Aug 03

Whatever Friday

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Happy Friday! Only two more weeks of summer!

{Yes, I’m gleeful. There, I said it. I’m happy to get back to the school routine and time for blogging that doesn’t involve hours of TV.}

Did you all have a good week?

1. This week was super busy around here!

I made deep-fried wonderfulness.

I made sugar cookie crack.

I guest posted for the superawesome Hayley.

I made *healthy* popsicles.

Aaaand…I co-hosted a Facebook Exchange Party. (It’s still on! Go check it out!)

Whew. Now I’m exhausted.

2. Have you entered my giveaway for The Busy Mom’s Cookbook by Antonia Lofaso? Hurry, you still have a little time left!

3. If anyone knows why the shadow boxes on my photos are suddenly back (when I removed the code for them ages ago AND added the proper CSS to get rid of them) and why my post editor will not allow me to change the default font to, well, default (it’s stuck on Times) please let me know. I’ve tried asking Blogger for help, which is kinda like asking the President to dinner (you never get a response). Scratch that…the White House would probably send a courtesy reply. So, nothing like Blogger.
4. Jordan got her spacers on Wednesday. And some impressions. She’s such a big girl now that she doesn’t even need me in the room with her while she gets worked on. Sniff. Sniff.

5. Last weekend we had a pool party. I made cocktails.

I didn’t take photos. I didn’t write a recipe. But it was too good not to share. Two cups each of lemonade (low sugar kind) and Sprite Zero. Add in a cup of watermelon juice (puree the watermelon and strain), a half a cup of midori, and a cup of vodka. Way too good.

6. It was a “Grill Your Own Pizza” party. I made lots of dough. Too much, but now I have several dinners worth of partially grilled mini pizzas for fast school night dinners. Score!

7. I instagramed this picture of my fruit salad. With the comment “yummy, yummy.” I don’t think anyone got it.

{Do you get it? Fruit Salad….yummy, yummy…}

{The Wiggles. With Greg. Always Greg. Never pseudo-Greg.}

8. I have an end of summer bucket list that includes: Donner Lake, more rock climbing, the Loomis son-cone stand, and finally scheduling Jordan’s BFF for a sleepover. What are your rest-of-summer plans?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Eat some sugar for me.