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Gooey Caramel Pull-Aparts {12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters’ Stuff}

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I can’t even deal with these photos. I want to lick my screen even though I have this whole platter of caramel pull-aparts in my kitchen. This breakfast is monkey bread on steroids, that’s for sure. And it’s going to be your new favorite, I promise you!

Gooey Caramel Pull-Aparts are perfect for holiday breakfast or brunch! I love this recipe from the 12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters' Stuff!

So, Jordan walked into my kitchen this afternoon and her head exploded.

{Not literally. I mean, if that happened literally I probably wouldn’t be here….obviously.}

I mean she saw this plate and shrieked “MONKEY BREAD! IS IT CHRISTMAS?” and I had to break it to her that it was not Christmas and there were no presents. Also that there was no monkey bread to which she looked at me like I had two heads.

This gooey, doughy concoction is a Caramel Pull-Apart. But we can also call it Monkey Bread because, um, it’s both. Or, rather Monkey Bread is also a Pull-Apart. Like soda and pop. Which one is it? It’s so confusing.

I’m rambling now. It’s the drool, I can’t help it. I mean…just look!

Gooey Caramel Pull-Aparts are perfect for holiday breakfast or brunch!

This recipe comes from my very good friends over at Six Sisters’ Stuff. You know about them, right? They have an amazing blog and I’ve been reading them for years. Their blog is full of yummy recipes, fun crafts, home decor, family ideas and so much more. And they’ve written another cookbook!

The newest book, 12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters’ Stuff, is full of recipes, DIY decorations, homemade gift ideas, crafts, and party ideas that are all perfect for the holiday season. And also in the book? This amazing Gooey Caramel Pull-Apart Recipe!

Caramel Pull Aparts (7 of 12)

If you’ve been here any length of time, you’ll know that Jordan expects monkey bread every Christmas morning. That girl is all about her traditions…and to her once is a tradition. We had monkey bread for breakfast on Christmas when she was 2. And she’s demanded it every year since.

{Last year I begged to make cinnamon rolls. She threw such a fit I ended up making monkey bread AND cinnamon rolls. Guess what she expects this year?}

When I saw this recipe I immediately knew it was the first recipe I was going to make from the 12 Days of Christmas book. It’s such an easy recipe and it’s so, so good.

Can I tell you a secret? I liked this more than my traditional monkey bread!

Gooey Caramel Pull-Aparts are perfect for holiday breakfast or brunch!

The recipe starts with frozen dinner rolls – the kind you let unfreeze, rise, and then bake. I used Rhodes dinner rolls, since that’s what they carry at my grocery store. You let the rolls just defrost, then you cut them up and make the pan of pull-aparts. Then you have to let the rolls rise for bout 8 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

Two things about that:

  1. I didn’t want to wait 8 hours because, if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t read the recipe all the way through before I started. BAD FOOD BLOGGER. But, I was also baking other things the day I made this, so my oven was on and my kitchen was warm. I made the pan of pull-aparts and left it on the stovetop and, from the heat of the oven, the rolls rose in about an hour.
  2. If you want to skip the rising time altogether, I’m almost positive you can substitute Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits for the dinner rolls. I put a note in the recipe about this but it would just need to be assembled and baked, no rising time.

The secret to this caramel pull-apart? Pudding mix!

I swear, pudding mix is the magical ingredient in everything. It makes cookies moist, it adds flavor to milkshakes and ice cream, and now it has a home in breakfast. The recipe calls for butterscotch cook-n-serve pudding. Be sure not to grab instant! The pudding gives the caramel on top a rich golden color as well as so much flavor!

Want to make chocolate pull-aparts? Use chocolate pudding. Banana? Use banana! Vanilla? … You get the idea. 🙂

My favorite thing about this monkey bread is that, unlike traditional monkey breads where the roll pieces are rolled in cinnamon sugar, these aren’t. That makes the end result sweet but not head-rush-hurt-your-gums sweet. The caramel and the bread and the nuts combine to make the perfect breakfast treat. Make this for Christmas…or just because you need it.

