Drunken Cherries

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Drunken Cherries recipe – this easy recipe soaks maraschino cherries in alcohol and then you dip them in chocolate. The perfect easy treat!

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Easy Drunken Cherries - this recipe has just 4 ingredients! Dip alcohol soaked cherries in chocolate for a quick party dessert!

Recently Jordan discovered Shirley Temples. Have you ever let your kids order one of those? We were out to a fancy dinner and Mel and I had ordered cocktails so we let her get a fancy kid-friendly drink. If you’ve never had one, a Shirley Temple is lemon lime soda with a splash of grenadine or maraschino cherry juice. Since that first time, Jordan begs for one every time we eat out, and it turns out that, like many cocktails, not every restaurant makes them the same. Jordan’s favorite one was in Disneyland: not only was it overdosed in cherry juice but it was filled with about 10 maraschino cherries. (Talk about dessert before dinner!)

I just think it’s funny she loves Shirley Temples so much because until recently she hated cherries. She also hated whipped cream until about a year ago (seriously, I had to check to make sure she was really mine). I couldn’t ever take her to IHop for the face pancake because she’d scrape all the good stuff off.

Basically the moral of the story is that, when I was making these cherries I had to take a sharpie to the jar and write DO NOT EAT all over it in big block letters because she’s been known just to pop into the fridge for a cherry now and again and if she’d gotten a few of those bad boys she would have either gotten really sick or someone would have called CPS on me.

The cherries are not for children…they’re drunk. Very, very drunk.

Easy Drunken Cherries - this recipe has just 4 ingredients! Dip alcohol soaked cherries in chocolate for a quick party dessert!

Last 4th of July a friend of mine brought drunk cherries to our party. She’d soaked them in Fireball (cinnamon whiskey, so good, so dangerous) and then dipped them in chocolate and blue sugar. They were SO good and packed a bit of a punch too. I knew I wanted to make them sometime for myself.

Last weekend I went to a mom’s only Christmas party with a few of my besties and I was in charge of dessert (obviously). I decided to make the drunk cherries because they’re super pretty for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party (or Valentine’s Day!) Instead of using fireball, I used amaretto. I think you could also use vodka (vanilla, whipped cream, or cake would be amazing). Simply pour out the cherry juice in the jar (save it for Shirley Temples) and then pour the alcohol of choice in. Chill them for at least 24 hours (the longer you chill, the more flavor they absorb).

Once they’re done soaking, drain them (again, reserve the liquid for cocktails) and then pat them very dry. This is a key to getting the chocolate to work out – drain them well and then pat them down gently with paper towels. Any liquid can seize your chocolate so be sure to do this step.

Then, once you’ve dried them, you dip them into white chocolate and add sprinkles…and then you have drunken cherries!

Easy Drunken Cherries - this recipe has just 4 ingredients! Dip alcohol soaked cherries in chocolate for a quick party dessert!

Some dipping tips for the drunken cherries:

I recommend using almond bark or Candiquik instead of white chocolate chips. They are made for dipping and can withstand liquid better. I also worked in batches (2 ounces of candy at a time) for melting and dipping in case my chocolate seized in between. I like melting candy in disposable Dixie bowls; they’re microwave safe and you throw them away after – easy cleanup!

Once you dip the drunken cherries in the chocolate, you can dip them in sprinkles too. Aren’t they festive?? They were gone even before the fudge and brownies, so I know everyone loved them.

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Drunken Cherries

Drunken Cherries recipe – this easy recipe soaks maraschino cherries in alcohol and then you dip them in chocolate. The perfect easy treat!


  • 10 ounce jar maraschino cherries (24 cherries)
  • 5 ounces alcohol of choice: amaretto, vodka (any flavor; vanilla or cake would be amazing), fireball, etc.
  • 5 ounces white chocolate (I recommend using almond bark or Candiquik)
  • 2 Tablespoons sprinkles


  1. Drain liquid from the jar of cherries. (Tip: reserve the liquid to use for shirley temple drinks or cocktails.)
  2. Pour alcohol in the jar to fill. Replace cap and soak for at least 24 hours. The longer they soak, the stronger they’ll be.
  3. Drain the alcohol from the jar. (Tip: reserve it for cocktails!) Strain the cherries, then place them on layers of paper towels and pat dry. You want them as dry as possible before dipping to avoid ruining the chocolate. (Water and chocolate don’t mix.)
  4. Work in batches: melt 2 ounces of chocolate in a small bowl. (I like using paper bowls for easy cleanup.) Melt according to package directions. Dip each cherry in the white chocolate, then dip in sprinkles and place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Chill to set. Working in batches of chocolate allows you not to waste any, plus allows for the chocolate to seize from the liquid without ruining the whole batch. Use a new bowl for each batch of chocolate you melt.
  5. Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Nutrition Information

