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Happy Friday everyone!
Do you have an Elf? We do. His name is France. He has a sister, Paris, who is the elf of a little boy in a nearby city.
I know all this because last year France had the bright idea to write letters to Jordan. He even encouraged her to write him back (using Stocking-mail, of course) and he would answer in a timely manner.
This year he hasn’t been so enthusiastic about the writing thing. Jordan was very upset it took him several days to remember to check his Stocking-mail. I think he has a lot going on up at the North Pole or something.
What I really love about the whole Elf thing is how magical it is. How it makes me realize that my daughter really does believe. I mean, she has full on conversations with France. She stands in front of him and talks and talks and talks. She shows him her homework and colors him pictures.
Now, in the past, France has been all about easy. He moves from the mantel to the wreath to the curtain rod to the Christmas tree. But this year I keep seeing all these Elf escapades on Pinterest. And our little guy is striving to keep up:
I love all the kids Christmas ideas I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. Here are a few that I’ve pinned recently:
And there are so many more! What have you seen lately that you can’t wait to do with your kids?
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’ve been baking up a storm for the holidays lately. In the past week alone I’ve used about three pounds of butter, several cups of powdered sugar, a bag of Reese’s, a bag of Mint Truffle Kisses, a bag of Candy Cane Kisses, a bag of marshmallows, and several bags of chocolate chips. And I’m not done yet. So this weekend I’ll be shopping for new pants and a crane to remove me from my couch.
Have a great weekend!

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

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