Butterfinger Fudge

This easy 3-ingredient Butterfinger Fudge tastes just like the candy bar and it’s made with candy corn!

This easy 3-ingredient Butterfinger Fudge tastes just like the candy bar and it's made with candy corn!

I think Halloween was one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I mean, it’s the candy holiday. How could I not love it?

{Back then Halloween was the only candy holiday; Valentine’s Day was purely give-the-kids-you-like-a-card and not like it is now. My mom did not make three dozen heart shaped cookies and wrap them special for every kid in class. And I kinda miss those days…}

I know I loved me some Reese’s. And M&Ms. And Twix (the peanut butter ones, remember them? I never see them anymore). But Butterfinger? I’m not sure I remember being SO in love with them.

I mean, I know my mom loved them. She always had them hidden in her stash.

Have I not told you about my moms’ candy stash yet? Oh, goodie. Buckle up, kids.

This easy 3-ingredient Butterfinger Fudge tastes just like the candy bar and it's made with candy corn!

You see, my dad (and, it turns out, me) have this problem with portion control. As in – we have none. So, two candy bars could disappear in about three seconds. Candy isn’t cheap and my mom was tired of it disappearing quick as pinot grigio at a RHONY event. So, she hid her candy from the two of us.

Occasionally she would let me in on the secret. Or, I, um, would find it on my own. No, you should not leave me alone in your bathroom. I will look in the medicine chest.

Anyway, I learned from a pro and I have perfected the hidden candy stash. I hide it in plain sight…where Jordan wouldn’t even think to look. Kinda genius, if you ask me.

Okay, back to the matter at hand.

Butterfingers. I remember eating them as a kid. I mean, I ate them the normal way and everything: I sucked off all the chocolate and then ate the center.

What? That’s totally normal, right? RIGHT??

When Hayley posted her Homemade Butterfingers a few weeks ago, I remember that I totally wanted to make them because I had a huge bag of candy corn in my pantry.

Oh yeah, you know about this recipe, right? How candy corn and peanut butter get married and produce Butterfinger children? It’s so strange it’s weird at first…like your brain doesn’t want to accept the fact that it’s true.

So, anyway. I decided to make the homemade Butterfingers. But, well, I cannot follow a recipe. So I used Hayley’s recipe…and made it into fudge.

Because fudge is cool. And, since Christmas will be here, like, tomorrow, you all are probably already making your “foods to make and give” lists, right?

This fudge tastes like Butterfingers. It’s soft and chewy, a little chewier than traditional fudge. I like it plain…but for the purists out there, I dipped some of the squares in chocolate.

Those were good too.

If I wasn’t on this cleanse I’d have to hide them from myself.

This easy 3-ingredient Butterfinger Fudge tastes just like the candy bar and it's made with candy corn!

And that never really works, does it?

Thanks for reading!

Did you make this recipe?

Butterfinger Fudge

This easy 3-ingredient Butterfinger Fudge tastes just like the candy bar and it's made with candy corn!


  • 3 cups Candy Corn

  • 1 cup peanut butter

  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk

  • 2 cups white chocolate chips

  • 1 cup milk chocolate chips, optional


  1. Line a pan with foil and spray with cooking spray. (I used an 8x8 pan. The fudge was very thick, so if I made it again, I’d use a 9x9 pan.)

  2. Add Candy Corn and peanut butter to a medium saucepan and heat, over low heat, stirring every 30 seconds or so, for about 3 minutes. Add sweetened condensed milk, stir, and cook for another 3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds (you don’t want the milk to boil; a slight simmer is okay). Add white chocolate chips and stir until everything melts together. (It will seem like it’s never going to melt...but it will!)

  3. Spread evenly in pan. Cool on counter about 15 minutes, then chill until hardened. Cut into squares.

  4. If you want, you can dip the fudge in milk chocolate. Melt chocolate chips (I added a little vegetable oil to thin them) and dip the bottoms of the fudge squares in the chocolate. Set on a wax paper lined cookie sheet to harden.


This fudge is a little softer and chewier than traditional fudge. But it actually tastes like a Butterfinger!

