Witch Hat Cupcakes {Halloween Week!}

These spooky witch hat cupcakes are filled with a sweet surprise!

Witch Hat Cupcakes filled with candy corn! | crazyforcrust.com

Yay! It’s Halloween Week!

Hayley (aka The Domestic Rebel) and I were talking recently. We wanted to do a theme week thought, why not Halloween?

I mean, it’s the first week of October people. We need to get in the spirit.

I, for one, am NOT in the spirit. Sure, I decorated my house. But I am NOT in the spirit.

It’s kind of hard to get in the spirit of Halloween when it is 100 degrees. I kid you not people.

But I know, you did not come here to here me gripe about the weather. Again.

{And, really. As much as I love candy and Halloween decorations…I’m not really in love with Halloween. Trying to pick a costume, staying up late, dealing with the eventual tantrum from staying up late and too much candy, dealing with the tantrums the next day because of lack of sleep and too much candy…not my idea of a great time.}

I figured making an entire week of Halloween goodies would get me in the spirit. There’s always hope!

So, first up: witches.

I have a fondness for witches.

For one, my name is Dorothy. Can you guess the first thing everyone who I’ve ever met has said to me?

That movie was kind of a staple in my childhood. I think the water-on-witch part is my favorite.

Also, last year I talked about my mom and her witch costume. Fond memories, I have.

These hats are super easy to make. They are sugar cones, coated in black candy melts. The brim is made of candy melts, and the band is a fruit roll up. Cupcakes are not necessary….but I liked the idea of the green. Kind of like my favorite part of the movie.

“I’m melting….”

But the one thing that wicked witch did not have was a sweet surprise. These melted witches? Have a very sweet surprise inside.

The hollow hats are filled with candy corn! I figured, why waste and hollow space when it can be filled with candy?

All in the spirit of Halloween!

Be sure to go see Hayley for Halloween Week. And be sure to look through your Halloween archives…we’re doing a Halloween link-up on Friday! You can come and link your favorite past and present Halloween treats.

I really need the help getting in the mood. Please help me!

Witch Hat Cupcakes


  • Sugar Cones
  • Black candy melts
  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Candy Corn or other small candy
  • Cupcakes, baked and cooled
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Green food coloring


  1. Decide how tall you want your hats to be. You can use the entire sugar cone, or you can cut it to your desired length. Use a serrated bread knife to gently cut the cones. (I cut about an inch from the opening.)
  2. Melt your black candy melts. (You could also use chocolate, or use chocolate and use black candy color to tint.) Place melted candy in a deep bowl, so that when you dip your cones, as much of them is covered as possible.
  3. Hold the cone, point side down, with your fingers inside the cone. Dip into the melted candy, using a spoon to help you coat the sides all the way to the top. Gently tap off the excess candy and place, open side down, onto a rack set over a cookie sheet. Place in the refrigerator to harden.
  4. While the tops are hardening, make the brims of the hats. Find a circle the size you wish to use (I used a round cookie cutter) and trace circles onto waxed paper with a pencil (one for each hat you are making). Turn the waxed paper upside down onto a cookie sheet, so you can see the pencil marks but they are on the underside of where you will pipe the candy.
  5. Place melted candy melts (leftover from the hats) into a ziploc baggie and snip off one corner. Slowly trace your circles with the candy, and fill in the centers. Tap the cookie sheet slightly to make the candy even. Place in the refrigerator to harden.
  6. Once the hats and brims are hardened, get ready to assemble them. Fill the hat with small candies, like candy corn. Flip the brims upside down (the bottoms will be flatter than the tops). Hold the filled hat in your hand and trace the edge with the melted candy (what’s left in your baggie from making the brims). Quickly press into the center of the brim, and fill around with more candy if needed to fill gaps. Use your finger to smooth any excess candy.
  7. Unroll a fruit roll up. Slice 1/4” strips and wrap around where the hat meets the brim. Press to seal the ends together. Let harden.
  8. Tint your frosting green (or whatever color you wish) and frost your cupcakes. Place a witch hat on top of each one.


**I made 4 witch hats with 3/4 of a bag of candy melts.**

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  1. These are adorable! I love the candy cane surprise :) I complained so much about the heat while I was living in Phoenix, and now that I’ve left, I’m already saying I’m cold! I am seriously into treats like this this year though.

  2. Eeeeeek. Your witches are awesome. If a witch ever plagued me, I’d certainly hope her hat was filled with candy corn. Otherwise I’d be kind of pissed. Anyway, thanks for teaming up with me for theme week!

  3. These witch hats are too cute! What a fun idea! I’m a little obsessive about Halloween so I can’t wait for the whole week… Not to mention the link up!! Can’t wait to see what you have in store!! :)

  4. Love the colors and the fun surprise!

    Thanks for sharing at Mealtime Monday!