I mean, don’t the photos make you want it bad?

Gooey Caramel Pull Aparts for breakfast or brunch!

Sigh. I’m heading back into the kitchen now. Darn you gooey pull-aparts!

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Servings: 10 servings

Gooey Caramel Pull-Aparts

Prep Time:
10 hrs 30 mins
Cook Time:
30 mins
Total Time:
11 hrs
This recipe is going to be your favorite fancy breakfast! Easy frozen dinner rolls are transformed into a gooey caramel pecan monkey bread!


  • 16 frozen dinner rolls — such as Rhodes
  • 1 3.5 ounce cook-and-serve butterscotch pudding (NOT instant!)
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter — melted


  1. Thaw frozen rolls until they are just thawed (not risen), about 1-2 hours.
  2. Use kitchen shears to cut each roll into 6 pieces.
  3. Coat a bundt pan with nonstick cooking spray. Sprinkle all of the nuts in the bottom of the pan. Place half of the roll pieces over the nuts. Sprinkle half of the pudding mix over the rolls. Stir together melted butter and brown sugar in a small bowl. Pour half over the pudding mix. Top with remaining rolls, pudding mix, and sugar-butter mixture.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap coated with nonstick cooking spray and let rise overnight, or at least 8 hours. (NOTE: I sped up the rising process by placing the pan on top of my stove. The oven was running baking other things, and the rolls rose in about 1 hour. I suggest making these the night before and refrigerating them until morning. Let them come to room temperature while the oven is preheating, then bake as directed.)
  5. Preheat oven to 350°F. Bake rolls for 30-35 minutes until the top is somewhat firm and the center is soft but not gooey-soft. Cool no longer than 5 minutes, then turn pan over on serving dish. Enjoy warm right from the oven!

Click HERE for more Pillsbury Dough Recipes! 

Check out the 12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters’ Stuff on Amazon today! It has everything you need for the perfect holiday.

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  1. OMG! This looks AMAZING! You just got me in Christmas mood with this post! Pinning!

  2. Monkey bread on steroids sounds like the perfect treat to me! 🙂 This looks like the most delicious monkey bread that I’ve seen! I actually don’t associate this with Christmas, as I will make this anytime. Which is good, because I’m definitely making this soon! Amazing, Dorothy!

  3. I love monkey bread! It is totally our Christmas tradition as well 🙂 Christmas morning isn’t the same without my mama’s homemade monkey bread 🙂 And I love how gooey and caramely yours look! Omg – want to reach out a grab a piece now!! Pinned 🙂

  4. Oh my word this looks incredible. And your photos are stunning!!!!

  5. Can you believe I’ve only had monkey bread once in my life!? Crazy, I know. This one looks so sticky sweet. I gotta have some. Maybe I can start an early October tradition… Pinned!

  6. I LOVE monkey bread! And not even just at Christmas time 🙂 I’m horrible for not reading recipes all the way through before starting, so I usually find out about half way through that I only have half of the ingredients. Luckily, these turned out amazing! Looks like an awesome collection!

  7. So fun!! That texture is incredible! I have always wondered what the difference was between monkey bread and pull-apart bread too! Either way, I’m happy to eat them ALL! 🙂 

  8. I love this recipe and all the variations!! Your pics are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

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  12. Oooooooh, gorgeous! And it seriously looks delish. I just got this book in the mail yesterday, and I can’t wait to dig in! And yes– pudding mix makes everything so much better!

  13. This is so great, love the pictures and can’t wait to try this over the holidays!

  14. I wish I lived closer to you. I would probably creep you out knocking at your door asking for that incredibly looking cake! hahaha

  15. Oh goodness, I totally want to lick my screen, too! Also, I LOVE using pudding mixes in recipe, too!

  16. We have Monkey bread every year on Christmas morning. I cannot think  about it without thinking about PJs, hot chocolate, stockings and presents. Such good thoughts!

