Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake

Thanks to Kizmos, I was able to make my daughter smile with this Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake! A blended root beer float with a chocolate coated glass is the perfect summer drink!

Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake by | A new twist on a favorite summer treat!

Remember back in the day when A&W Root Beer was its own restaurant? Before they merged with KFC? I’d go there and get a chicken sandwich, plain, with lettuce.

Ohmigoodness I can seriously taste that sandwich. My drool sensors just went into overdrive.

I’d always get a root beer, and sometimes a root beer float. I love root beer, almost as much as I remember loving those chicken sandwiches. It makes me so sad that some restaurant big-wig owner guy decided to merge KFC and A&W. Now, when I go to A&W, the chicken sandwich is not the A&W sandwich. It’s the KFC one and that is so not even close to the same thing.

Root beer floats, however? Are always the same.

Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake by | A new twist on a favorite summer treat!

Now I love me a root beer float, but I often feel gyped. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because the food-blogger in me is saying “it’s just ice cream and root beer” or something? I don’t know.

Maybe because when I get a root beer float I end up stirring and stirring and eating the foam and then stirring some more until the ice cream is mixed into the root beer? Then I drink it down like it’s a cream soda, no ice cream involved?

Whatever it is, I love root beer floats, but I love melted ice cream root beer drinks more. So when I got my newest Kizmos products and they included an ice cream scoop, bottle opener, and milkshake straws, I kind of knew immediately what I wanted to make: a root beer float…milkshake.

Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake by | A new twist on a favorite summer treat!

I’ve been working with Kizmos all year now. Their fun, smiling products brought you a killer Strawberry Nutella Tart and an out-of-this-world Macadamia Nut Magic Pizza.

Now, in the heat of the summer (omg, it won’t stop being hot here), the smiling kitchen gadgets are bringing you a root beer milkshake.

With chocolate.

And sprinkles.


Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake by | A new twist on a favorite summer treat!

Have you ever paired chocolate with root beer? Um, wow. Right up there with peanut butter and chocolate, let me tell you. Such an amazing combo!

Root beer, vanilla ice cream, and ice get blended in your blender. Your pour that lovely combo into a glass that’s been lined with chocolate syrup. Then top it with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

A few tips about making these chocolate root beer float milkshakes:

  • Start with cold root beer. Otherwise your ice cream will melt too fast.
  • Chill your glass for a longer lasting milkshake. I didn’t do this because it would have messed up the photos. #foodbloggerproblems
  • Make sure your chocolate sauce is also chilled, so it looks prettier on the glass. Or, you can do what I did. Messy it was, but good it was too.
  • If you’re serving to adults, add a little vanilla vodka for a boozy shake!
  • Have an amazing milkshake straw to drink out of!

I absolutely love these Kizmos milkshake straws. The hole is super huge, so you can drink a thick milkshake out of them. I also used them with a smoothie that was really thick (I was anticipating it to be a spoon smoothie) but with these straws? No spoon needed!

The ice cream scoop is just the right size for a scoop, and the bottle opener. I’m sorry, but there is just something so fun about a bottle opener smiling at you. You can’t help but smile back.

Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake by | A new twist on a favorite summer treat!

This milkshake is so easy, it’s kind of embarrassing. And it’s so good, the recipe makes two, but you’ll pour it into one large mason jar shaped glass (ahem) and say it only serves one.

Just sayin’. Make it when no one else is in the room, and you won’t have to share.

Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake by | A new twist on a favorite summer treat!

But I want to share these Kizmos smiles with you. Scroll down for a giveaway!

Did you make this recipe?

Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake

Make your kids smile with this Chocolate Root Beer Float Milkshake! A blended root beer float with a chocolate coated glass is the perfect summer drink!


  • 12 ounces root beer, cold
  • 3 large scoops (about 2 cups) ice cream
  • Ice, for desired consistency (about 1-3 cups)
  • Chocolate Sauce, cold
  • Cool Whip
  • Sprinkles


  1. Squeeze chocolate sauce inside your serving glasses. Don’t completely coat the insides, just do a swirl or up and down pattern. Leave some glass showing through.
  2. Add root beer and ice cream to blender. Blend until smooth. Add ice, 1 cup at a time, and blend until you get the thickness of shake you desire.
  3. Pour into serving glasses and top with Cool Whip and sprinkles. Serves 2-4, depending on size. (Mine served 2.)
All images and text ©. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.

