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No Bake Butterscotch Pie (4 of 6) No Bake Butterscotch Pudding Pie posted on July 19, 2016
Oreo S'more Trifle (7 of 12)w Oreo S’mores Trifle posted on July 12, 2015
Margarita Bars (2 of 7)w Margarita Bars posted on April 26, 2015
Double Peanut Butter Bars (3 of 6)w No-Bake Double Peanut Butter Bars posted on April 2, 2015
Halloween Toffee Bark (3 of 7)w Halloween Toffee Bark posted on October 13, 2014
No Bake S'mores Bars (3 of 7)w No Bake S’mores Bars posted on July 10, 2014
Lime Curd Pie (1 of 9)w Lime Curd Pie posted on April 23, 2014
brownie-cookie-smores (4 of 5)w Brownie Cookie S’mores posted on May 26, 2013
S’mores Cookies S’mores Cookies posted on May 30, 2011
“Better than Butter Pecan” Crunchy Crust “Better than Butter Pecan” Crunchy Crust posted on September 20, 2010