Pecan Pie Baklava

Yes, you read that right. I took pecan pie and turned it into baklava.

{Your yoga pants love me right now, don’t they?}

Pecan Pie Baklava is like baklava that tastes like pecan pie!

Last week Jordan told me she was hoping Santa would bring her another American Girl Doll for Christmas this year.

{Yes, another. He’s been very generous and brought a bitty baby and 2 dolls over the past 6 years.}

I immediately put the kibosh on her idea, “Santa is no longer working with American Girl, sorry.”

“Then you can get Julie for me,” she answered. Girl has an answer for everything.

“Um, no, sorry,” I replied. “I’m no longer in the $100 for a doll business. But you can save your own money and buy her yourself, if you’d like.”

I think that stopped her in her tracks. Here’s hoping.

Pecan Pie Baklava is like baklava that tastes like pecan pie!

I mean, really. I can actually put my money behind the cost of the doll, because it’s a quality product that doesn’t look like it’s going to murder me in the night. It’s all the stuff that goes with it that really bugs me.

Allow me to introduce you to American Girl Absurdness, 2014 Edition:

First up, the super cute Dining Table and Chairs for $95. I mean, a girl’s gotta eat, right? But folks, read the fine print. Those pretty chair covers? Are an extra $34. (I’m pretty sure I could get an actual table and chairs at Walmart for my family for $129.)

Next, the Sunset Sleepover Tent for $85. And no, your daughter cannot sleep in the tent – it just fits the dolls.

And the piece de resistance: Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor with everything you need to sell fake ice cream to your dolls. It’s only $300!

I mean, don’t get me wrong. If I was rich and had money to burn (do those people really exist, outside of the Kardashians?) I’d buy it all too.

But I’d still make fun of it. Because love it or not, you gotta agree with me in it’s ridiculousness.

Also ridiculous, but in a good way? Pecan Pie Baklava. It’s really a thing!

Pecan Pie Baklava has layers of flaky phyllo with pecans, butter, and a pecan pie flavored syrup!

A few years ago I made Peanut Butter Baklava and that rocked my world (yours too, y’all love it). Ever since then I’ve been itching to make another version.

Enter: Pecan Pie + Baklava. The ultimate Dessert Mash-Up!

This baklava has layers of phyllo dough that are sandwiched with tons of pecans and butter. If you’ve never worked with phyllo before, don’t be scared. Just make sure to keep it damp while you’re working with it because it dries out fast. I keep it covered with plastic wrap and a damp kitchen towel.

Also? The path to baklava success is paved with butter. Lots and lots of melted butter! It’s brushed in the pan and between each layer of phyllo.

Then, once it’s baked, you pour a sweet syrup over the top. Traditionally, baklava syrup is made with sugar, water, and honey. To get the pecan pie flavor, I substituted dark corn syrup for the honey and voila: Pecan Pie Baklava.

This dessert is a little gooier than a traditional baklava, but that’s what I was going for. Pecan pie is gooey and sweet…and so is this.

If you want a non-traditional pecan pie this year at Thanksgiving or Christmas…make this. It’s totally worth it.

Pecan Pie Baklava has layers of flaky phyllo with pecans, butter, and a pecan pie flavored syrup!

I wonder what a toy version of baklava would cost at American Girl? Since breakfast over there costs $58…I don’t even want to know.

Did you make this recipe?

Pecan Pie Baklava

Take a pecan pie and make it into a flaky baklava treat! Layers of flaky phyllo dough are sandwiched with pecans and a sweet syrup reminiscent of pecan pie!


