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Muddy Buddy Cheeseball

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When I was growing up and would have a party or go to a potluck, my mom always brought a cheeseball. Always. Even today, I expect it at gatherings.

I remember when it was easy to find the little glass jar of cheese she used (I think it was Kraft? or something?) and then later, when only certain stores would sell it. Those little tiny jars were my milk glasses. Oh, how many Oreos I dipped in those little jars of milk.

I’ve never actually made my mom’s cheeseball. She does it so well, why ruin tradition? Now that I make desserts “for a living” I’m kind of always expected to bring sweets to parties.

So, when Stephanie from Back for Seconds invited me to her new blog launch party, I knew I was bringing a treat.

I mean, have you seen Stephanie’s blog? It’s, like, my sugar fantasy. And now she’s all set in her new digs!

My mind immediately went to a cheeseball. A sweet, chocolatey version, that is. Ever since I made my Football Dip last spring, I’ve wanted to make another cream cheese based chocolate dip.

So I did.

I took the classic muddy buddy flavors (chocolate and peanut butter) and mixed them with cream cheese to form a thick, sweet, rich cheeseball. It’s almost like eating fudge, but you get to put it on cookies and apples so, um, it’s better.

Then, in true muddy buddy fashion, I rolled it in powdered sugar. Because chocolate and peanut butter aren’t sweet enough together.

The best part? This recipe makes two cheeseballs. TWO. One for you, one for the party.

Don’t miss out on the party today over at Back For Seconds! There are some fabulous bloggers bringing yummy party food. You won’t want to miss out.

And, do you {heart} Instagram as much as I do? Stephanie is also starting a photo-a-day project! I’m super excited to join in, because I’m truly addicted to Instagaram! Here is the photo schedule:

I’m sure you’ll be seeing it all over the place. Tag your photos with #SnapshotSocial to join in the fun! Today is the first of the month…so now I need to go photograph “3 things about me…”

Hmmm. How do you photograph sarcastic? At least I think I have the “addicted to desserts” one down.

{Hello, I made a muddy buddy flavored cheeseball. Does it get any more addicted than that?}

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Muddy Buddy Cheeseball


  • 1 bag milk chocolate chips — (about 2 cups)
  • 8 ounces cream cheese — , softened
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • Things to dip: cookies — , pretzels, fruit, or pie crust dippers
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar


  1. Melt chocolate chips in a large, microwave safe bowl for 1 1/2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Let cool slightly.
  2. Add peanut butter and cream cheese to melted chocolate. Mix with a hand mixer until thoroughly combined.
  3. Divide into two portions. Use your hands to form into a ball and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill for about an hour (or more - this can be done a day ahead, but let come to room temperature before continuing).
  4. Right before serving, place powdered sugar in a large bowl. Roll each ball in it two times, completely coating each time. Serve with cookies or fruit. (After awhile, you may need to add more powdered sugar. It will begin to dissolve.)

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  1. ha you said two, really in my world it would just be one huge honkin cheese ball, and I would not share, just saying.

  2. Don’t think one of these would actually make it out of the house and I’m okay with that. YUM!

  3. OH my goodness, yes!! Kinda makes me want to try it with Nutella too though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Muddy buddy cheeseball? Am I dreaming? Muddy buddies are my favorite- I’m addicted. Thank you so much for bringing this to my launch party! You are awesome and I’m so happy we’re friends ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS: Can’t wait to see sarcastic in a photo either, lol!

  5. It looks like you struck gold here! This looks amazing Dorothy!

  6. You, my friend, are an evil genius. One who took a sinfully delicious cheeseball and made it muddy-buddified. And then rolled that bada$$ in powdered sugar. No wonder I love you so!

  7. oh my goodness – my mom used to ALWAYS make the cheeseball covered in nuts
    I have not thought about that in ages – what a blast from the past
    cheese – fries, and choc/pb – the reason I will never again be a size 6!!
    your treat has 3 out of 4 – must be amazing:)

  8. Wow, this looks yummy! Good thing it makes 2!

  9. Brilliant! This is perfect party food! It really is a good thing that this recipe makes two!

  10. Whoa. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  11. Two for me, zero for the party…wait, what? These look fantastic, and I totally endorse the muddy buddy theme. Thanks for sharing!

  12. That looks so good! And are those Nilla Wafers? What a great idea to use them with a spread! Love it!

  13. Holy cow, Dorothy. This cheeseball looks amazing. You are a genius. Evil, but a genius. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I love muddy buddies! I can go to TOWN on those things! great idea!

  15. SUCH a clever recipe Dorothy!!!! i ADORE muddy buddys! We call it puppy chow!

    • I think it’s funny how different areas call it different things. My whole life, it’s been muddy buddy. When I started seeing puppy chow on blogs I was like what the heck is that? ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Oh My Gosh! You simply are AMAZING! Do you know how much I love Muddy Buddies?! Pinning! <3

  17. Are you sure this makes two? Because in my mind I only see one huge glorious cheese ball…looks like Sue and I are on the same page with that. Ok, evil dessert maker…I am now craving peanut butter and chocolate and it’s too late to bake:-(

  18. I think the problem would be that I would eat this with a spoon. Oh, or graham crackers. Definitely with graham crackers. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  20. How did I miss so many of your amazing dips???? Off to check out all the links then decide which to make first!!!

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  22. MMMMMMMMMMM Gonna make this right now! How long do you think the second one would keep in the fridge?

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