This post was sponsored by Kizmos.



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  1. These gadgets are adorable! They would make me happy in the kitchen while I’m having a crab cake sandwich which is true happiness!

  2. Baking treats for family and friends is true happiness! Oh, and I think making these milkshakes would also make me truly truly happy.

  3. I feel totally gyped – I’ve never been to an A&W restaurant! I’m not sure if we ever had them on the East Coast. But, now I want a chicken sandwich and, alas, I already had an incredibly nutritious bowl of cereal for dinner… 😉

    I’ve never been a root beer fan (I KNOW – SO weird), but my husband LOVES it, so I know he would adore this! Making him happy makes me happy in the kitchen 🙂

  4. The gadgets make me smile. Love root beer floats, but these take it over the top. Yummy

  5. YUMMO!
    Making things for my friends and family make me happy in the kitchen! Also using cute gadgets like these!!

  6. I have a container of just rubber spatulas, all different colors. True love!

  7. Music while I’m cooking makes me happy. And matching dishes, which makes me a little nutty, I know.

  8. The gadgets look awesome. I can see my grandson and daughter cooking with these

  9. LOVE all their great gadgets and that float…AWESOME

  10. Gadgets totally make me smile. I love my random things like my pineapple slicer…it’s an addiction 😉

  11. Cooking with my children!

  12. I want some smiles in my kitchen!!!

  13. i like lots of counter space and great lighting and some music

  14. What makes me happy??
    Having friends over and seeing how much they like what I cook… because I was not as good a cook as I am today so… yeah!!

  15. That chocolate sauce dripping down the sides of this? WOW! Amazing!
    These cute little spoons totally make me simile! Fun giveaway!

  16. I love to cook and bake especially for the Holidays. These gadgets are adorable.

  17. Omg! My very first job was at an ice cream shop and my all time favorite drink was the “brown cow”, which is basically a root beer shake with chocolate ice cream! You just flooded me with so many memories! Thank you!! Mmmm

  18. YEAH for root beer floats! It has been forever since I had one!

  19. My favorite thing from the old A&W shops was the cheese curds! Yumm!!! I must be a Wisconsin girl through and through. This looks amazing Dorothy!!
    What makes me happy in the kitchen? Licking cake batter . . . . and cookie dough . . . . and residual buttercream from the bowl 🙂

  20. Using these gadgets would definitely make me happy, but baking things for my family and friends always makes me happy, too!

  21. I love music… always playing something on my ipad. Watching the birds out the window… and the smells that come during the actual “baking” 🙂

  22. Spending time with my niece, showing her all about baking and candy making!

  23. Happy in the kitchen = the family all around the table!!

  24. I haven’t had a root beer float since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I would love to make one just to refresh my memory.

  25. Baking always makes me happy, but having these to bake with would make it even better! How can you not smile when you look at them?! : )

  26. Any time I use Chocolate in the kitchen I am happy! These are really cute products and my kids would go coo coo for this float!

  27. Root Beer Float milkshake??!! Genius! I usually end up drinking all the rootbeer before the ice cream (partly due to small straws). This way, it’s all combined and the milkshake straws are awesome! I’ve gotten those for regular shakes at home already.
    Those smiling kitchen tools are adorable!

  28. I’ve never had a root beer float, but I made them all the time when I worked at Disney! A lot of people would order them with chocolate, so I guess that must be a thing!
    What makes me happy in the kitchen is baking food for the people I love. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true!

  29. Root beer and chocolate? This opens so many possibilities ! I bet this would shock so many at bbqs and parties – I see a new trend starting! You never cease to blow me away with your creativity!

  30. Hey Dorothy….I have an A&W Restaurant within a 1/2 hour of me that is JUST A&W…do you want to come visit me now? Yup thought so. Book that flight NOW! This milkshake sounds amazing too!