  • 1/2 pack Phyllo Dough (1 roll from a 2 roll box), defrosted
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted
  • 2 cups finely chopped pecans
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup dark corn syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Assemble your ingredients before you start. Place melted butter in a bowl and have a pastry brush for brushing it on the phyllo. Place nuts in a bowl near your work surface.
  2. Preheat oven to 350°F. Thoroughly butter your 9×9” pan using a pastry brush. Unwrap your roll of phyllo dough onto a cutting board and cut it in half, so it will fit in your pan. Cover the phyllo dough with a layer of plastic wrap and place a damp kitchen towel over the top.
  3. Brush the top sheet of phyllo with melted butter. Grab it and the sheet below it (so you have two sheets) and place them, butter side down, in the pan. Repeat two more times, so you have 6 sheets of phyllo in the pan. Cover the phyllo with the plastic/damp towel.
  4. Sprinkle with pecans.
  5. Butter another phyllo sheet and grab the one below it (so you have two sheets) and place them, butter side down, on top the pecans. Sprinkle with pecans. Repeat this about 4 more times, or until you are out of pecans.
  6. Butter another phyllo sheet and grab the one below it (so you have two sheets) and place them, butter side down, on top the last pecan layer. Repeat this two times, so you have 6 layers on top of your last pecan layer. Butter the top of the baklava.
  7. Using a sharp knife, cut your baklava into squares, being sure to cut all the way though all the layers. You can cut squares or diamonds, whatever you like.
  8. Bake about 30-40 minutes, until the baklava is golden brown.
  9. While the baklava is baking, heat the water, sugar, dark corn syrup, and vanilla in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to lowest setting until the baklava comes out of the oven.
  10. When the baklava comes out of the oven, pour the corn syrup mixture over the top, being sure to get it in all the cuts. Let cool completely, uncovered, for several hours.
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  1. Those dolls. It’s so over the top! I can’t deal. The catalogs come and I hide them from my daughters. This baklava is also over the top, but in a totally awesome way. I’d have to hide it from myself or pull out the stretchy pants!

    • I kind of wish I’d never given her the catalogue!!! 🙂

      • Loved the American Girl dolls.  My daughter, now 21, would look through the catalogs and get all misty.  We decided it would be more fun if we worked together to make the necessary stuff.  We sewed sleeping bags, constructed a tent, and made so many other things.  It was a great learning experience as well as bonding.  Soon, my daughter will be graduating college with a degree in mechanical engineering!  I like to think our improvising helped make her career decision.  

      • Jordan loves making rooms and stuff for them. Maybe it’ll steer her job choice! 🙂

  2. This is great!  You know whats funny?  I was going back and forth between making a pecan pie baklava and sweet potato pie baklava for the blog.  It was driving me crazy.  Ultimately I settled on Sweet Potato Pie baklava which I posted last night.  It must have been in the stars, because I get online this morning and see your beautiful Pecan Pie Baklava!  Our baklavas should get together! 🙂

  3. The best ever!!! Love this, looks amazing and delicious, you nailed this dessert mashup!!! Pinned! x 

  4. Oh my goodness, I’m drooling right now! I bet this is so tasty. Thanks for sharing. 

  5. It almost makes me thankful that my boys arent into that… until I’m left dropping $100 on spiderman products…. this baklava though, looks amazing! I need this in my life this holiday season! Mmmmm perfection.

  6. I have two little girls who would love American Girl Dolls like their cousins but I have had to say no. I just can’t afford them x2! I agree though they look great, so much better then some of the creepy dolls on the market! 

    I have never attempted to make Baklava myself, but this pecan pie version has inspired me to possibly give it a go! It looks amazing!!!  umnum! 

  7. I was just thinking that I don’t feel like a traditional pecan pie if it’s just the two of us.  This could be fun!  
    I would hate to encourage any 9 year old girl that she’s “too old for dolls” because I probably got dolls for Christmas until I was 11 or so.  However, think about cost per use: it goes with age, right??
    I never got an American Doll.  Maybe I’m still bitter. 

    • That is why she gets all the things. I never got one, so I go overboard for her! And I always encourage it because if she’s 9 (or 10 or 11) and still playing with dolls she’s not thinking of…other things. 🙂

  8. This looks absolutely insane!  So sweet and gooey – what a great dessert mashup!  And seeing what those American Girl dolls cost, I’m pretty glad that my daughter isn’t into dolls!  Yikes, that’s crazy!

  9. American girl dolls should be a price that all Americans can afford, in my opinion. Otherwise, they should be called snooty rich girl dolls. 
    This baklava is out of this world, Dorothy. That gooey filling is killing me. I NEED this in my life!

  10. Pecan pie baklava?? Yes, please! That looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. My parents refused to get me an American Girl doll when I was little, so I saved up my allowance for months and months until I could afford one. To this day, I still won’t give away that doll, because I remember how proud and happy I was when I finally got her. They *are* ridiculously priced, though…and who on earth shells out $300 for a doll’s ice cream parlor?!

  11. “that doesn’t look like it’s going to murder me in the night.” HAHAHA I read your post around 5am. It was enough to make me start giggling. I agree with you too. I get those doll catalogs and they go straight in the thrash. It is ridiculous how much the doll clothes are, I mean I can buy cheaper clothes for me! 😛

    And Dorothy, this post… OMG. Not only do I love baklava…but this has to be one of your finest photo sessions. The details your really picked up in the image.

