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Jun 19

Caramel Corn Ice Cream

It’s summer. It’s hot. You want ice cream.

If you’re like me you always want caramel corn.

So let’s combine the two and make caramel corn ice cream – without an ice cream machine!

Caramel Corn Ice Cream made without an ice cream machine!

I have a caramel corn addiction. It’s a serious problem – I can’t even buy it at the store or it will all get eaten.

When I visited Harry & David in April I brought back eleventy-thousand bags of Moose Munch with all sorts of grandiose ideas of what to make with it. I made Caramel Corn Peanut Butter Cookies and then…

Then I ate almost all the bags of Moose Munch I bought. #wishiwaskidding

It’s just so freaking easy to eat caramel corn. You never just grab one kernel and it’s so easy to just mindless eat a whole bag or 5 of it. Finally I was down to my last bag and I told myself I had to make something with it or I’d just eat it all.

So I made caramel corn ice cream and ate the whole bag of caramel corn…along with my ice cream.

Do you see why I work out?

Caramel Corn Ice Cream made without an ice cream machine!

I loved this ice cream, possibly too much. It’s kind of a re-creation of a dessert I had while in Oregon – the chef made Moose Munch Ice Cream and that gave me the idea to make this. However, I am assuming his dessert was made with all sorts of fancy equipment (i.e. an ice cream machine). If you don’t have an ice cream machine, don’t worry. I’m much too lazy to actually use one, so I make all my ice cream the easy way.

To make this ice cream you just need a few ingredients: sweetened condensed milk (I use the fat-free kind), heavy whipping cream, caramel corn, and vanilla. That’s it!

This recipe does take slightly longer to make than my regular versions, because I infused the SCM with the caramel corn flavor by cooking them together over low heat. Then you have to let the milk cool so it doesn’t ruin the whipped cream. But an extra hour or two is not a big deal, especially when you’re eating this. Trust me.

Once the SCM is cool, I picked out the big pieces of caramel corn and discarded them, then stirred in some fresh crushed pieces before adding the vanilla. I used Moose Munch because I had it on hand. It has some chocolate covered pieces, so that added some chocolate flavor to my ice cream. You can use any kind of caramel corn you like.

{And I know I’ll get asked this so I’m answering it – the caramel corn does not get soggy!}

The sweetened condensed milk mixture gets mixed with freshly whipped cream (using the aforementioned heavy whipping cream) and then you freeze it. Easy peasy.

{Tip: if you’re trying to cut calories or reduce the sugar or fat in your desserts, you can use Cool Whip instead of the whipped cream. This lets you control the sugar or calories or fat because you can use fat-free, lite, sugar free, or regular Cool Whip. I like to substitute 1 1/2 containers (about 12 ounces if you’re using an 8 ounce package) for all of the whipped cream.}

Once it’s frozen you have to just try not to eat it all like you would a bag of caramel corn. And a serving suggestion?

Pour caramel all over it. It takes this ice cream to a new level.

Caramel Corn Ice Cream made without an ice cream machine!

More caramel is always good, right?

Caramel Corn Ice Cream

Yield: 1 quart

Caramel Corn Ice Cream


  • 14 ounces (1 can) sweetened condensed milk (fat-free or regular)
  • 1 tablespoon nonfat milk
  • 2 cups caramel corn, divided (I used Moose Munch, which has chocolate covered pieces - use your favorite!)
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream, cold
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Place sweetened condensed milk, nonfat milk, and 1 cup of caramel corn in a small saucepan. Heat over low heat for about 4-5 minutes, stirring often, to infuse the caramel flavor into the milk. Remove from heat and cool completely before continuing.
  2. Beat cold heavy cream on high in a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment (or using a hand mixer) until stiff peaks form.
  3. Remove large chunks of caramel corn from the sweetened condensed milk mixture and discard.
  4. Place remaining 1 cup of caramel corn in a ziploc bag and pound with a rolling pin until it’s broken into small pieces.
  5. Fold whipped cream into sweetened condensed milk mixture. Stir in vanilla and crushed caramel corn. Place in a large resealable container and freeze at least 4 hours or overnight before eating.
  6. Serving tip: top with caramel ice cream topping and more caramel corn!

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47 comments on “Caramel Corn Ice Cream

  1. I once made caramel corn cookies a couple years ago and I love caramel corn! I bet it is just so tasty in this ice cream! I mean, you cannot go wrong! Thanks for saying it doesn’t get soggy – that’s interesting to know! Ive made no-maker ice cream with SCMilk before too, and used Oreos, and they don’t get soggy either. Softer, but not soggy. Great job on the flavors here, Dorothy! pinned

  2. Moose Munch is the best! Their s’mores flavor is dangerous stuff.
    Love that this ice cream doesn’t need a machine! And I’d love to top it with your dulce de leche recipe from yesterday!

