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When I want pie, I want it NOW. I’m like Veronica Salt in that way.

These Skinny Bite Sized Pies have only 4-ingredients and you can have them now…or maybe in 10 minutes, when you’re done making them. You still need a dessert for the game tonight, right?

Skinny Bite Sized Pies with only 4 ingredients!


This week is a special week here at Crazy for Crust. No, it’s not my birthday. Not the blogiversary, either. This week is Heart-Healthier Week. Why? Because Friday, February 6, 2015 is National Wear Red Day, part of the Go Red For Women campaign.

You might say, but you’re a dessert blogger. Isn’t heart health a little counterintuitive? Sort of, yes. But here’s the thing: Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women. It kills more women each year than breast cancer. 1 in 3 women die each year of heart disease. One in three.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you might remember that my family is rich in heart disease history. My mom suffers from heart disease and many of her family members have suffered fatal heart attacks and stroke. So yes, being a dessert blogger is kind of weird, and heart disease is never far from my mind. It’s why I try to eat unhealthy foods in moderation and why I exercise every single day.

And it’s why I’m devoting this week to dessert recipes that are a little bit heart-healthier. Because sometimes you just want dessert…no matter what eating plan you’re following. Maybe you’re craving a cookie or you’re having people over for brunch or a party. That’s where these recipes come in.

Especially these bite sized pies. They’re skinny, they’re heart healthier, and they only have 4 ingredients. They can be ready before game time…or within a few minutes of you getting a craving for pie.

Skinny Bite Sized Pies

Making desserts more heart healthy isn’t always easy. All the good things you love, like butter and whipped cream and sugar aren’t good for heart disease. Each day this week I’m going to talk about some smart substitutions you can make in baking to help make your recipes more heart healthy.

Today’s swap: pie crust. I love me a good pie crust…obviously. But normal pie crust is full of butter and butter isn’t that great if you’re eating heart healthy. These little bite sized pies use phyllo tart shells instead of pie crust. Two of these tart shells have only 30 calories with 1 gram of fat.

I don’t even want to know the calories in two mini pies.

The tart shells make a perfect stand in for a quick pie. If you’ve never used these phyllo shells before, they come frozen and already in tart form. You can find them at your grocery store near the puff pastry and regular phyllo dough. There’s literally no prep – just unwrap the package and fill.

That’s the kind of recipe I love.

Skinny Bite Sized Pies

I filled these mini pies with sugar-free pudding. If you’re dieting or on a restricted heart healthy diet, you’re probably trying to limit sugar. Using a sugar-free pudding mix helps you do that, with less calories and fat than regular pudding. I used banana for these pies, but you can use your favorite flavor.

As for topping…fresh fruit is always good. I liked the pop of color the fresh chopped strawberries added to these pies. You can also use some Cool Whip Free or Sugar-Free Cool Whip instead of (or in addition to) the fruit. (And yes, whipped cream works too, but it’s not really heart-healthy, is it?)

Literally, these pies took me less than 10 minutes to make. And they’re easy to eat too.

Skinny Bite Sized Pies

These pies are so pretty, so good, and so easy, no one will know they’re eating something a little heart-healthier. They’re the perfect thing to make when you just need some pie…now.

Skinny Bite Sized Pies with only 4 ingredients!

Know your risk of heart disease. And know the symptoms of heart attack and stroke. Knowing those things saved my mom’s life, and it can save yours too.

4 ingredient Skinny Bite Sized Pies on a table

Skinny Bite Sized Pies

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These bite sized pies have only 4 ingredients, can be modified to make them your favorite flavor, and they are heart-healthier!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Yield 15 -25 pies


  • 1-2 boxes Phyllo Tart Shells see note
  • 1 0.9 oz box sugar-free instant pudding mix (any flavor, may substitute a 3.4 ounce instant pudding that is not sugar-free but that would make these not as “skinny”)
  • 1 1/2 cups nonfat milk
  • Fresh fruit and/or fat-free whipped topping or whipped cream
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  • Remove tart shells from the freezer and place on serving tray.
  • Whisk pudding and milk in a medium sized bowl for 1 minute. Let sit until set up (about 3-5 minutes). Place pudding in a gallon size Ziploc bag. Cut off one tip. Pipe some pudding in each shell.
  • Top with chopped fruit or whipped topping. (For a heart healthier treat, make sure to use Cool Whip Free, which is fat-free. Regular whipped cream can be used, but is not heart healthy.)
Nutritional information not guaranteed to be accurate

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I’m not a doctor. I can only do what I can to eat better and create healthier recipes. All information about heart disease and heart-healthy baking come from the American Heart Association.

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  1. These look delicious and easy. I would like to make them ahead as they would be a perfect dessert for a bridal shower. Will they become soggy if assembled the morning of the shower or do they need to be prepared shortly before serving?

  2. YG stopping by to thank you for submitting and to let you know what a beautiful little dessert you have created.  No matter how skinny a dish is, making it small seems to trick my mind into thinking it is decadent!