  12. This Baklava looks heavenly!!  I know what you mean about those American Girl Dolls.  Luckily my dughter is happy with the experience of going to the store and buying a few little things.  She doesn’t normally ask for the full sized doll

  13. Your PB Baklava is what inspired me to make some. It has always been one of those pics I see on Pinterest and even 2 yrs later, EVERY TIME I see it, I want it 🙂 And now…I want this! Pinned 🙂

  14. hohohoho. My professor and I were just discussing baklava–we are super-fans! I’m also a super-fan of pecan pie though, so you know where this recipe is going: right into the recipe box! Great share, Dorothy!

  15. You seriously are the queen of dessert mash ups. I was just reminiscing about the pumpkin baklava bars I made a year or two ago and now you make these! Must have.

  16. A natural progression for both desserts that equals a greater sum than its parts. See? It’s mathematically proven that this is delicious. 🙂 

  17. I just LOVE what you have done with pecan pie this time! Even if it is a $60 breakfast 🙂

  18. Wow this looks amazing! The pics make me want to lick my screen.

  19. Delicious! I’m seriously reaching out to the screen for a piece, and I just had some dessert. Love!

  20. I’m so glad Haley isn’t interested in (or hasn’t discovered yet!) the American Dolls. I can barely afford her shoes obsession. As for this baklava – I have a friend who is obsessed with pecans. So I’m going to make these for her!

  21. I only have one pair of yoga pants and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately because of cookies and now this. I think I need more yoga pants. LOL. LOVE this and definitely going to try it. All I need to pick up are some more pecans!

  22. I’m going to skip all the way down the butter paved road and straight to these little treats! OMG!

  23. My cousin sent me an article that was about 90’s American Girl dolls being sold for thousands and it blew my mind!  Just look at it this way, it may be an investment 😉 haha.

  24. Hi,for delicious test try the cinnamon stick for the  sweet syrup instead of the vanilla,it will give a pleasant aroma.

  25. You might want to re think that doll idea (ulterior motives!!). I read on Buzz feed the other day that the retired ones are raking in the big bucks. For more dessert ingredients to make this delicious combination! So unique! Pinned!

  26. I was just thinking about Blaklava today, and how I should make some again soon, and then I saw your post…I love pecan pie and Baklava and what could be better than combining them together?! Delicious! 🙂

  27. I’m not a huge fan of traditional baklava and I’m Greek!  I would take this gooey pecan version over walnuts and honey any day.  Great idea!

  28. We don’t have American Girl dolls in this house, (yet) but we spend our fair share on “pretties” and “heel highs” 😉  This looks delicious, pinned!

  29. The AG doll accessories are ridiculously priced (crutches that are more expensive than human girl crutches???), so I toss the catalogues directly into the recycling bin when they arrive in the mail!  I wish o had invented that stuff, though!  Your baklava looks so scrumptious and moist!

  30. Your baklava is just the answer to something new for Christmas. Thank you. About american girl dolls one is enough price wise, but they out last other dolls with their amazing hair. The clothes on the other hand is oh my. I learned to sew and to
     make their shoes and their just as happy.The accessories for cheap dolls fit american girl too. We go through the catologue and pick out thing to make or look for from other dolls.

  31. Okay…so I just laughed out loud through your whole post! (Thanks for starting my day off right) We’re out of the American Girl stage here and we got out pretty well considering my daughter never got too interested in the dolls after her bitty baby (though she loved the books)…so that, some clothes and a few pets and pet accessories later and we were done. We did eat lunch there a few times and that was fun for all, but I haven’t kept up with the insanity that you have now shared! As a former merchant, I know how much that stuff actually costs to make…I can’t believe the retail price they’re selling it for! Ca-raazy!

  32. I am going to feel really bad for putting on my yoga pants right now. Just looking at these amazing pictures made me gain 10 pounds. But WOW does that look amazing. Can’t wait to test out my something new for Thanksgiving

  33. This is calling my name!

  34. OMG!  I don’t own a pair of yoga pants, but certainly will need a pair if you keep on going (please do!) with these decadent deserts!
    Now then, the American girl thing…I feel your pain, and remember it well, BUT, now that I’m a Gramma, I don’t say no to those beautiful faces!