  17. Wow!! These look amazing! Beautiful photos!

  18. Yes, these photos DO make me want this pull apart bread right NOW!!  In fact, even though your pictures have always been gorgeous Dorothy, I feel like lately there is something extra special beautiful and 3-D ish about your photos that just really make them pop.  Maybe it’s the new site lay out.  Whatever it is….keep them coming!!  🙂

  19. Just gorgeous!!! Pinned!! I put a monkey-pullapart bread in my latest cookbook but it’s totally scratch…I am loving the Rhodes idea 🙂 What a timesaver! And I mean once it’s drenched in that amazing caramel sauce, who cares what dough was used, right!! 🙂

  20. I’m a firm believer that few things are better than melted caramel goodness surrounding warm bread. ^^^ dying! Need to try this, for real. Pinned!

  21. This looks phenomenal!!! I’m drooling right there with you. And I know what you mean about some people latching onto one-time things as tradition – I made the mistake of baking my boyfriend two birthday cakes once, a week apart, and now every birthday is a two-cake affair!

  22. all I can say is WOW
    Christmas morning will never be the same

  23. Wow!  The photos were so great, it seemed as if it were real, sitting right in front of me.  But, alas, no.

  24. Gooey fabulousnes! Love the Six Sisters! Your photos are gorgeous here Dorothy – so crisp! Pinned!

  25. Holy flying monkeys, I think my heart just skipped a beat! This looks so gooey and amazing! Totally drooling over that caramel and with frozen Rhodes bread too? Genius!! Gorgeous photos too – pinned 🙂 

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  27. This looks super yummy! Can’t wait to try it.

  28. That looks perfect! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had monkey bread. Definitely needs to go on the to-make list.
    Have a marvelous weekend!

  29. I have made these for years for my 6th grade Sunday School class.  I make them the night before – put the frozen rolls in a tub or bundt pan, mix the dry ingredients together and sprinkle over the rolls, then cut up the butter into small pieces and randomly “dot” them over the top.  Cover with a towel and let rise overnight.  They are ready to go in the oven first thing.

  30. I would totally violate that if I walked into my kitchen and it was waiting for me. *cries*

  31. Wow, those pics make me want to eat my screen. Wish I was there. YUM! 🙂

  32. WOW!! You sure did that recipe justice – it looks absolutely mouth-watering!! And now that’s all I want for breakfast tomorrow 🙂 Pinned!!

  33. I have always wanted to make monkey/pull apart bread but have always been too intimidated by the recipe! Thanks for sharing this delicious gooey caramel pull apart bread Dorothy, you definitely have inspired me to give the recipe a go and have more faith in my baking ability!

  34. I was wondering what your regular Monkey Bread recipe was? Where can I find it? I pinned this to make this Christmas, but we’ll try it out before that. Thanks! 

  35. bahahaaaa my brother and I are really into traditions so I get it Jordan! (although this year everything is changingggg. For the first time ever I’m not waking up Christmas morning at my mom’s house with her and my brother :()

    and omigoshhhh this pull apart bread!!! CARAMEL GOOEY GOODNESS!

  36. Beautiful dish!  I would make this to go with a yummy bowl of chili!

  37. My mom makes this every year on Christmas morning, although I’m determined to compare recipes because I swear yours looks gooey-er! (Shhhh.) Your pictures of this are unbelievable.

  38. I’m confused by this I made it as directions but used canned biscuits So I didn’t have to mess with the rising.  It didn’t turn out a gooey wonderful creation. It was dry and powdery. Do I need to make the pudding and then add it to the  biscuits? 

    • No, I just used the powder. That’s so strange! Maybe you needed more butter? I followed the recipe to a T from the book…so I’m not sure what could have happened. Chances are more butter was needed for some reason. Were you using regular butter or margarine maybe?

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