Nov 26

White Chocolate Lemon Bars

These White Chocolate Lemon Bars will be the hit of your holiday platter!

White Chocolate Lemon Bars | crazyforcrust.com

As you probably know, I am in loooooove with lemon. Love it like I want to marry it. For many years I *thought* I hated lemon desserts, but boy am I glad I realized I was wrong.

Lemon desserts rock.

Sometimes I feel like a rich, indulgent, chocolate dessert. Sometimes I crave peanut butter. And often times I just crave citrus. I want that sweet and tart flavor and I want it baaaaad. These bars? These white chocolate lemon bars are for one of those times.

I love these. Love them like I want to marry them.

White Chocolate Lemon Bars | crazyforcrust.com

When trying to decide what my next crust concoction should be, I realized I didn’t have a basic lemon bar on my site. I have lots of lemon recipes – but no classic lemon bars.

Now I do.

Lemon bars traditionally have a shortbread crust, but I did these one better. They have a pecan shortbread crust, made from Pecan Sandie cookies. You know the ones, right? Shortbread with flecks of pecans inside? You can use name brand or generic. I think that crust makes these bars.

And the white chocolate. I mean, talk about married. White chocolate and lemon really need to just do it already – get officially married, that is. They are soooo good together!

There is something else special about these bars. I made them all in a blender! From crust to filling – they were completely made using my Blendtec blender.

I have been dying to get my hands on one of these blenders for a really long time. They truly are the workhorse of kitchen appliances. It actually comes with a recipe book. You can make peanut butter, whipped cream, ice cream, brownies, cookies, and crust all in the blender! It’s like magic.

Blendtec sent me a Wildside Jar, which is what I used to make these lemon bars, and a Twister jar. The Twister jar is smaller and perfect for making my morning smoothie. I use it every single day – and I love it.

There are three things about the Blendtec I truly love:

Blendtec process collage

Yeah, you read that third one right: it washes itself. Seriously? Seriously!

I am in love with my blender – and you would be too. So guess what? I’m giving one away Saturday. Be sure to come back then!

In the meantime…enjoy these lemon bars.

You know you need a last minute dessert for Thursday, right? Go make these – they’re the easiest things you’ll ever make. Don’t have a blender? No problem. You can use your food processor (or brute strength) to crush the cookies for the crust, and a whisk to make the filling.

However you make them…just make them. You won’t be sorry!

White Chocolate Lemon Bars | crazyforcrust.com


Okay. Now I need to go hit my freezer. That’s where I had to hide these bars!

White Chocolate Lemon Bars


  • 30 Pecan Shortbread Cookies (such as Pecan Sandies)

  • 4 tablespoons butter, melted

  • 1 cup white chocolate chips

  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (from about 2 lemons)

  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest, from one lemon

  • 2 cups granulated sugar

  • 1/4 cup flour

  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

  • 4 eggs

  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar, for dusting


  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line a 9x13” baking pan with foil and spray with cooking spray.

  2. Add cookies to the Blendtec WildSide Jar and pulse a few times until they are a fine crumb. Add melted butter and pulse once or twice until incorporated. (Alternately, you can use your food processor to crush the cookies, then stir in the melted butter.) Press into the bottom of the prepared pan. Sprinkle crust with white chocolate chips.

  3. Add lemon juice, lemon zest, granulated sugar, flour, baking powder, and eggs to the Blendtec WildSide Jar and run on “batters”. Alternately, whisk together until mixture is smooth. Pour onto crust.

  4. Bake for about 25-28 minutes, until the edges are a light golden color. The top will have a dull white look too it. Cool completely.

  5. Slice into bars and dust with powdered sugar before serving.

White Chocolate Lemon Bars - an easy from scratch lemon bar recipe! Shortbread crust topped with gooey lemon filling and white chocolate chips - everyone LOVES these bars!

Come back on Saturday for the Blendtec giveaway!

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Yes, Blentec gave me a blender to review. But I really do love it, and all opinions are 100% my own.