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We absolutely love carrot cake all year long – and my husband loves it so much I keep making new recipes with carrot cake flavors, like cookies or blondies, coffee cake, even cinnamon rolls. These are all my favorite carrot cake inspired recipes – you’re going to find something you love!

12 Best Carrot Cake Ideas

Carrot Cake Cookies Recipe
These Carrot Cake Cookies are soft, tender, loaded with shredded carrots, and topped with a fantastic cream cheese frosting. They taste just like carrot cake!
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Carrot cake cookies on metal cooling rack, some with frosting on top
Carrot Cake Brownies Recipe
Fudgy brownies filled with the flavors of carrot cake topped with a cream cheese drizzle.
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Close up shot of carrot cake brownies cut into squares with a cream cheese glaze
Carrot Cake Blondies Recipe
Carrot Cake Blondies are made with shredded carrots,cinnamon spice and topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting – which I think is the best part!
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Stack of two carrot cake blondies on parchment paper
The BEST Carrot Cake Recipe
Naked Carrot Cake with Pecan Cream Cheese Icing – this easy cake recipe is the BEST carrot cake ever! Plus the frosting is to die for.
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carrot cake layered with white frosting and decorated with pecans on a white plate.
The BEST Carrot Cake Loaf
This is the BEST Carrot Cake Loaf Cake you’ll ever make. It’s soft and FULL of carrot cake flavor with a delicious cream cheese frosting!
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slices of carrot cake loaf
Carrot Cake Ice Cream Cake
My favorite carrot cake recipe with a cream cheese ice cream layer and topped with cream cheese whipped topping! The perfect cake for spring!
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carrot cake covered in white frosting and cinnamon.
Carrot Cake Roll
A delicious spring version of your favorite cake roll: Carrot Cake Roll! An easy spicy carrot cake rolled with cream cheese frosting inside. Check out the video and photo tutorial for tons of tips and tricks!
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carrot cake roll sliced on white platter
Coconut Carrot Bundt Cake Recipe
Coconut Carrot Cake – this easy carrot cake recipe is full of coconut with a cream cheese frosting. The perfect cake for spring, Easter, or any occasion! It’s an easy recipe that starts with a cake mix but you’d never know it.
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Coconut carrot cake on mint green cake stand
Carrot Cake Pie
Two desserts in one! Carrot Cake Pie combines a pie crust with the flavors of carrot cake in blondie form. Perfect with the cream cheese whipped cream.
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slice of carrot cake pie with whipped cream on white plate and fork
Carrot Cake Cheesecake Cupcakes Recipe
Carrot Cake Cheesecake Cupcakes are an easy way of combining carrot cake and cheesecake! This easy cupcake recipe is the original cheesecake cupcake and is topped with a cream cheese frosting.
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cupcakes with tan frosting on a cutting board.
Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls Recipe
Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls start with the best cinnamon roll dough and are filled with a carrot cake brown sugar filing. These are soft and perfect with cream cheese frosting.
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overhead shot of pan of unfrosted cinnamon rolls
Carrot Coffee Cake Recipe
This Carrot Cake Coffee Cake is our absolute favorite coffee cake. A traditional crumb coffee cake is mixed with the flavors of carrot cake for a delicious twist on brunch.
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Slice of carrot cake coffee cake

Other Fun Carrot Cake Desserts

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