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cookie printable for teachers with snowman

I really don’t know how to start. The unimaginable events that occurred in Newtown, CT on Friday left me and my husband reeling this weekend. My heart goes out to all those parents, relatives, friends, and the entire community of Newtown for their loss. I hugged Jordan a little tighter this weekend, for sure.

I struggled about if I should post or not today. I try to post humor and fun and sparkly sweet sugary treats…something that felt strange after this weekend of sadness. But I realized…that’s how I deal with sadness; I try to find something sweet. Something to smile about. And this blog does that for me. Makes me smile…and I hope it makes you smile too. So I decided to post something that you can use for your teachers this week.

For many students, this is the last week of school before Winter Break. I am in the process of folding boxes and printing labels so that I can assemble cookie boxes for the teachers at Jordan’s school, as part of my job with the PTC. Each teacher gets a box full of goodies baked by my committee, and the staff in the office gets a huge platter of treats to nosh on throughout the day.

I created this tag in Picmonkey to print on labels for the boxes. Then I thought…why not share it? Our teachers always need a little extra love…and this week is no exception. The heroes of Friday bring tears to my eyes. And I know that every single one of the teachers at Jordan’s school would do the same thing for her.

The printable is formatted to fit Avery Template 5095, the Name Badge Labels. Click for the .pdf version: Cookie Delivery Printable. You can also just print it on cardstock and cut it to use as a tag.

And if you feel as helpless as I do, please consider joining in with me and a bunch of other bloggers as we honor the victims of Sandy Hook this Friday with a tribute post. We are planning to share a cookie or a craft (maybe something you would do with your children) in to show our support for Newtown. There will also be a link to donate (see my sidebar for the button) and several shops are donating proceeds from Friday to the Newtown Youth Services organization. Click here for all the info on Cookies and Crafts for Sandy Hook. Share using the hashtag #BloggersforSandyHook.

Thanks again for reading…and go hug a teacher!

Need cookie ideas to go with the labels? How about these:

Butterscotch Molasses Pudding Cookies

Triple White Chocolate Peppermint Blossom Cookies

Cake Ball Cookies

Candy Overload Cookies

Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on September 12, 2022

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  1. Love this post, Dorothy. My heart is still so full of grief and sadness; I don’t know how to process any of this. I appreciate everything you’ve done to promote #BloggersforSandyHook as well creating these labels to share with our children’s teachers. It’s sometimes easy to forget that with all the evil in the world, there really is more love and goodness out there – people like you really do make a difference, and I’m so glad to know you. xo

  2. This printable is adorable! I taught high school when I lived in Phoenix (and now adults) and some of my most favorite Christmas gifts were the cards with sweet messages from my students.

  3. Thanks Dorothy for a heartfelt post – we all feel such sadness as our whole country grieves. Bless the dear folks of Newtown – they won’t ever be forgotten. I do believe our many prayers are helping them cope as best as they can. Thanks for sharing all the cookie recipes – I still have a ton of ingredients to use up and need to head to the post office to mail the last of our pkgs. now. Take good care – keep on hugging those teachers and your sweet Jordan. I posted an address to mail cards to the folks of Newtown at my blog if you’re interested.

  4. The amount of evil in this world is unfathomable. On the flip side for every sick twisted lost soul there are 1,000 angels like you that will go to the ends of earth to help those in need. I am so touch by the support that you have shown all the tragedy that has hit the East Coast this year. From the Hurricane to this. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful world of blogging where I get to meet people like you. Thank You Dorothy Thank you.

  5. I started to almost cry seeing all the names and ages this morning played on the news with “Amazing Grace” in the background. Unimaginable what the families are going through.

  6. “Helpless” is a good word for it. We watched this news coverage with thousands of others on the jumbotron on the cruise ship. As a teacher, you think of it so differently. I can’t imagine how you view it as a parent. Thank you for drawing attention to a cause 🙂