Jul 06

Whatever Friday

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Hey everyone! It’s Friday again! And now it’s July. ??!!

Did you all have a good week? I feel really weird writing this, as it feels like it should be Saturday. Having a holiday in the middle of a week is a good way to confuse a girl.

Pssst…I’m guest posting today over at My Happy Place. Want to hear more about these cookies?

Then go say hi to Sophie…and give her a hug for me!

1. This week I…

Made you kinda uncomfortable.

Made you liquid gold.

And made you real gold.

Thanks to everyone for looking at all my fun treats this week!

2. When I broke my baby fondue pot, I was outside with the fam and the dog. My dog is so addicted to people food she immediately went for the dip. She wanted it so bad it didn’t even matter that there was glass attached to it. I then had to wrestle and bribe her to “drop the damn fondue pot!” Oy. What is it with my pets?

3. Speaking of pets, did you see the instagram photo I posted about when I brushed my cat? Oh my God how does that much hair come off of them? SO nasty. Next time I’m getting a Grandma Wrinkles.

4. Speaking of Real Housewives…I was so mad the RHOC reunion wasn’t on this week. Come on Bravo, us addicts need our fix.

5. Jordan got her first two baby teeth pulled this week, which starts us on our loooooong orthodontic journey. She’s got two more to go, then we start with all the fun stuff, like braces, rubber bands, and a palate expander. She’s being a total trouper…because I promised her pierced ears if she cooperates. {Hey, if the bribe works…}

6. It’s Flashback Friday! It is HOT here…is it hot where you are? Maybe you need some ice cream? Or maybe some rockin’ good ice cream sandwiches?

7. In real life I’m not very good at inviting myself to things. Obviously in blog life, I don’t have a problem with it. I’m joining in on the Red Faced Runner’s Challenge, and signing up to do a 5k during the weekend of September 9th. Any locals want to run the Run to Remember with me on September 9th? We can get some cute socks and tweet our red-faced running photos along with all the other cool ladies. πŸ™‚

8. And hey, because I’m a total copycat and joiner, I joined BlogFrog. I have no clue how to use it yet, but come be my friend!!

For a short week it was sure super busy! And now it’s the weekend! Do you have any fun plans?