Whatever Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

1. This week I finally started my Valentine posts! I talked about my favorite book ever and shared these. Then I made more crust:

2. And I posted something you must try NOW:

3. When I comment on blogs, I often notice that people leave their URLs (typed out) but they aren’t a clickable link. Early on I wondered how to handle that and Googled it. There is some HTML code you can use to make your URL a clickable link. Just make sure it’s typed correctly, or it’ll show up as you wrote it, not as a link. Here’s the code I use:

the URL you want to link to”>Text you want to display

If I was linking to my linky party, I would replace the text in red with my party link: https://www.crazyforcrust.com/2012/01/crazy-sweet-tuesday_17.html

And the then then I would replace the text in blue with what I want to actually show in the comment:
Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Hopefully that all makes sense!

4. I’m hosting a baby shower tonight. It’s a “sprinkle” with lots of sprinkles, get it? Anyway, it’s also a girls’ night in. Which is a good thing. Because there will be appletinis. Lots of them.

5. Remember that whole “I managed to agree to be in charge of food at a PTC event” thing? Well, the event is a Bingo Night and will host 265 people. For which I must organize, plan, get volunteers, and cook pasta for. The most people I’ve ever cooked for is about 20. I feel like I’m in an episode of Top Chef. Will I win or be sent home?

6. Did anyone watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale? Please tell me I’m not the only person who cried like a baby at Ken’s words when he gave Pandora away. It was almost the ugly cry, people.

And with that, I’ll say have a great football-free weekend everyone! (Jordan would do a happy dance after that sentence, but I’ll hold mine in.)

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