Whatever Friday

Happy Friday!

Did you all have a good week? I hope so!

1. Why is Halloween not on Friday? I think that it should be one of those “observed” holidays – always on a Friday. One, I feel bad for the poor, poor teachers who have to deal with my over-sugared under-slept kid the day after Halloween. And two, I feel bad for me because I have to be the mean mom that makes Jordan go to bed at a reasonable hour because it’s a school night. Friday nights, people. It would be a good thing.

2. Speaking of Halloween, how was yours? Jordan was Hannah Montana, and I? I was myself.

Crazy for crust, of course.

3. We blew out the pumpkins and turned off the lights about 8pm on Halloween. My husband says it was because Jordan was in bed and we didn’t want her disturbed. Me? I did it because we were almost out of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

4. This week, because we don’t get enough sugar trick-or-treating, I made you dessert.

I’m keeping my sugar in check by making a sugar-free pumpkin snack cake.

I made you a tongue twister.

Want to win some of those fab disposable pans? You still have a few hours left to win!

And I went to a party!

If you love Instagram as much as I do, go join in the Back For Seconds #SnapshotSocial photo a day fun!

5. Our last cheer game is tomorrow night. It’s at 7pm. Um…that’s bedtime for Jordan. So yeah…Sunday ought to be fun.

6. I’m a little freaked out by the new ad program by Federated Media. Any one have insight/thoughts about it?

7. Get ready for Pie! Monday begins the “Two Weeks of Pie” around here at Crazy for Crust, where I’m going to show you at least 6 different pie recipes. I’m so excited! I started baking yesterday and you all are going to love it.

To celebrate pie week I’m kicking it off on Monday with a PIE PARTY on FACEBOOK. I hope you’ll come join me. Stop by my Facebook page on Monday morning to share your favorite pie recipe on my wall. Throughout the day (and week, depending on how many posts I get) I’ll share your pies with my Facebook fans! Complete directions will be on my Facebook wall on Monday morning, at 6am PST. Come party with me! :)

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to set your clocks back. What are you going to enjoy for your extra hour? Jordan wants to start a blog…so I think that’s what I’ll be doing. {Did we really expect anything different from her?}

See y’all for PIE week next week!

xo, Dorothy


  1. Can’t wait to party with you and your pies!
    keri @ shaken together recently posted..{what’s shakin’ link party} #33My Profile

  2. I’m in Ohio with my grandson and Halloween is tomorrow–most of this area was affected by Hurricane Sandy and it had to be postponed. I’m not sure my daughter in New Jersey will have Halloween at all. Love the recipes and hope to be baking with my grand today or tomorrow. XOXO
    Susan recently posted..October’s Apron Give-Away & Treats for the GrandsMy Profile

    • That’s so sad for all the kids. :( The state should delcare Nov 30 Halloween or something, once it’s all been cleaned up and the power is back. Good luck to your family!

  3. oh my gosh I have been living for the time going back an hour, cannot wait!!! And you have a great costume, very original;p And what a cute Hannah you have, she looks so happy!
    sue @ cakeballs, cookies and more recently posted..Halloween Cake PopsMy Profile

  4. Have a great weekend Dorothy!
    Liz recently posted..Halloween Kit Kat Rice Krispie TreatsMy Profile

  5. I cannot wait for pie week! And the pie party! And Jordan’s blog! So much fun happening here.
    Thanks again for partying with me. You are the BEST!!
    Have a great weekend. I plan on making that cheeseball. Oh yeah!
    Back For Seconds recently posted..Individual Apple Pies, *Launch Party*, and Instagram Snapshot Social!!My Profile

  6. So what is up with Federated? I’m curious to know too. I just applied to them (during OBC) but they sent me an email saying they’re reviewing me.

    Have a good weekend!
    mrs. williams recently posted..Zucchini Oatmeal Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

    • They’ve now moved to lijit ads. They emailed me and said, as of Nov 30, my contract is over and my ads will stop. I reapplied with Lijit and got accepted, but I’ve heard they pay less. I’m crossing my fingers BlogHer comes through for me…

  7. So cute!! I totally agree that it is so weird that Halloween is like in the middle of the week. Where I’m from they have trick or treat days on the weekend, not on actual Halloween.

    Also-I totally didn’t realize Hannah Montana was still a thing? I’m so not in the know.
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted..White Chicken Enchiladas with Scallion SauceMy Profile

  8. Jordan was so so cute as Hannah Montana :) what’s her blog going to be about? I’m excited. This is gonna be good!
    Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel recently posted..The Friday Roundup!My Profile

  9. I am SO with you on the friday Halloween thing
    Thursday was ROUGH here,
    and I am excited for pie week(s)
    I LOVE me some pie
    Have a great weekend!!
    Heather @French Press recently posted..Peanut Butter Cup no-bake Granola BarsMy Profile

  10. Hey Dorothy! It sounds like you had a great Halloween! We had NO trick-or-treaters out here at the farm. So, I’ll be forced to enjoy… er, um… endure eating the tootsie pops we bought for them. *wink.
    I’ve been working on Christmas candy recipes, so I’ll probably be in the kitchen for the “extra hour” this weekend! **Hugs**

  11. PIE!! … yum! Can’t wait to see your line-up! Have a great weekend, Dorothy. I’m sure I’ll be in the kitchen with my extra hour … doing test runs of Thanksgiving dishes…
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground recently posted..Insanely Delicious Turtle CookiesMy Profile

  12. I am so ready for pie posts all week long:-) Bring it on you crazy crust lady!!!! Love your costume…so original and cute! And Jordan is absolutely darling…can’t wait to see her new blog!!!! Have a great weekend!!!
    Jocelyn @BruCrew Life recently posted..In an Insta…My Profile

  13. I’m so happy to hear that I’m not the only mom on the planet who inflicts a 7 pm bedtime on her kids OR the only mom to rain on the trick or treat parade at 8 pm. Solidarity Dorothy!
    Lisa recently posted..It’s Friday! Cheers! {Virtual Ribbon Cutting}My Profile

  14. Cute costumes ;) I wish Halloween was on Friday, I had a midterm – no fun!!
    Kristi @ My San Francisco Kitchen recently posted..Baked Sweet Potato FriesMy Profile

  15. I love your costume! I never even thought to dress up as myself – I always waaaay overthink the costume and end up not dressing up at all. (Jordan was cute too:)

    Have a great weekend – I’m Christmas shopping with my extra hour!
    Mindy recently posted..Candy Corn Cake PopsMy Profile

  16. Halloween should TOTALLY be on a Friday! I don’t know who you should contact about that… but I’ll back you up!
    Whitney @ The Newlywed Chefs recently posted..Pistachio Pesto PastaMy Profile

  17. Can’t wait for the pie week! And yes, why isn’t Halloween on a Friday? I mean Easter’s on a Sunday, why not Halloween? Jordan looks so grown up, even as Hannah Montana! Of course you should go as yourself, I love that you went with your apron on and the headband is too cute!

    Did the clocks go back this weekend for you guys then? Ours went back last weekend. Weird how different countries do it at different times. You’d think it’d be the same. *shrug*
    Lisa {Sweet 2 Eat Baking} recently posted..Bonfire ToffeeMy Profile

    • It used to be the same until the about 5 or 6 years ago. The government shortened it by 2 weeks to save money on electricity. It does make it hard – my husband works with people in Europe and Asia and it’s annoying! :)

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