds, we’d go out to nice dinners a lot. We’d take a cab, order a bottle of wine and expensive entrees, and then instead of ordering off the dessert menu, we’d order after dinner drinks. We’d sit there in a darkened restaurant, candles flickering, and drink creamy shots of Irish Cream, Chocolate, or Coffee Liqueur, stare into each others eyes and talk about the future.

Now we stare at each other lovingly over Jordan’s head as she jumps on the couch and proclaims she’s not tired why does she have to go to be so early??? #parenting

My goal with this Sweet Cream Shooter was to bring us back to those elegant after dinner drinks, even it’s over leftovers and whispers at our dining room table after Jordan’s gone to bed.

Also, my goal was to drink my sweet cream for breakfast AND dessert. #obviously

Three ingredients, 30 seconds, and OMG they’re so good. Slightly coffee-y with a vanilla kick and a nice sweet cream finisher. It’s heaven in a sip!

Sweet Cream Shooter - this is the perfect after dinner drink recipe! Only 3 ingredients it's great for dessert!

Feel free to use your favorite coffee liqueur and vanilla vodka brand (you can also use whipped or cake vodka instead) but don’t forget the International Delight Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer…and lots of whipped cream, of course!

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Servings: 1 cocktail

Sweet Cream Shooters

Total Time:
2 mins
Sweet Cream Shooters - the perfect after dinner dessert drink recipe! Only 3 ingredients: vodka, kahlua, and sweet cream coffee creamer!


  • 1 ounce vanilla vodka — may substitute regular, whipped, or cake vodka
  • 1 ounce kahlua
  • Splash of International Delight Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer
  • Whipped Cream and cocoa — for garnish, optional


  1. If your ingredients are all cold, you can just add them in the order listed to a 2.4 ounce shot glass. Otherwise, add the vodka and kahlua to a shaker with ice, shake, then strain into shot glass. Add a splash of coffee creamer. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkling of cocoa (optional).

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  1. Post-dinner coffee or tea is an absolute must for me, and I love the idea of these elegant after-meal drinks! 🙂

  2. These shooters look perfect!! And I have been known to travel with coffee creamer and sweetener packets too because you just never know!! lol

  3. How gorgeous are these?!!  

  4. Your nice dinners from your young married days sound so nice! Like from the movies. 😀

    And whoa. These look delicious! Love the added creamer.

  5. Oooh, Dorothy, these look divine! So easy and so pretty at the same time! I also always have sweetener packets with me at all times. 🙂 I hate when the restaurants go all cheap and use the generic brands. It’s just not the same!

  6. I’m having a feeling these would make Monday morning a whole lot easier. #justsaying

  7. I neeeed one of these now, but considering I’m at work and it’s 6 AM, it’ll have to wait until happy hour. Can I wait that long?!
    Your obsession with creamer is totally understandable. I travel with my own foodstuffs, too. It’s much more comfy that way!

  8. Sounds so delicious! I have a large family gathering and I’m soooo making these!

  9. I have been drooling over this since I first spotted it on facebook! Definitely going on my must-try list! Obsessed!

  10. In the summer vacation every day i take ice-cream and cream shooter so delicious. When i come back from my office always bring this awesome test.

  11. So I’m not a drinker, have never been a drinker, but these look so fancy and yummy! Is there any way to make this or something similar to this without alcohol?

  12. Very good. you are the winner. Do not forget update new information regularly. thank !

  13. I am very sympathetic to your viewpoint. It is very deep and meaningful.

  14. I appreciate with your article writing,here its my first visit and i found a great information here.

  15. It’s the craziest recipe that I’ve ever found. Thanks for that.

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