Recipe adapted from The Domestic Rebel.

All images and text ©. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.

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  1. I literally just made butterfinger fudge this week too! Mine is layered with chocolate on the bottom and top with the butterfinger mixture in between. Sadly I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet : )

    I was the same way, I just couldn’t believe that butterfingers was that easy to make! Yours is way prettier than mine, still yummy thought!

  2. Dear Genius,
    You rule. And so does this amazeballs fudge. Butterfingers are my weakness. Do you believe me when I say I could easily bypass Reese’s in favor for Butterfingers? Every. Single. Time. Therefore, this fudge was basically created for me and I need some. Okay, all of it.
    Love, your BFF/neighbor-in-need-of-fudge

  3. Oh my goodness – I need this right now!! Butterfingers are my all time fave and this looks amazing!!

  4. Love the Shellac Manis! The french seem to last a bit longer for me. I was full on, hands in the dirt, gardening and they did not chip! LOVE IT and LOVE this fudge. I made my homemade Butterfingers into cake pops (of course) last year and LOVED them too! I bet the fudge version is even better!

    • It’s my first one and I love it. This afternoon I was making the bed and jammed it into the sheetrock of the wall. Came away with sheetrock in my nail…but the manicure was still perfect! Weird. And cake pops? I need to look back for that one!

  5. This looks amazing!! I am pinning this to my artisan fudge board. I can’t wait to try this recipe and I hope mine turns out as pretty as yours 😉

  6. Butterfingers always got stuck down in my molars. So I’d pass them over for the kit kats. My mom taught me to hide candy in the freezer.
    Like I need another reason to buy candy corn. Thanks.

  7. These sound like heaven. I would make these!

  8. LOVE the nails – I still do not see how candy corn {YUCK} and peanut butter work together – but I’ll have to try it for myself – this looks like a fudge i;d actually like

  9. I love how easy it is to make butterfingers…last year I made butterfinger eyeballs. But this awesome looking fudge is way WAY cooler. I actually like how thick it is, and of course I prefer the dipped in chocolate version. I hide candy in plain sight too. There is a big bag of Reeses right in the front of the cupboard, but everyone knows that they can’t have any unless I open it and ok it:-) Gotta love being a food blogger right?

  10. butterfingers are my ALL TIME favorite candy bar. EVER!! Even over reese’s! I am sooo intrigued about the whole candy corn/pb thing. incredible!! this fudge looks to die for and not too hard AT ALL! I love easy fudge recipes like this!! Killer Dorothy, just a killer recipe here!

  11. Wowza! This looks Crazy Good! I’ve never heard of the candy corn-peanutbutter baby method … Now I wish I could un-learn it! I now want to go mix up a batch of this 🙂

  12. I LOVE Butterfingers!! I hide them from my kids too! Oh and I totally remember my mom hiding candy around the house for the same reasons-no control! I think her best hiding spot was the trunk of the car, but we found it anyway! Love that you made this into fudge! You rock!

  13. I totally noticed the nails!!! Mine always look like junk in pictures : )

  14. cool! pinning to my fudge board….yes i have a fudge pin board, haha.

  15. Love the nails!! And WHAT?!?! I had no clue candy corn and peanut butter made butterfinger…. yes consider mind BLOWN! I need to make this, it looks so out of this world good!

  16. Butterfingers are my 2nd favorite candy (after SweetTarts). I’m definitely going to have to make a batch of these! YUM!!

  17. Awesome Dorothy! They looks so yummy and an easy recipe! I will be making these! Love your nails 🙂

  18. Love the nails but am skeptical of the recipe, LOL! I love butterfingers but hate candy corn so it sounds a little scary 😀

    • It’s creepy – but it really tastes like butterfinger!!! So strange! 🙂

    • Made this recipe and took into work for a taste-test . . .
      No one could BELIEVE it was made with Candy Corn – everyone LOVED it! I goofed on the recipe and only used 1 cup of white chocolate chips so that made it a bit more peanut buttery tasting – but still amazing!! Definite keeper 🙂

  19. The butterfinger bars sound good but the fudge sounds awesome. I’mma definitely going to make these bad boys when I order a bag of candy corn off eBay (yay for eBay).

