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Seven Layer Bars. Magic Bars. Whatever you call them, I’m totally addicted! List an ingredient (any ingredient: candy, cookies, anything) and I will give you 10 versions off the top of my head. And, from the looks of it, my blog friends and all of you love them too, so I’ve collected some of my favorites from around the blogosphere! Enjoy!

magic bar round up collage of 6 recipe photos

Dessert Bars:

Brownie Peanut Butter Magic Bars
The 7-layer bar for the new year! A brownie crust filled with peanut butter cups AND peanut butter chips!
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Stack of brownie peanut butter magic bars on a white plate, with more bars and a milk cup with straws in the background, with graphic title on the top.
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Pizza
This easy cookie cake is made with a sugar cookie mix and topped like a magic bar with chocolate, coconut, and sweetened condensed milk! This is the best cookie pizza for any party.
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White Chocolate Macadamia Magic Pizza slice on parchment and cutting board
Butterscotch Pecan Magic Bars
These will be your new favorite magic bar! Cake mix crust, butterscotch, pecans, and sweetened condensed milk. So easy to make!
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butterscotch pecan magic bars on white plate
Oreo Magic Bars Recipe
This easy magic bar recipe has an Oreo crust and is filled with white chocolate and chopped Oreos. They're cookies 'n cream magic bars!
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7 layer Oreo bars
Seven Layer Ice Cream Pie
Seven layers of ice cream pie with an Oreo crust and homemade ice cream filling!
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ice cream pie in a pie tin topped with chocolate and caramel sauce and sprinkles.
Caramel Snickers 7 Layer Bars
My caramel-infused, 7 layered version of a Snickers Bar! 
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Chocolate Peanut Butter 7 Layer Bars
These bars are unrelentingly gooey and rich and topped with a multitude of delicious ingredients sure to send your belly to its happy place.
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Almond Toffee Bars
Chewy Almond Toffee Bars are a layered twist on the classic magic bars. They are so delicious and easy to make!
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Monster Magic Cookie Bars
If these Monster Magic Cookie Bars look amazing to you (but you’re keeping your distance because of heartburn) this post is for you.
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Magic Turtle Bars
Magic Turtle Bars-Chocolate, Caramel and Pecans, come together in this fabulous Magic Bar
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7-Layer Cookie Ice Cream
You know all those flavors in 7-layer cookies…the graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut, pecans, sweetened condensed milk, butter?!?  They're all in here.
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Peanut Butter Cup Magic Cookie Bar
I love all my recipes, I really do. But some I love just a little extra. And this recipe is one of those. Have you ever wondered what would happen if two of your favorite holiday treats collide?
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Birthday Cake 7 Layer Bars
Magic bars, seven layer bars, crack — whatever you prefer to call them, we’ll all inevitably know what you’re talking about when you bite into one and say “OMG YUM.”
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Nutter Butter S’mores Magic Cookie Bars Recipe
These bars are an amalgamation of two of my favorite desserts from last year: S'mores Magic Bars and Nutter Butter S'mores Ice Cream. And they are every bit as good as they look!
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Nutella Magic Bars
Nutella Magic Bars – oozing Nutella, melted chocolate, crunchy hazelnuts and a buttery crust in one irresistible bar
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Peanut Butter Caramel Brownie Magic Bars
Sweet, gooey, sticky Peanut Butter Caramel Brownie Magic Bars!
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Samoa Magic Bars
But I guess no matter where I move to, there will always be access to Samoas, aka one of my fave cookies of all time. Who doesn’t enjoy that crispy, nutty toasted coconut, the smooth, chewy caramel, the soft, milky chocolate and that crunch from the cookie embedded underneath? I know I can’t.
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Red Velvet Cookie and Cream Magic Bars
I’m not against box mixes but I’ve always imagined the ‘cool chavy kids’ would never bake from scratch. Not that I’ve ever noticed one of these peeps within half a mile radius of the baking aisle! But if I did, I’d be betting my life they were heading there for the ready make pancakes (hello… eggs, flour and milk!) and box mixes.
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Smoreo Seven Layer Bars
Since I loved the way the Gingerbread Oreo 7-Layer Bars turned out, I decided to create a similar bars recipe but without the seasonal flavors. A traditional S'mOreo is 4 layers: one Oreo half, a toasted marshmallow, a chocolate bar, and a second Oreo half. We're adding three more layers here: semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk.
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Fruit Bars:

Tropical Magic Bar Cookies
An easy to put together bar cookie with a tropical twist. A graham cracker crumb crust topped with layers of white chocolate chips, Coconut M&M’s, macadamia nuts, shredded coconut, and a sweet gooey lime filling.
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Raspberry Coconut Magic Bars Recipe
Raspberry Coconut Magic Bars are easy to prepare and are sure to delight the coconut loverin your life!
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Lemon Magic Cake Bars
And as with all magic bars, these are very sweet. 
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Strawberry Fudge Magic Bars
Chocolate covered strawberries are the top thing for Valentine's Day treats….these Strawberry Fudge Magic Bars are much easier than dipping strawberries though.
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  1. All sounds sooooo yummy. A few years ago, when baking for my daughters’ school bake sale, I thought; “graham crackers and chocolate….2/3 of a s’more already”. So I just subbed out mini marshmallows for coconut (put them on during the last few minutes of baking, watching carefully for that nexus of perfect brown-ness and melted, but still individual marshmallow-ness) and; voila! S’mores Magic bars. I bet it would work even including the coconut. Oh, also, letting them sit completely untouched overnight improved the texture and sliceability of the marshmallow topping.

  2. I’m a stay-at-home man-wife (my actual wife works, and I’m unemployed at the moment), and I’ve been looking for some good 7-layer-bar recipes! Yep, I do the cooking…..or part of it. Since I’ve been home so much, I’ve really grown to love cooking. Gotten pretty good, too, I might add! My gravy and fried chicken is almost Heaven. I definitely will bookmark this page, and make some of these soon!