  5. These are so cute! I loved that you filled the hat with candy too!

  6. These are so much fun!! I have really gotten inspired this Halloween and dived back into blogging a bit more, I guess I missed it more than I realized! I have some WITCH LEGS to go w/ your WITCH HATS that I am going to post this week! HOW FUN – I love this time of year for many reasons. These are very cool Dorothy!

  7. Ya’ll are truly two peas in a pod! I’m loving the green frosting underneath, it reminds you who was wearing the hat!

  8. Oh my these look awesome, and I love the treats in the hat! Awesome looking cupcake!

  9. Eek!!! I love it!! That is just wonderful. Love the candy corn INSIDE the hat. Next year, find gummy spiders; however I wonder if they exist?

  10. I am in LOVE with these witch hats!! so C U T E
    you are amazing

  11. So cute! Love the extra surprise in the hat! Can’t wait to see what else u have in store for Halloween week!

  12. I love that you didn’t want to waste the empty space! Surprise candy is always a good thing:-) I am so excited for Halloween week. It is one of my favorite holidays:-)

  13. I LOVE the candy surprise in that witch hat!! What a fun cupcake and topper!

  14. Cute cupcake!! Love theme week. Totally with you though on the not in love with Halloween!

  15. Those are too cute!

  16. I love the sweet surprise! How creative. Such a good start to get you (and everyone else) in the Halloween spirit!

  17. Great witch hats! I guess it’s time to get mine out and dust it off.
    Love, Mom

  18. So, so creative!! I can’t believe it’s October already, but I’m ready for celebrating it and you’ve started me out with such inspiration. XOXO

  19. Ahhh!!! Totally adorbs! I love that they are filled with candy too, so clever!

  20. I’m not really big on Halloween either but I do love seeing all the creative treats out there. These are one of the best yet! They are so perfect with the green frosting underneath, and, hello? candy inside the hat? Love it!
    Also, I love the banner for halloween week, Can’t wait to see what you girls have up your sleeves. Ya’ll are brilliant ;)

  21. So? Did they? Name you after Dorothy?? :) Jk.
    That movie terrified me as a child.
    I enjoy witches too. I was always a witch for Halloween.
    I love the color of the frosting. It’s teal!

  22. How clever! I love it!

  23. Those cupcakes are great! I love the candy in the hat, what a sweet surprise.

  24. I love it, Dorothy! The surprise inside is such a fabulous idea too!

  25. We don’t celebrate Halloween, but these cupcakes are fabulous !!
    Really cute :)

  26. What a cute idea filling the hats with candy. The kids I babysit will love this!

  27. Eek! You are so creative, Dorothy! I kind of know how you feel about your name…since I’m from Kansas, I have to hear a million Wizard of Oz jokes/comments wherever I go. I am so excited about your Halloween week–can’t wait to see what you do next!!

  28. OOH, too cute, Dorothy! What a perfect Halloween treat.

  29. Oh my…those are just tooooo adorable!!

  30. These are so beautiful! I love them!

  31. Um— CUTE! And so clever (hiding the candy)!!

    And yes. I’m procrastinating some of my blogcon duties……..

  32. LOVE THESE! What a great idea filling the “hat” with candy corn! I’m so making these to pass out to the kids on our street!
    p.s. We do a grave yard in our front yard and I dress up as the Wicked Witch every year to pass out sweets! Its my most favorite holiday EVER!

  33. I’ve seen the cones used, but not covered- like it so much better. The surprise in the hat is darling!

  34. Hey from tessacotton! These cupcakes are BEYOND adorable. I would be so thrilled if you would link up to my new, halloween themed linky party, live today!

  35. I need to remember to come over on Friday. I love holiday linky’s. So many great ideas!

    I dont know if you’re a Harry Potter fan but these look like they could be sorting hat cupcakes. They look all… authentic-like… Darling!

  36. These are so cute!!! I love the surprise in the cones!

  37. Those are crazy awesome! I love the prize in the hat- cackle, cackle, cackle!

    I host Photo Friday Blog Hop- you are welcome to add this or any other picture from you blog/post. Hope you stop by tomorrow. Cheers!

  38. Oh wow you amaze me! I LOVE the treat on the inside! This is pure creativity :) Yay for Halloween week!

  39. Pinning and featuring tonight! You are such a genius! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout! Hope to see you back tonight!


  40. Love the secret candy surprise!! What a fun hidden gem.

  41. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
    It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same page
    layout and design. Great choice of colors!

  42. These are spookily cute. I totally approve of filling that empty space in the little hats with candy.
    Hester @.Alchemy in the Kitchen recently posted..Apricot and Orange Barmbrack for Hallowe’en – Trick? Treat!My Profile


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