Yield: About 24 cherries, Serving Size: 2 cherries

  • Amount Per Serving:
  • Calories: 122
  • Total Fat: 4g
  • Carbohydrates: 15g
  • Sugar: 6g
  • Protein: 1g
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  1. Your cherries turned out very festive! Happy Christmas Week-enjoy:@)

  2. I love how cute the cherries look, but I think I’m going to try making a non-alcoholic version. I guess that completely misses the point of “drunken”, though. Haha!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. These are a true delicacy in so many ways! The most prominent in my mind being that you got white chocolate (the finicky-est of all!) to stick to wet cherries. No matter how much I would dry them, they’d still be wet, I can guarantee that because I just don’t have patience like you!

    In my 20s my drink of choice was vodka (mostly on the rocks) with cherries. Like 10. And they were loaded up with vodka and so good!

    Shirley Temples, I can’t believe you’ve made it this long without Jordan into them. Skylar is a connoisseur and you have to tell most people double the grenadine and extra cherries for that special little sugar buzz 🙂

  4. My brother and I used to love ordering Shirley Temples as children. One restaurant we used to frequent as a family knew our family well so the owner would always give us Shirley Temples to drink. My 6-year old likes them too! Thanks for this recipe and bringing back some great childhood memories. 🙂

  5. Oh, Shirley Temples!  It’s been such a long time since I’ve had one. I need to change that. 
    These cherries are out of this world. I can’t decide if amaretto or fireball sounds better to me. Mmm.  Might have to try both! 😉

  6. I will definitely be making these for my dad on Friday for him to enjoy. He loves chocolate covered cherries but dislikes the overly sweet ones in the box.

  7. How would you package the cherries for gift-giving, or as a hostess gift?

  8. I’ve been making drunken chocolate cherries for years and am always looking for new ideas. I usually use semi sweet chocolate and have never thought of sprinkles. That’s genius! Also, I’ve never thought of fireball to soak them. Bourbon is the crowd favorite. I like amaretto best but I’ve tried a lot of different vodkas (but none of the new trendy flavors like whipped cream or cotton candy). Hmmmmm…. Oh, and I usually soak the cherries for 2 – 3 weeks for maximum drunkenness. 😀

  9. Would it be possible to package these in a mason jar if giving as a gift?

  10. I made these with Gentleman Jack Daniels and dark chocolate. i double dipped them to cut the overwhelming alcohol. My dad loved them. i have some soaking in Southern Comfort now for NYE.

  11. they were so delicious and so pretty!!

  12. I didnt use falvoured vodka. Will taste bad??

  13. So for the cherries do you have to dip them in frosting? I am just wondering if it is a requirement….

  14. I wonder if Bailey’s would work. It’s what i have in the fridge.

  15. For those having trouble with the chocolate sticking to the cherries: you could put a small amount of chocolate in a circle on parchment paper, sprinkle the sprinkles and just set the cherry nestled on top. It will stick and stay upright when the chocolate hardens.

  16. My father use to make this with fresh picked cherries and brandy. He let it sit for up to a year. They were so potent that one of their friends got very “happy” on them to the point of not recognizing her own daughter. (which we never let her forget)

  17. Many,many years ago when we were all young I sent monthly care packages to my brother-in-law who was overseas in the army . I always included a few jars of cherries in brandy . By the time they left my post office and reached his base the cherries were well saturated . Needless to say he became a very popular fellow and made many new friends !!!! Thanks for the memories ……………..

  18. Can these be frozen??? Before or after dipping in chocolate and sprinkles??

  19. Happy hour just got even HAPPIER!  I made these for a holiday party and they were the first to vanish!!!

  20. Love this, so easy. Just follow the directions and you’ll love the results!

  21. OMG I have made these for many a bachelorette party , 4th of July BBQ (with blue sugar crystals, white frosting, red cherries), and lake side adventures. ALWAYS a hit. I have tried a variety of alcohol baths and I love vanilla vodka with just a hint of fireball… wowza! So yummy and once you have one you keep going back for more!

    Rating: 5
  22. Going to make me some drunken ones using fresh cherries and non flavored moonshine .

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