    And yes! I had the same problem as a child but my parents were quite strict so I never raided the confectionary cupboard often. My kids do the exact same, even resorting to sneaking down at night and sneaking food out! Cheeky beggars. I put a lock on the cupboard, problem solved! 😀

  20. Actually, I hid the candy so I’d always have some available for my fix. Great Butterfinger Fudge…I liked the ones dipped in chocolate.
    Love, Mom

  21. I’m loving your new look! And of course the fudge looks DELICIOUS. My mom doesn’t have any kids at home and *still* has a candy stash. I think she hopes she’ll forget where she put it and then she won’t eat it.

    (stranger things have happened.) 😉

  22. You, my friend, have a gift!! You take two things that are delicious and amazing on their own…then you combine them into something ridiculous!! Butterfinger fudge?! Fantastic!!

  23. I love the manicure…and the fudge! Halloween costumes stress me out…but I love all the candy 🙂

  24. OMG. I can’t even believe this is a real thing. Butterfingers (and Baby Ruth) are my fave candybars ever. And made into fudge? Holy crapola, I need to get on this boat ASAP.

    I LOVE the shellac mani, btw!

  25. Butterfinger fudge! Yumm! My husband talked me into going to the store the other day because he was craving butterfingers. This is something I’m going to have to try. Oh, and btw, I can’t follow a recipe either, lol. My family always asks me why I even buy cookbooks or spend time looking for recipes.

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  27. I think I’d do some serious damage if I had a plate full of these in front of me! Yum!

  28. This is genius! I love that it’s the flavor of butterfinger but won’t get all stuck in your teeth like the candy bar!! 🙂

  29. The boyfriend saw this and said “THAT LOOKS GOOOOOOOD!” Yes. Yes it does!

  30. You turned an already awesome candy bar into something more amazing! Gah, I want a piece right now.

  31. Wow! This looks so yummy! Thanks for linking up with me for Friday Favorites!

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  33. Ok, am I the only person that didn’t know peanut butter + candy corn?? And um no that is totally not the way to eat a butterfinger… thats like the people who eat a kit kat without breaking it apart. 😉 haha!!

  34. WOW! This is crazy looking good. I need to try.

  35. Dorothy, this looks amazing! I have a bag of candy corn at home and I’m definitely going to make this!

  36. Ok, so I have a giant glass pumpkin candy jar that I fill with Corn Candy every year. I don’t know why I do it, my kids aren’t allowed to have candy. Hmm, must be because I LOVE them. However, by the end of October I am sick of them and ready for some candy bars. Sounds like you have the PERFECT solution to my corn candy overload. Thanks a MILLION for coming to Weekend Potluck and sharing this great recipe!
    Hugs, Tonya from 4 little Fergusons

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  38. U guys are gonna kill me posting these decadent and delicious-looking treats!!! But i’ve already bookmarked this (wink) , lol!!!

  39. WOWZERS! You are gifted and I want to be just like you when I grow up. ;-} I LOVE this amazing idea! This is a ‘hot’ recipe in Blogland and I’m so proud to be on the band wagon…slash that…the candy wagon, with you. Fantastic creation. I LOVE BUTTERFINGERS!

  40. Oh wow, this fudge looks amazing! I had no idea that candy corn could be used to make butterfingers!

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  44. it is cooking now and smells delicious! it does take a LONG time for it all to melt somehow I think it will be worth the wait (weight too)

  45. I am off to the store to buy all the candy corn before it is sold out! this is good stuff and it is not finished!!!! thank you!

  46. I’m a FREAK for Butterfingers!! My first thought, though, was to make these into “cake” balls and dip them in chocolate. 🙂 Can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!! btw, love the nails! They look great!

