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Marionberry Swirl Pancakes – You guys. It’s Saturday. That means it’s PANCAKE time!!

Marionberry Swirl Pancakes

Have you ever heard of a marionberry? No? You’re not alone. Until I visited Harry & David last year I had no idea either. A marionberry is a kind of blackberry that grows in Oregon and it makes AMAZING jams and preserves. Also? It makes amazing pancakes.

I’m super excited about these pancakes for a couple reasons. One, because they were fluffy and perfect. Two, because they are not only swirled with marionberries, but they’re also pecan praline flavored. (Seriously – one of my favorite flavors of anything ever!) And three, because I’m working with Harry and David to bring you this recipe!

Last year, when I visited H&D, I fell in love with the company. It’s like one big family, from the growers to the packers to the marketers. Seriously. So when they asked if I’d help them out with a recipe, I jumped at the chance. Who would turn down a basket like this? No one I know, that’s for sure!

Marionberry Swirl Pancakes

The Brunch Basket is perfect for Mother’s Day because really, mom’s don’t even need to touch it. Buy it for your husband and he can make breakfast for you, even if he can’t cook. Between the english muffins and the sticky cinnamon swirl you’re set…but you also get pancake mix. And preserves. That you can make these Marionberry Swirl Pancakes with!

Marionberry Swirl Pancakes

Learn How to Make These Marionberry Swirl Pancakes

See how pretty those swirls are? They’re so easy to make too – you just mix some preserves in with some of the pancake batter and swirl it on the cooking pancakes. Easy peasy, and they make the pancakes taste wonderful. A berry flavored pecan praline pancake, smoothered in marionberry scented maple syrup.

That’s a brunch win, if you ask me.

Want to make these Marionberry Swirl Pancakes for breakfast? Go get the Marionberry Swirl Pancake Recipe!

Again, get the recipe for the pancakes here!

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  1. Other than that heavenly ice cream we had in SB, I have never really experienced marionberries before. I MUST change that – these pancakes look so dreamy! 

  2. Basically all I want in life are these pancakes given to me over and over and over again every single morning for the next year.

  3. Love everything about these pancakes! I need to get my hands on the marionberry jam! Sounds so good! 

  4. Ooohhhh! I thought you were talking about Marion Barry, the Mayor of DC! I have never heard of marionberries! I thought your were making a tribute to him since he passed away last year and maybe he loved pancakes! Although he was nationally known, but unless you’re from around here it wont instantly click. Thats funny!