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Marshmallow Whipped Cream

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This Marshmallow Whipped Cream is more than just whipped cream. It’s a dip, a pancake topping, a frosting, and something you hide in the back of the refrigerator so you can eat it with a spoon and not have to share.

Marshmallow Whipped Cream - an easy recipe with just 3 ingredients! It's the perfect fruit dip or topping for pancakes or cake!

Something BIG happened in Hawaii last week: I put my head under water 3 times!

Right now you’re thinking, okaaaaaay…isn’t that what one does at the beach? Me? No. At the beach (or pool) I normally park my bottom on a chaise lounge and read a book. In fact, I spent 7 hours one day doing just that while Mel and Jordan swam.

If you remember, I don’t like submerging my head under water. People think I’m weird, but I always end up with water in my ears and up my nose that gets infected. I even have trouble when I get my hair colored, so it’s a thing. On this trip I took one for the team and I snorkeled and surfed.

Both of those things? Involve getting water (and sand) everywhere, in case you were wondering.

I’m now paying the price for those experiences (hello, swimmer’s ear induced vertigo) but it was totally worth it.

Marshmallow Whipped Cream - an easy recipe with just 3 ingredients! It's the perfect fruit dip!

The other thing I’m paying the price for? Overindulgence.

For me, sightseeing is not complete without trying all the food that a place has to offer. My list of must-eateries in Maui was long…and we worked our way through most of them. (Full list coming soon!)

One of my favorite places to eat was The Gazebo in the Napili Beach area. I’d heard wonderful things about their pancakes and fried rice, so that’s what I ordered, and I demolished them. You would have too, see how good they looked?

When you look at that photo, you’ll notice a huge gob of what looks like butter on top of the pancakes. You guys, it wasn’t butter. It’s The Gazebo’s “secret” pancake topping.

I tasted a bite and guess what it tasted like? Marshmallow Whipped Cream! OMG you guys, I just wanted a whole bowl of that for breakfast. The pancakes were awesome too (copycat coming next week) but the fluffy cream on top? OMG.

Obviously it was the first thing I made when I got home. And I’m serving it in a bowl, like it was supposed to be served.

Marshmallow Whipped Cream - an easy recipe with just 3 ingredients! It's the perfect fruit dip or topping for pancakes or cake!

This is a super simple recipe with only 3 ingredients: heavy whipping cream, marshmallow fluff, and vanilla extract. You simply beat the cream halfway to whipped cream (soft peaks) then add the fluff and whip until it’s a bit stiffer. The end result is a soft and fluffy marshmallow whipped cream!

This whipped cream is not as stiff as normal whipped cream, but it’s the perfect topping for pie, cake, ice cream, or pancakes. But I like to use it how I think it was originally intended: as a dip. For a spoon.

Or fruit, if you want to make it all healthy and stuff. But where’s the fun in that?

Marshmallow Whipped Cream - an easy recipe with just 3 ingredients! It's the perfect sweet dip recipe!

Dipping Oreos in marshmallow fluff whipped cream is so much better. Don’t you think?

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Servings: 2 cups

Marshmallow Whipped Cream

Total Time:
5 mins
This Marshmallow Whipped Cream is the perfect dip for fruit or cookies and it's the perfect topping for pancakes, cake, brownies, pie, and ice cream!


  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream — cold
  • 1 jar — 7 ounces Marshmallow Fluff or Marshmallow Cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Beat cold heavy whipping cream on high speed using a stand mixer or hand mixer. Beat until soft peaks form (the whipped cream has thickened slightly but does not stand up on its own). Add the marshmallow cream/fluff and vanilla and continue whipping on high speed, scraping down the sides of the mixer as needed, until a loose whipped cream forms. The end result will be stiffer than soft peaks but not all the way to a hard peak.
  2. Use as a dip for fruit or crackers or as a topping for pancakes, pie, brownies, ice cream, or cake.

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  1. I would definitely be hiding this in the back of my fridge so that I would’ve have to share! This looks amazing, Dorothy! I love the sound of marshmallow whipped cream. And it’s totally acceptable to use it on anything and everything! Yum!

