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Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers

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Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers are a delightful combination of Ritz crackers, cookie dough, and chocolate.

Cookie dough is always a good thing. So are Ritz Crackers. When you put them together and dip them in chocolate?


Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers have eggless chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiched between two Ritz crackers and then dipped in chocolate.

If you’re like me you’re probably running around like a crazy headless chicken, trying to get everything done before Christmas. You with me? 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Santa is just not enough time.

Christmas is in less than 4 days and in that time frame I need to make about 4 more recipes, finish wrapping gifts, go grocery shopping (twice), and clean my house. I thought it was supposed to be vacation? Oh wait, that’s what the husbands and the kids get.


If you need a last minute treat that will literally take you no time at all, you’re in the right place. Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers are going to be your BFF.

Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers have eggless chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiched between two Ritz crackers and then dipped in chocolate.

Is there anything better than (eggless) cookie dough? It’s like the best part of the cookie…but it won’t make you sick. #win

Like I said, these Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers come together in minutes. I simply made a smaller batch of my favorite cookie dough and I left out the eggs and the leavening. The result is a buttery, brown sugary, chocolaty cookie dough that you’ll be addicted to eating. But wait, I’m not done.

Take two Ritz crackers and make a cookie dough sandwich. Then dip the sandwiches in chocolate. Easy, right? A great gift for anyone…or yourself.

If you’re feeling lazy, like I was that day, you can drizzle some of the sandwiches with chocolate instead of dipping. (Remember, I have a handy tutorial for dipping candies without tears!) Or, if you’re really not into melting chocolate, get yourself some of those chocolate covered Ritz and just sandwich the cookie dough with that.

{Honestly, I’ve never bought those chocolate covered Ritz. Have you? I’ve almost done it 100 times but then I remember what it’s like to have a sleeve of Thin Mints in my house and I know I’ll just eat the whole box in 10 minutes.}

The crunchy salty crackers pair really well with the sweet cookie dough. These are the perfect gift and the perfect last minute party dessert.

I dare you to eat just one of these Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers.

Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers have eggless chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiched between two Ritz crackers and then dipped in chocolate.

Good luck with that.

Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers combine ritz crackers, cookie dough, and chocolate to make an easy treat!
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Servings: 15 -20 sandwiches

Cookie Dough Ritz Crackers

Easy with just a few ingredients, these are done in such a short amount of time! Eggless chocolate chip cookie dough is sandwiched between two Ritz crackers and dipped in chocolate. The perfect gift!


  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter — softened
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar — packed
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt — optional
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips
  • About 30-40 Ritz Crackers
  • About 12 ounces melting chocolate — chocolate or vanilla or a combination (such as Candiquik or Almond Bark)
  • Sprinkles — optional


  1. Use a stand or a hand mixer to cream together the butter and brown sugar. Mix in vanilla, salt, and flour, then stir in chocolate chips.
  2. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Scoop 1 tablespoon balls of cookie dough and sandwich them between two Ritz crackers, pressing gently to compact. Be careful so you don’t break the crackers.
  3. Melt chocolate according to package directions. Dip each Ritz cracker sandwich in the chocolate, tapping off the excess, then placing back on the cookie sheet. Chill to set.
  4. Optional: instead of dipping, you can place the chocolate in a ziploc baggie and cut off one tip, then pipe over the top of the sandwich. Also, you can do this same method with leftover chocolate to drizzle on top of the dipped sandwiches for decoration. Or, sprinkle the wet chocolate sandwiches with sprinkles for decoration.
  5. See this tutorial for all of my dipping tips.

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  1. I would call you a genius,but you already took care of that! 
    These look incredible. Forget eating just one. I’d probably eat nothing else until they were all gone!

  2. Holy cow that is one insane idea! Sounds like salty sweet heaven to me 🙂

  3. Salty and sweet, crunchy, chewy, gooey, the chocolate dipped action, there is every element of the perfect snack in these! Small, cute,  portable. Okay, I can’t make them – I’ll eat them all 🙂

  4. Yuuuummm this looks amazing!! Super creative idea.

    Good luck with getting everything done! You’ll be able to relax soon! (Hopefully, haha)

  5. Sweet and salty treats is definitely where it’s at!  Love this idea, and it looks so quick and yet still such a pretty treat!  Love those chocolate drizzles!

  6. Great and simple idea! I should make it at home:)

  7. These are awesome! I’m absolutely in love with that first photo 🙂  If I stuff these in my mother in laws mouth, do you promise she will stop talking?

  8. Oh my I would be all over these.  I think I just found my entertainment for the afternoon.

  9. These look so good! I completely adore cookie dough – like wayyy more than I like cookies (is that normal?). I bet these would be really good between pretzels too. Definitely messier but it sounds really good!

  10. These look so good! I completely adore cookie dough – like wayyy more than I like cookies (is that normal?). I bet these would be really good between pretzels too. Definitely messier but it sounds really good!

  11. Great idea and what a fun way to use cookie dough! I bet I could eat an entire batch of these in one sitting!

  12. Oh my gosh, genius it is!!!

  13. Couldn’t you put pasteurized eggs in the dough to use for this recipe?  I love Ritz, but have been waiting for them to take out the hydrogenized oil before I buy them.  I’ll see what substitute Whole Foods has – I have got to try these (so impressive looking and the idea sounds delicious – another great idea of yours!

  14. Sounds yummy!  Anything with cookie dough is a #win!! lol  I know what you mean too much to do in too little time. Maybe our vacation comes after Christmas?  Doubt it!! lol  

  15. Say what now!? Cookie dough and ritz crackers and chocolate oh my! I would never have thought of it, but now that you mention the combination, it’s all I want to eat!!! Mmmm

  16. These look delicious. I am going to try this today. My family will love them.

  17. These crackers look amazing, Dorothy! I love your creativity with the cookie dough. These definitely make the perfect gift, as long as I would be able to package them before eating them all! 🙂 Pinned!

  18. These look awesome, might have to make them next year for our cookie exchange! I made your chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake truffles for our exchange last week and my coworker made the cookie dough peppermint bark – just realized you were the creator of both! But of course mine were better 🙂 Thanks for your recipes!

  19. I am all over that eggless cookie dough, girl. It’s definitely a win in my book. And what better way to enjoy it than with ritz and chocolate! Pinning!

  20. Yes yes yes!! These are amazing! What a perfect “giftable” treat!

  21. This reminds me of a candy called Choco Pie we get here but obviously, this is 173692 times better and so festive! <3 Love it! Cookie dough + Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate HAS to be the best thing ever! 

  22. Wow! These look so good and are very pretty. How creative!

  23. These look AMAZING!  I love that sweet-salty thang, so I’d be all over these. 🙂

  24. WHOA! This is one crazy dessert, Dorothy! It’s some of my favorite things packed into one treat. WANT NOW! Pinned!

    Hope you have a great Christmas and New Years, Dorothy!

  25. These look incredible! I love that you filled ritz crackers with eggless cookie dough – genius! Sweet and salty for life! Hope you get all your last minute errands done and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  26. Is it possible to freeze these once made?

    • If you totally cover them in chocolate, yes. If not, I would err on the side of no, so that the crackers don’t get soft. You can make the cookie dough ahead of time, even scoop the balls and freeze those, then assemble them when you need them!

  27. My kids would turn back flips for this!  Nice one Dorothy. ♥

  28. Do you know what I could make with white chocolate , peanut butter , ritz crackers , and pineapples? 

  29. I only have salted butter. Would it be fine to use the salted butter if I omit the 1/8 tsp of additional salt? 🙂 I want to make them tonight and can’t go to the store!

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