Mar 15

Whatever Friday


I want to thank you all for your good ju-ju for my mom. She had been having some pain and the stress test was normal so they did an angiogram to check for more blockage. Thank goodness they did because her original stent was 95% blocked and needed to be replaced. She’s doing well now. Thank goodness! It really is a good day today!

1. The only one in our house who doesn’t care about the jet-lag effects of Daylight Savings Time is the dog. She’s just happy that us humans are finally feeding her at the right time and she no longer has to beg and whine for her dinner starting at 4:00 pm because for the last six months we have been cruel parents, making her wait a “whole extra hour.”

2. Pi Day was this week! One of my favorite days of the year. I celebrated with a blog hop and Carrot Cake Pie.

3. Tomorrow is St. Patty’s Day! The day of green and luck. Here is what I posted to celebrate the little green men this year:

{Slice and Bake} Rainbow Cookies, Cupcake Topped Rainbow Cupcakes, Leprechaun Gold, Baileys Pudding Shots, and Pot O’ Gold Cupcakes.

4. I love holidays, for lots of reasons, but because of how cute the blogosphere decorates. It’s been rainbows and green for a month! Here are a few of the things that caught my eye:

Leprechaun Hats by The Domestic Rebel, {cake} Pops O’ Gold by Chicken Scratch, Lucky Charms Cupcakes by AKM designs and delights, Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes by Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons, Pot o’ Gold Rainbow Cupcake Push Pops by Sweetology, Smiling Shamrock Shakes by Hungry Happenings, Rainbow Cake Pops by Munchkin Munchies, Rainbow Tie Dye Cake by Bird on a Cake, Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies by In Katrina’s Kitchen

5. I want to update my About Me page. It needs some sprucing. So…before I do, is there anything you want to know about me? What should I put on that page??

Have a great weekend everyone. Have a safe and green St. Patrick’s Day and watch out for those pinches!