  47. These look like one of those sweets that once you eat one you you can’t stop 🙂

  48. Hello!!! I loveyour recipe!!! Unfortunatelly I don’t know what is candy corn. I live in Toronto , Canada so I am not familiar with some of the products. Maybe you are refering to corn syrup? Please let me know, I will love to try the recipe.
    Thanks, Wilma

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  50. Hello,
    I just wanted to tell you I made this fudge for a bake sale for my relay for life team and it was a hit.
    I lost my mom 3 years ago to cancer and butterfingers was her most favorite candy bar so I just had to make this fudge for the bake sale in her honor.
    Thank you so much for this recipe.
    I already have request for it again.

  51. Tried making this over the weekend and the fudge never set fully. Tasted great just never set and I followed the recipe exactly like it said. Any thoughts on what might have happened?

  52. Is that a small or larger can of sweetened condensed milk? Looks yummy!

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  54. I made this for Christmas and put it in my goodie tins for all my daughter’s teachers. It was ahuge hit. One poor asst. teacher took hers home and her mother ate it all while she was in her room changing. She came back out to an empty tin and the best part is her mom doesn’t even like sweets. Two thumbs up!!!

  55. These sound good!

    Oh and by the way, I still eat Butterfingers the same way today.

  56. My dad loves candy corn! Another recipe I gotta try…thank you! ~Donika

  57. I made this for my husband to take to work during corporate inventory…I got Facebooked, texts, all around hurrahs for the fudge. Apparantly they were giving it to their customers too! It was so good!
    Next time I will try and chop up the candy corn so it melts faster…it does seem like it will never come together, but when it does…whew!!

    Thank you!!!

    • Yay! I’m so glad they liked it. 🙂 And so totally yes on cutting up the candy corn. It takes FOREVER!

    • I made this recipe and took it to work. I also made a batch to take to my kids’ school. Every single person that tries this says, “Oh. Peanut Butter Fudge.” And I have to agree. Other than the name, I would never have guessed these have anything to do with Butterfingers. I followed the recipe and simply taste a sweet, peanut butter flavor. Not bad, but definitely not Butterfingers. 🙁

      • I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it Elisabeth! I totally got a Butterfinger flavor from it, so strange! What brand of candy corn were you using? I wonder if it different brands make it taste different?

  58. I really love these recipe ideas, but why is there no nutritional information listed?

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  62. This looks delicious! And, confession, you were not the only one to suck off all the chocolate before eating the peanutty goodness.

  63. This is SOOO GOOD! I am so happy i found This! The fudge was to die For when I got finished and I have made it many times seince then Truns out Great!
    Thank You!

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  65. I have a dear friend who is CRAZY for candy corn.
    I must make this for her

  66. I love butterfingers! Totally trying this!

  67. I love your site and enjoy your sence of humor. not too many people make this exciting and fun as you have! Remember you can eat like this when you are young but Watch Out, it will catch you in the fat trap in the END! Making the Oatmeal Wh-Chocolate Puddin Cookies NOW and they smell amazing. My hubby’s favorite cookie is Puddin cookies I have made since we were married (28 yrs.), so with your recipe I am using just the same as for mine, instant vanilla pudding. We are Crazy for oatmeal in this house(buy it in bulk 2- 10# bags) and rairly use quick oats only Old Fashion, so we will see how they turn out. Also, I use Organic Coconut for the butter, yummmm, my front door is locked but you can still smell the Vanilla as it doesn’t bake out or freeze out! (vanilla is the same as my Gma used) Thanks again for the recipe, i will let you know what the scales tell me in a few days, LOL 😀

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  69. I made this recipe last night. It’s amazing! It came out great! It’s a huge hit at my office and my husband’s.

  70. Make sure you check the ingredients list on the back of the white chocolate chips. Not all (most) companies use actual coco beans in their white chocolate. Ghiradelli’s included!

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  72. I was not thrilled, or even happy with this. I mean, it’s fine, but that’s it. It’s not really good and it definitely doesn’t taste like Butterfinger to me. I’m so disappointed in this. I was really looking forward to Butterfinger fudge and was teasing all my friends about it. Looks like I’ll have to eat crow on this one 🙁

    • I’m so sorry you didn’t like it El! Is it the texture or the flavor? I know that this has more of a fudge texture than a Butterfinger one. Every time I’ve made it everyone has loved it! 🙁

      • It’s the flavor. It tastes like plastic peanut butter. That gross chemical plastic taste from the candy corn is very apparent in it, and the only flavor I get is peanut butter. I love peanut butter but without an essence of plastic lingering through it.