  2. That whole infection/vertigo thing happens to my mom. It got really bad once and she had to lie still for a couple of days, so now she’s afraid of the head under water too. So I’m doubly proud of you for handling that! And I saw the surfing pic on FB, which means I’m beyond impressed!
    Good for eating everything you could! You won’t be back there soon, so seize the  day. And I would do the same with this whipped cream. It looks so much better than the plain kind!

  3. Marshmallow whipped cream is heavenly. Dorothy, you totally should use this to make a copycat S’mores Frappuccino! <3 Someday, I'll make my way out to Hawaii as well as California. I need all of this whip!

  4. I love swimming in the sea but put me in a swimming pool and I will just scream! The sea is so relaxing and fresh, especially on a hot sunny day. This whipped cream is genius, so easy but so delicious. It would be amazing on cinnamon rolls… 😉 

  5. I am so glad you had a blast on your vacay, and indulged! Because that is what vacays are ALL about, and you deserved it lady!
    AND, this amazing creation came out of it. So, there’s that! Pinned!

  6. It sounds like you had loads of fun on your vacation! This marshmallow cream is certainly a great way to wind down after traveling. It looks so light and delightful!

  7. Oh dear. I should not have read this right before lunch because now all I want to do is eat this marshmallow whipped cream instead of what I brought to work. AHHH! 🙂

  8. I have come to conclusion that I am going to have to stop checking your site every few days. You keep posting amazing looking dishes and I want to make them all.I can feel my waist growing just looking at your pictures. Can wait to whip this up soon and spoon mouthfuls until it`s gone.

  9. This looks mouthwateringly delicious! I would love this with a s’mores dessert or just on it’s own!

  10. I would totally eat all of this with a spoon! I love marshmallow creme and this looks even better! Congrats on getting in the water and I hope you get to feeling better!

  11. I am so glad you had so much fun on your vacation, and I’m so proud of you for getting in the water even though you knew the consequences!  And this dip is awesome!  I actually make the same thing only with Cool Whip and fluff and use it on cakes…why have I never thought of it as a dip before?  I made a peanut butter cake this past weekend with this on top…and oh, my word!  Seriously so good!  Now I need to do it as a dip too!!!!  Yum!

  12. I am not good in water at all. It makes me super nervous! I don’t care that I am a grown woman, give me a life jacket and I am happy!! 🙂 And this whipped cream – YUM!

  13. Your vacation sounds wonderful and I’m so happy for you…I mean how could it not be when you’re eating heavy cream and fluff for breakfast 🙂 OMG!!!! And so proud of you that you got out there with Mel & Jordan! I saw your FB pics and you look like a pro!

  14. Sounds like a fun trip to Hawaii! The texture of this looks so creamy!

  15. WOW, this looks to die for, i am so, so sorry about the Vertigo problem, i am going through the same, over a month now but not because of water, even though it feels like my left ear is water logged.Going to an E.N.& T. next mon. really need to find out what is going on.Hope this clears up for you soon, you look much to young to be having these problems. Thank you for the awesome recipe,i do indeed love your site.

    Take care and God bless 🙂

    • I’m sorry you’re having trouble Mary! It really sucks. I know that when I first had the problem last summer it was allergies. The doc gave me a nose spray and using that and sudafed it helped so much. Whenever my ears get loaded up it knocks me off balance. The chiro told me last week (I go to her for a hip problem/alignment) that if you massage right below your earlobes, behind the point of your jawbone it helps empty your ears. Use your index fingers and find the area – it’s where it’s sensitive, hurts when you push on it – and massage it gently. If you’re doing it in the right spot you should end up swallowing stuff. It really does help clear them out!

  16. Now this is definitely my kind of dip!  This would be perfect on just about anything or with just a spoon.  Can’t wait to see your pancake recipe too!

  17. I am flipping out right now! This is too good! 

  18. Neveer made a recipe quite like this before Dorothy! I always pick up such unique and delicious ideas everytime I visit Crazy for Crust.

  19. Oh yum, that looks terrific.  And I don’t even love marshmallow so you know it looks great!  🙂  Can’t wait for your list of the best places to eat in Maui – I’m heading there for the first time in November!  

  20. And here I thought that whipped cream couldn’t get any better! I will be putting this on everything!

  21. I love it how we let go of our inhibitions when we are on vacation. .  that’s what vacation is for!!! I love it! and love this marshmallow whipped cream . . YES!!!

