Oatmeal Cookie Magic Bars {iPad giveaway}

Oatmeal Cookie Magic Bars (2 of 6)w

Sometimes you just crave a magic bar: the ooey gooey sweetened condensed milk and chocolate and sweet flavors. Sometimes you just crave an oatmeal cookie: sweet and chewy, cinnamony and soft. Now? You can have both. Because I made you Oatmeal Cookie Magic Bars! It has been way, way too long since I made a […]

Magic Bar Bark

Magic Bark Bark (3 of 4)w

Magic Bar Bark: so easy a kid can make it! Bark is my favorite thing to make at Christmas. Why? It’s easy. In fact, it’s so easy, a kid can do it. Jordan loves making bark. She invented and made the Oreo Peppermint Bark you all loved so much, and I know you’re going to […]

Butterscotch Squares copycat recipe {Amazon giveaway}

Butterscotch Squares (3 of 4)w

If you love those Butterscotch Squares from your favorite candy shop…this recipe is for you! I’ve mentioned before about my See’s Candy addiction. Growing up, a pound lasted less than a day. The chocolate factory is in my hometown, so that whenever I smell the inside of See’s store, I think I’m home. If I […]

Salted Butterscotch Fudge

Salted-Butterscotch-Fudge (1 of 4)w

Move over salted caramel…salted butterscotch is in town. This Salted Butterscotch Fudge is sweet, rich, and perfect with a hint of salt. Have you ever tasted something and just said, “Holy OMG this is the most genius thing I’ve ever eaten?” Yeah, that happened to me when I was at Bloggy Boot Camp a few […]

Nutter Butter Butterscotch Blondies

nutter butter butterscotch blondies 2 words

A blondie bar taken to a whole new level with chopped Nutter Butter Cookies, Peanut Butter Chips, and Butterscotch! Oh hi there! You recognize me right? It’s me, Crazy for Crust. I went to the beauty salon this past weekend and got some work done. Maybe you noticed my new ‘do? {Or maybe you’re reading […]

Butterscotch Pecan Magic Bars

butterscotch pecan bars 1 words

Are you tired of full and rich and fattening desserts yet? No? Phew. Because really…I can’t stop. Sure…I’m trying to use low-fat ingredients, just for you (and so I can wear pants without elastic). But it’s haaaard (she whines). So anyway, if you’re being all good and fantastic and you haven’t had sugar in a […]

Butterscotch Molasses Pudding Cookies

Butterscotch Molasses Pudding Cookies by www.crazyforcrust.com #cookies #Christmas

Pssst….I’m in a contest. For my Almond White Chocolate Magic Bars. If you’d like…you can vote for me…Thank you! So, I am about to finish the third book in the Matched series by Allie Condie, Reached. It’s obsessively good, as in, reading it is all I want to do. If you’re not familiar with the […]

Butterscotch Reese’s Pudding Cookies

Butterscotch reeses pudding cookies

I’ve never been one for fad diets. I’ve never been good at them either. Atkins? NO WAY. Carbs are my life. Paleo? Ha. No refined sugar? I might die. Weight Watchers…tried it. Some success. But, calculating and counting is so boring. And way overrated. And it’s not fair my husband got extra points just for […]

Oatmeal Scotchie Cheesecake Bars

Oatmeal Scotchie Cheesecake Bars 1 words

Have you ever made something so incredibly good that you wanted to shout it from the rooftops? Yeah? Me too. Have you ever then downloaded the photos, got all prepared to post it…and then got sidetracked by the shiny new other thing you made the next day that you justhadtopostrighthatminute? And then that shiny new […]

Scotch Krispie Bark


Can we talk books for a second? Before I get into how this Scotch Krispie bark is so freakin’ awesome? I have been meaning to talk to you about Dean Koontz for a few weeks now. I even teased you about it two Fridays ago. But there was always something else to say. Anyway, I’m […]

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