Mar 08

Whatever Friday

It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Yippee, it’s Friday!

1. Obviously I have comment service ADD. I am now back to blogger comments. I started getting more and more complaints about not being able to comment and the customer service at Intense Debate sucks. So, back to blogger. But of course I can’t keep all my old comments. So if you can do me a teensy favor and go back and comment on all my posts, that would be great. Thanks much.

{Just kidding.}

2. I posted about Leprechauns this week.

3. And about Dr. Seuss.

4. And how I hate softball.

But I don’t hate Thin Mints. I love them. Too much.

5. I’m not good at stress; this is not new. But lately I feel like I need some wine and valium to quell the anxiety. (No Mom, not together. I’m not Lindsay Lohan.) How do you handle stress? I exercise a lot already. I’ve tried yoga but I have way too much time to think between downward dog and warrior. What else can I do? Deep breathing? Longer baths? Shipping my kid off to sleep away school?

6. I recently read a great book, Breaking Silence by Linda Castillo. Turns out it’s book three of a series. I hate it when that happens, but luckily you don’t really need to read these in order. (But if I was just starting out, I would. The other two are Sworn to Silence and Pray for Silence.) They are an Amish crime thriller series and are SO good. What have you been reading lately?

Have a great weekend everyone!  See ya’ on the flip side.