  3. I love caramel corn, but never thought to add it to something else. Genius idea! Love ideas for ice cream as we are gearing up for summer. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my gosh that sounds amazing! Never tried putting caramel corn in ice cream, but it sounds like a fabulous idea! :)

  5. I love no machine simple ice cream! And what a fantastic flavor – caramel corn is the best! And love that you used caramel corn with chocolate – definitely need to try Moose Munch soon! Pinned :)

  6. I love caramel and ice cream, yum! This looks like a great recipe!

  7. I love caramel corn! Add ice cream and it is the perfect summer treat. Can’t wait to give my family some of this goodness.

  8. Thanks for the shout out, Dorothy! Love the idea of this ice cream. I always get in trouble for eating all the peanuts out of caramel corn, when is completely random, but I always think that when I see caramel corn! I was wondering about the popcorn getting soggy so that’s good to know! Pinned!

  9. WHA?!?!?!
    I LOVE caramel corn. That is my total weakness. This looks amazing.

  10. Oh goodness, this looks amazeballs! Never tried caramel corn, only toffee popcorn here which would be pretty darn similar.

    Love that caramel drippiness on the side. Want to lick it off.

  11. What a fun flavor!! Love everything about it!

  12. This sounds awesome–perfect for the start of summer! And thanks for sharing my ice cream, Dorothy!

  13. This is awesome!! Love caramel corn and in ice cream? Needs to happen here for sure over the summer.

  14. I just found your blog yesterday and I’m guessing from the last post the obsession may be caramel in general? :) I’m liking it because I’m a big caramel fan too- keep the recipes coming!

  15. More caramel is always good! What a fun and creative ice cream flavor! I love it!

  16. Oh, this ice cream is dangerous! Why I work out too :)

  17. Super fun ice cream flavor, Dorothy! Great photos too :)

  18. You have a caramel corn addiction, I have an ice cream addiction… Between the two of us, your entire ice cream recipe wouldn’t last more than 10 minutes! Especially because it’s so darn hot in Sacramento in the summers… Ice cream is basically a necessity to stay sane and cool!

  19. The icecream looks so delicious. .love caramel. . Love the combination. . :)

  20. Sooo I’m thinking since you have 11,000 bags of Moose Munch……

    JK I would never ask anyone to share their moose munch. Somethings are sacred. But this ice cream. Ohemgeee this ice cream! Pinned. Because I just bought an ice cream maker and this needs to happen. ASAP

  21. Oooh I have never thought of this before but it is brilliant! I adore caramel corn!!!!

  22. Oh my goodness this looks SOOOOOO good. I am the same way with caramel corn. If it is near it is gone. I only buy it when others are around to share. I might break this rule though to make this ice cream. I can only hope it makes it into the ice cream.

  23. I love caramel corn, but never though to put it in ice cream. What a great idea! I’m pinning this one.. I have a feeling this wouldn’t last long around me.

  24. This looks so good Dorothy! Caramel corn is the best and I love that you put it into ice cream – that’s such an awesome idea! No machine makes this one even more perfect – pinned :)

  25. This is seriously the best ice cream flavor, EVER! Pinned!

  26. What a delicious ice cream recipe. There’s no way I could ever turn down caramel corn. I love that this can be made without an ice cream maker. Pinned.

  27. Yup moose munch is ADDICTIVE, but this is perfect for summer! IDK about nor cal but so cal is hot!! I could literally eat the whole tub of this ice cream!

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  29. This is gorgeous girl! Can never go wrong with caramel! :) Pinned.

  30. I love that it won’t get all soggy! Caramel corn is one of my fave snacks ever… and well, ice cream is too… and I have got to try this with the chocolate covered pieces too. Looks like the most incredible summer concoctions ever!

  31. Loving this!! And loving how I don’t need an ice cream maker :) Got to make this soon :)

  32. Summer in a bowl! Seriously, this looks amazing. And I just die over moose much… I could eat it all day every day!

  33. Caramel corn is one of those snacks I cannot stop reaching for more. Forget the fact that I am full – it is just too good #sadly. Putting it in ice cream should hopefully help the life of my bags of caramel corn and get me on an ice cream making roll again. Homemade ice cream is the best! You nailed the melty drippy photos Dorothy; they are so hard, but you do them incredibly well! Pinned!

  34. Caramel Corn is a guilty addiction of mine. In Chicago there are two chains (Garretts and Nuts On Clark) that sell it hot and fresh. They put it in a wax paper bag then package it with handwipes! I bought 2 bags at the train station last week and finished one on the train ride home to St. Louis. I wish I had this recipe so that I could have used my second bag of caramel corn in this ice cream instead of eating it all myself! Your easy ice cream recipe is awesome!

  35. I’m the same way with caramel corn! and omigoshhh Dorothy! STOP IT! I’m freaking out because this ice cream is so perfect it is CRAZY! Pinning!

  36. Ok, this sounds totally amazing!!

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  38. I never would have thought of putting caramel corn in ice cream, but I love this idea. And why don’t I eat more caramel corn? Must remedy.

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