Mar 11

Baileys Pudding Shots

I want to get something out there; something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. And I hope you other bloggers will back me up; and we can stand united holding hands, eating brownies, and singing Cumbaya.
Blogging  is my work. I think of it as a job. A job I love more than any other job I’ve ever had, besides being a mom, which kinda goes without saying.
I do not think of blogging as a hobby. I get a check (albeit a super small one for pennies on the hour) every month. Therefore, blogging is my job.
I say this because I often think that many people do not think like I do. They look at me, see a SAHM and that’s it. I’m the one who is always at school, always chanting the PTC mantra and picking up an extra kid or two when asked.
But I do have a job, even though it pays for crap and is super flexible. It’s called blogger.
I spend 4-5+ hours a day on my computer writing, reading, commenting, editing, and researching. Much like people in an office. If I’m not on my computer, I’m often in the kitchen baking or photographing.
I regularly spend 30 minutes in the baking and candy aisles at Target, staring so intently at the orange fruit snack slices that passerby give me odd looks. I call this brainstorming, I just don’t use a white board in a conference room.
Last week I spent $16 on six different kinds of Easter candy without batting an eye. (I just throw it up there with my weight watchers meals and milk and chuckle at the irony.) These are otherwise known as “office supplies.”
Is my job going to pay the bills? No, at least not right now. Is it going to make me rich? No.
Could my job one day parlay into an actual bill-paying gig? I hope so. I have no idea how. (Hint, big publishers that read me (hahahaha), freelancing and/or a cookbook deal would be awesome thankyouverymuch.)
Until then, I’ll be happy with the perks I get with my job.
Like getting to drink Bailey’s at 1:00 in the afternoon. (Because that’s when the light is good.)


St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday. I’m not Irish, not that I know of anyway. But I’ll jump at any chances to wear green, bake green, pinch my husband, and drink Baileys without guilt (because that’s a rule on St. Patrick’s Day. Duh.)

So I made these pudding shots for myself. (I say for myself because my husband doesn’t drink and I would probably get arrested if I served it to Jordan.) Pudding, milk, and Baileys.

And, in keeping with the green and mint theme, I crushed some Thin Mints and mixed them with green sanding sugar for the rims of the shot glasses.

If you happen to not be a drinker or are a child under the age of 21, you can make these without alcohol. Just leave out the Baileys and add double the milk and a dash of peppermint extract. I won’t judge you. I’ll admire how you get through life without a glass of wine, but I won’t judge.

{The non-alcoholic version is Jordan-approved, by the way. If you want to listen to someone who won’t eat pasta and doesn’t like whipped cream.}

Drinking at 1:00. Gosh, the things I have put up with in this gig astound me.

Baileys Pudding Shots


1/2 cup prepared chocolate pudding (either from a prepared mix or your favorite recipe or a single serving pack)

2 tablespoons milk

2 tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream

1 Thin Mint cookie and/or green sanding sugar, for garnish


Place Thin Mint into a zipper sandwich bag, leaving one inch unsealed. Crush with a rolling pin. Mix cookie with green sanding sugar in a small bowl. Add a little water to a separate bowl. Dip each shot glass upside down in the water then in the crushed cookies and sprinkles.

Place pudding, milk, and Baileys in a two cup measuring cup. Whisk until combined. Pour into shot glasses.

Non-Alcoholic version: omit Baileys and double the milk (use 4 tablespoons). Add a drop of peppermint extract to make it minty.

 (Makes three 2 ounce shots)