  35. I bought all my American Girl Dolls-I had some sort of bank account full of various monies (which didn’t add up to much more than I ended up spending on the dolls) from when I was a baby or something and all of my dolls came out of that (I had Kirsten, Samantha, and Josephina). It’s funny how perspective can be–when I was little and saw all those extravagant sets I just knew I WANTED THEM (I didn’t get ’em…but I wanted them) but yeah…that amount of money…for dolls…eeeeee no.

    Anyway. Baklava. SO FLAKY! and it is a match made in heaven with pecan pie-love that you thought to merge the 2!

  36. This looks absolutely amazing! I realize this must be a super question because I read through all the comments and absolutely nobody else asked it. Anywaaay…when you say ‘vanilla’ do you mean essence, paste or pods?
    Thank you for all the great recipes! I’ve made a bunch of them and they’re always so so tasty.

  37. Can I just say how glad I am that my daughter has passed the AG doll phase!?! She has 2 plus the Bitty Baby (thank you Grandma) and one doll bed plus a bunch of clothes! It is ridiculous how much that stuff costs! Although I must say I agree that these dolls aren’t the creepy kind that look like they will come alive and murder you in your sleep! Yikes! Ok, seriously I need baklava…I have never ever had it. And I want this pecan pie version so bad!!!

  38. This is my kind of baklava!! I seriously want the whole pan! Yum!

    And yes, AG is insane. My nieces got dolls a couple years ago so we went and got them that table and chairs and a dog wash station and all kinds of stuff! They played with it all on christmas and then I think never again. So sad. 🙁

  39. I love baklava, but rarely make it! This one looks amazing and I should make some soon! I prefer making mine with pecans, instead of walnuts, too! Pinned!

  40. Ooh I’m so making this! I just happen to have half a box of Phyllo dough in my freezer right now and was wondering what to do with it. 

  41. 1 – be good to the American Dolls, they are collectors items. the collector of Barbie dolls, is not richer than beyond his wildest dreams.
    2 – a set of Snow White and The Dwarfs toys i had as a baby, is now worth over $1mil.
    3 – i have a collection of comic books, McDonald’s toys (yes McDonald’s toys and cereal box toys are collectors items), Disney and Winnie The Pooh toys, and other memorabilia i am saving for my retirement. dont laugh, my Simpson’s/Kiss comic book is worth over $5k now.
    4 – Thank you so much for the recipe, i lurve Baklava, but i cant make it. i have to find someone that can cook it for me!

  42. oh it’s perfect .I like it very much 🙂

  43. I’ve never made baklava but have a significant other who’s two favorite desserts are pecan pie and baklava so this looks perfect. Although the recipe looks slightly confusing. Do you think you would ever consider making a video of you making it? Nothing fancy just enough to get the general gist. The part that’s confusing me is the phyllo layering. Thanks a million and can’t wait to try it! 🙂 

  44. Yup.  People like that exist.  My spouse works for AG in their call center.  They sound like… delightful people.

  45. I might have missed this in the comments- but will this freeze well and do you have any suggestions when doing so? Thanks!

  46. Agree that these dolls aren’t the creepy kind that look like they will come alive and murder

  47. Found your recipe on Pinterest and after days of reading through other baklava posts, I’ve decided that today is the day I’m making your variation! I’m not a huge fan of all that honey in the original baklava, and here in Louisiana pecan pie is a Southern staple! I think it will be a great finish to our traditional crawfish boil for Good Friday tomorrow!

  48. Oh I just had to laugh and laugh when I read the bit about the AG dolls. I received my first doll when I was 6 or 7 and from there on out I was obsessed! Every ounce of allowance money went to American Girl. My sister and I saved, pushed the catalog in front of our mom to call and make our orders, and then we would wait for the beloved UPS truck. WELL I’m well into my 20’s and my mother reminds me sometime I should pick up all my doll stuff (where would I store all of it?!). I think the final tally is 11 dolls, 2 tubs of clothes, and quite a bit of furniture! But you know what? I absolutely love them, and I think I have Christmas presents for my daughters and nieces for the next 10 years! My mom’s a sewer so lots of clothes were homemade. I also learned how to sew by sewing doll clothes. My dad and brother would build us furniture. Gosh, I remember my brother made a doll sized stove out of parts from an old microwave! (Don’t worry, it didn’t actually work.) 

    Also, pecan pie + baklava = yowza! Brilliant. 

    • I’m so glad the post brought back memories for you! That’s what I love about this blog, the remembering of memories. 🙂 And my mom is constantly doing that too (“Do you want this or that or ???”) and I’m all MY HOUSE IS FULL!

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