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Mini Brownie Football Pies

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It’s National Pie Day…and almost the Super Bowl. Let’s make some mini football brownie pies!

Mini Brownie Football Pies | | Perfect for game day!


I couldn’t let January 23 pass by without posting a pie for National Pie Day! I couldn’t decide what kind of pie to make until it hit me: football pie!

I can’t believe the Super Bowl is right around the corner and I haven’t posted a cute treat yet. I mean, one cannot live on peanut butter football dip alone, can they? (Or well, they can. Er, I can, but I need a little brownie to round out my diet.)

After a lemon pie fail, I wracked my brain for a fun football way to do a pie. I’ve seen pudding pies before, so I didn’t want to do that. But then I remembered how much I love brownie pies. I’ve made them before, a few times: Turtle Brownie Pies and Coconut Kiss Brownie Pies. There’s something about the combo of brownie and pie crust that just makes these so good!

Mini Brownie Football Pies | | Perfect for game day!

If you’re looking for a quick, easy treat to make these are for you. Wether you top them with caramel or your favorite Hershey’s Kiss or a Rolo or a peanut butter cup, or make them into footballs, you will love these. They’re so versatile!

You start with a package of pre-made crusts. I used Pillsbury, but you could also make your own (try my favorite recipe here). You cut your crusts to fit in a mini muffin pan and then fill them with brownie batter. You can make your own from my favorite fudgy recipe or you can use a box mix. Once they’re cooked and cooled you pipe on the laces.

Mini Brownie Football Pies | | Perfect for game day!

These are the perfect, easy football treat. And the perfect way to celebrate pie day!

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Servings: 36 pies

Mini Football Brownie Pies


  • 1 package refrigerated pie crusts — pack of two
  • 1 brownie mix — plus ingredients to make the brownies
  • Vanilla frosting — homemade or store-bought


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Unroll one pie crust and use a 2 1/2” round cookie cutter to cut circles of dough, re-rolling as needed. Spray mini muffin tins with cooking spray (I like to use the kind with flour in it) and press one round in each cavity. Repeat with second crust in box. You will get about 36. Chill until ready to fill.
  2. Prepare brownie mix according to the package directions. Remove crusts from refrigerator and fill each cavity with 1 tablespoon brownie batter. (You’ll have some leftover. You can bake the leftover as cupcakes or in a loaf pan and use for brownie pops or just eat it with a fork.)
  3. Bake pies for about 15 minutes, until the crust is browned. Let them cool completely before frosting.
  4. Once cooled, a gentle urging from a butter knife will help the pies pop out of the muffin pans. Place your vanilla frosting in a sandwich baggie and cut off a teeny tiny bit of the tip. Pipe laces onto your pies and enjoy!

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  1. These are so flipping adorable Dorothy! And I am in love with how quick and easy they are! My hubby is totally gonna go crazy for these. Hello best wife ever brownie points!
    Couldn’t resist.

  2. YUM!!!!! I want these puppies right NOW!

  3. Adorable and amazing! Awesome job Dorothy 🙂 Thanks for linking to me too!

  4. Now HERE is some football I can get excited about ;P

  5. These are a super for a Super Bowl party. Pinned!

  6. And they probably freeze really well for out of town guests!!! lol

  7. Dorothy, you make such adorable snacks! I might have to make these to send along to the Super Bowl party that hubby is attending out of town – it looks like it would travel well!

  8. If using your pie crust recipe, how many batches do I need to make in order to make this recipe??

    • A double batch! That one makes one crust. I’ve done it in this way and I think I got about the same number out of one of mine as one of Pillsbury’s. (Can’t remember exactly, but it’s close!)

  9. Even without any PB, I can totally picture Mel splurging on one of these as a “cheat” because of how much he loves football! And really, a little chocolate brownie pie never ruined anyone’s diet, right? 😉 I am so out of the loop for Pie Day… In my mind, there’s only one of those and it’s on March 14!

  10. So cute!! Perfect for the Super Bowl. Thanks so much!

  11. These are adorable! I love all the shortcuts that make them easier.

  12. OMG, these are the cutest superbowl treat EVER!!

  13. Just awesome. And easy. My fave. Pinned!

  14. I love these little football pies, Dorothy! I am sending out a Superbowl care package and these are perfect! My son loves brownies! Maybe you should rename the blog Creative with Crust! 🙂

  15. These are a reason to watch the game!! Love how tiny they are…no one will notice when I pop 6, 7 or 10!!

  16. This is such a fantastic idea Dorothy! Going to share today on our Fun Finds Friday…love them!:)

  17. These look so yum and a perfect addition to any Super Bowl party!

  18. these are SO adorable.
    do you think the same technique would work in those mini phyllo shells or would the brownie not cook through?
    thank you! xo.

  19. These are just too cute!! I’m sure the hubby and kids are going to love these!

  20. You are so good with holiday baking! Like, these kill two birds with one stone AND are so darn cute! And seriously, brownies in mini pies? *faceplant*

  21. So adorable! I’m pinning it now!

  22. These are so fun Dorothy!!! Very creative 🙂

  23. These are super cute and I love how easy they are, thanks for sharing them! 🙂


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  29. These are the greatest! So easy to make and so cute and so YUMMY! The kids had a great time helping me make these for our Superbowl Party today! Dorothy you are AMAZING!!!!!!

  30. I made these for the Super Bowl yesterday and not only were they super easy, but they were delicious and disappeared SO fast. Thanks for the great idea!

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