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  76. I tried this today. The recipe said it was soft, but mine is really hard to cut. It’s more like caramel than fudge. What did i do wrong??

    • The only thing I can think is that the candy corn might be to blame. I have a feeling that older candy corn (or different brands) might perform differently. Is it that hard at room temperature?

      • I had it out of the fridge for about 20 mins before i cut it. Maybe that want long enough. Or it could be the brand. It’s really hard to find candy corn now that Halloween is over! So i took what i could get. Thanks for the input! 🙂

  77. I just made these tonight and sprinkled chocolate chips on top. I followed the recipe exactly but it just tastes like regular PB fudge dipped in chocolate to me. 🙁 I wish I knew what I did wrong. 

    • It might just be a taste thing Laura. For me the fudge had more of a chewy texture, a cross between a butterfinger and fudge. That, with the peanut butter flavor, made it more reminiscent of a candy bar. I guess everyone tastes things differently!

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  80. Does it matter if you use real peanut butter (the oily kind that separates) or the commercial stuff like Jiff or Skippy that has sugar, etc. added to it? I want to make this tonight but only have real peanut butter at home and don’t want a big runny mess….

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  83. I tried to make these tonight. 3 hours later and the candy corn is still not completely melted.(brachs, expiration date November 2016) and all the oil from the peanut butter (skippy)  is at the bottom of the pan. Was looking forward to trying this recipe. What could have gone wrong???

    • Oh my gosh! I’m not sure Billie. I cooked mine over low heat for probably 15 minutes and they eventually melted. I really am not sure why it still wasn’t melted even after so long. Possibly something in the candy corn? That’s the only variable, I guess. Possibly cutting up the candy corn would help it melt faster. But 3 hours? I’m not sure. I’m sorry!

  84. Just awful!!!!  The candy corn took forever to melt and it never did completely melt!  I gave up and just stuck it in the pan, so disappointing!  Will not try anymore recipes from this site. 

    • I’m so sorry that happened Elise. It does take a really, really long time for the candy corn to melt, as I mentioned in the recipe. I think some brands of candy corn also melt differently than others, and possibly it just needed even longer to completely melt.

  85. There are so many happy, positive comments here that I’m thinking that the people who aren’t happy with the recipe must have done something wrong. I can’t wait to try it!

  86. This looks amazingly great! I can not wait to make it for Halloween. Yum!

  87. Your posts crack me up! You’re so witty! ( and of course brilliant with baking!) 

  88. What is the measuring utensil used for the peanut butter?!! I need that!

  89. What brand of peanut butter for the butter finger fudge

  90. I made this fudge yesterday, And I must say it was killer good. I love it so much!! For added decoration I sprinkled some chopped peanuts on top of the chocolate. Yum! Best fudge ever!!!

  91. I tried this recipe and then talked to other people who have made it also.  If you use the candy corn made with honey you will have a hard time getting it to melt.  That is also why sometimes it gets really hard and does not stay soft.  The only people to make candy corn with out honey is jelly bellies but than you are paying a lot for the candy corn.

  92. This is so yummy! I had them at a baby shower and decided to add them to my Christmas candy list. I went searching for candy corn and it was nowhere to be found. However I did find some Christmas mellocreme candies and decided to give it a try. The results were a darker fudge and maybe a slight difference in the taste but overall still yummy and butterfingery. Hopefully they last until Christmas!

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  94. How many ounces is the sweetened condensed milk?

  95. I saw this recipe this morning and had to get out of bed and make it. My son and I LOVE it!!! Even my boyfriend who doesn’t care for peanut butter loved it! It definitely did take some time to melt. Some of my white chocolate didn’t quite melt but I left just a few small pieces whole and they taste just fine. Thanks for an awesome recipe!

  96. I would recommend chopping up the candy corn first 

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