  31. Being in the kitchen makes me happy! I haven’t had a Root Beer Float in years. This post is making me crave one. Looks like I’m going to the grocery store today 🙂

  32. Happiness is baking cookies and stashing some in the freezer!

  33. I love these happy spoons and straws! Kitchens in general make me happy…I’m always baking whenever I am happy. And if I’m feeling down, I head for the nearest mixer and oven to cheer up. 😀

  34. Cupcakes and my kids make my kitchen a happy place.

  35. Cooking with my grandchildren is the best!

  36. I love trying new recipes.

  37. I love making food for my family and it makes me happy.

  38. Usually baking something with chocolate!

  39. Good tools and using vintage Pyrex makes me happy in the kitchen.

  40. Color Color always makes me happy in my kitchen. I keep everything neutral just so I can add splashes of color.

  41. What makes me happy is seeing others enjoy what I have cooked or baked!

  42. these are such kitchen cutie items, my grandkinds love chocolate syrup in their rootbeer floats, but have to try this version

  43. I am happy in the kitchen when the whole family sits down to a meal that I have prepared….and everyone likes it!

  44. Cooking with my little guy in the kitchen makes me truly happy!

  45. Having the gadgets and gizmos to be able to teach my grandaughters to cook

  46. Having my daughter helping me bake treats makes me happy!

  47. Cooking foods, I know my family likes, and seeing how happy they are when they find out what I have made!!!

  48. My green apple Kitchenaid, my purple hand mixer… and my snowmen measuring spoons! I like fun and color!!

  49. Baking with (and for) my family, especially my munchkins!
    This milkshake sounds yummy:) Have you ever had a root beer float using chocolate ice cream? Pretty good! I think it’s called a black cow:)

  50. Making delicious meals and desserts without breaking or burning anything makes me happy. 🙂

  51. Any kind of baking! Especially cookies 🙂

  52. How sweet! I love to bake cupcakes!!!

  53. These are so much fun!

  54. I’m happy in the kitchen when someone else is doing the dishes!!

  55. These look delicious. My kids all LOVE root beer, so I’ll have to make these soon!

  56. I love mixing up cookie dough. It’s like therapy.

  57. The thing that makes me happiest in the kitchen is when all the delicious smells start to come together. You know you’re about to eat something wonderful. My mom used to work at A&W when I was a little girl. We’d get blended floats all the time. It was my favorite thing as a kid.

  58. Baking cupcakes makes me happy.

  59. Any sort of baking makes me happy! Especially cookies!

  60. When my family tells me how much they enjoy my cooking

  61. This looks SO yummy! Gonna try it asap!

  62. Chocolate and root beer, yum! Never thought of this combination before!

  63. good food makes me happy!

  64. Baking and having people enjoy what I made makes me happy!

  65. Making treats for my family.

  66. Oh boy! This will be fun to do!

  67. I love to bake so as long as I am doing that I am happy

  68. It makes me HAPPY to use cute gadgets like this giveaway…PLEASE!

  69. I love to bake in the winter, when it’s cold outside and hot fresh cookies taste even better than they usually do!

  70. Baking makes me happy….

  71. When I try a new recipe and it is a hit with my family.

  72. I love to bake with my daughter!

  73. So cute! It makes me happy when my daughter helps me cook!

  74. What makes me happy in the kitchen is the smell of cookies or cakes when they are baking. It takes me back to childhood.

  75. I love this. My 5 year old would go crazy for it! I’ll definitely have to try the root beer/chocolate combo!

  76. Cooking or baking something for my family always makes me happy.

  77. I’ve never been good with root beer floats! Do I eat the foam first? Or try to suck the ice cream through the straw (and end up clogging it instead)? Or just drink all the root beer and save the slightly melty ice cream for after? LOVE the idea of a milkshake instead!

  78. new cooking gadgets make me happy!

  79. when my daughter makes brownies!

  80. This looks scrumptious! I love root beer floats! I also had no idea that A & W merged into KFC.

  81. Oh, and my stand mixer makes me happy in the kitchen!

  82. What makes me happy in the kitchen: I love to gather bounty from the garden and prepare dinner using all the fresh ingredients. And new kitchen gadgets!

  83. chocolate covered anything

  84. Baking with my kids in the kitchen makes me happy.

  85. It makes me happy when my daughter likes to bake with me! We have so much fun and make a BIG mess!

  86. When my cupcakes turn out nice & moist and when my cookies come out chewy & soft!

  87. I’m SO excited about winning!!! 😀

  88. close friends and fun music!

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