  22. Oh man, I would so eat this just with a spoon! How divine!!

  23. Something I recently discovered after having the pool put in…NONE of my friends like to get in the water. So, you are not alone. WTH?? I could live in the water. Sigh. Pass me some of this cream. And a giant spoon. STAT.

  24. Yay for swimming, but the swimmer’s ear stinks! I had vertigo several years ago and it had something to do with these crystals in my ear. Super strange! The only thing my doc had for me was motion sickness medicine and told me it could last for weeks, but I followed some tutorial online that involved laying on my table and turning and sitting up or something. Again, strange but it actually worked. I hope yours clears up soon! Oh and the marshmallow whipped cream looks dangerously good!

  25. Somebody pass me a spoon — I really don’t need any dippers!  This looks delicious, Dorothy!

  26. I love how versatile this marshmallow whipped cream is. I bet it would taste great on some chocolate chip pancakes.

  27. This is delicious, Dorothy! I made yesterday for a family picnic and it was inhaled. Me? … I just ate with a spoon … didn’t need any stinkin’ fruit! Thanks for supplying my go-to for the summer. Happy 4th!

  28. eeee Hawaii, how fun!!

    I loooove being in and under the water so I can’t fully relate but that sucks that you then get swimmer’s ear and such! 🙁 I’m glad you had fun, though!

    and ooooh this whipped cream looks so simple and ridiculously delicious!

  29. I made this to go on top of the s’mores pie, instead of actual marshmallows, and it was fantastic!  If I were to make this combo again, I would make half again as much marshmallow whipped cream because the ganache part really needs to be a smaller ratio, but I cannot recommend this variation on whipped cream enough.  It is delicious.  

  30. Does this get watery when u make it as a frosting???

  31. Does this get watery used as a frosting?

  32. Would it be possible to also toast this whipped cream in the broiler for the sake of making it toasted marshmallow flavor? Or does it sound like a disaster that shall be avoided?

    • Hi Sandra! I don’t think that would work because even though there is marshmallow in there, it’s still whipped cream. If you want the toasted thing, I’d go with a meringue. Or you can try toasting the marshmallow cream before mixing it in, but I’ve never tried that.

      • Thank you very much for the forewarning, Dorothy! I will definitely consider toasting the marshmallow cream before mixing with the whipped cream.

  33. Hi Dorothy, I hope your still checking your comments now and then.  Today of course is the 4th of July and I bought a lot of fruit and wanted the fruit dip in the worst way.  So I checked Pinterest and found a few but the one I tasted a while back did not have Cream Cheese in it, it didn’t taste cheesy (woman did not want to give me the recipe) and I’m talking over 5 years ago.  So I’m so lucky I found yours, this seems to be the recipe, very light, no cream cheese.  Some others put in Conf. Sugar, but I am going to make yours after I’m done typing.  

    Talk about vertigo and hating your head under water.  I hate swimming, like to lay on a raft but will never swim.  I have Benign Positional Vertigo for more than 8 years now.  An ENT doctor did some type of procedure and it worked for a while, but when my allergies start up or when I hang my head down (while gardening) it starts acting up slowly all over again.  I have got to the point where the throwing up lasted for hours.  I have fell down to the ground because of being so dizzy.  I had to retire because it happened to me so many times and it takes its toll on me.  Since I stopped working its been less and less.  

    Thank you for your recipe, I know this is the one that I want and can’t wait to taste it.  

    • Oh my gosh I’m so sorry to hear about your vertigo. That’s horrible! Allergies and hanging your head down, totally sounds like me. My allergies are fierce right now, and I swam again this year in Hawaii and it’s threatening to come back. I’m upping the sudafed until I dry out!

  34. Will it hold up for topping pies if I make it the day before the holiday?

  35. I made this to top hot chocolate, and it was ridiculously delicious. Fluffy, rich, sweet, and creamy, it was positively perfect!

  36. I tasted it after I was done and it was yummy. I did add 2 things after tasting only because it was sweet and I felt needed a little something to enhance it. I added a pinch of fine (table)salt and a teaspoon of melted but cooled real butter. Whipped it back up on high. Wow if I could have I would have consumed the whole thing.
    Thank you!

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