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This is the story of a girl and her new kitchen faucet. If you’ll remember from the last story, the girl had gotten the chance to try a new Delta Faucet with Touch20 Technology, and she was impatiently awaiting its arrival.

While waiting, she began to think about how her new faucet could inspire her dream kitchen. She decided to design her dream kitchen, on the hopes that she could wish it into existence with a blink of an eye and a wrinkle of her nose.

{This is the kitchen she envisions in her future as a lottery winner…}

She started on Pinterest, of course, where she created an Inspired Living board to put all the wishes she would have for her Delta Faucet Inspired Kitchen.

Now, of course, her dream kitchen was just that…a dream. She can see, maybe five or 10 years into the future, being able to redo her cabinets and counters, update the flooring and, heck, push out a wall. But just because she couldn’t have her full dream kitchen ASAP, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t let her new Delta Faucet inspire a few easy changes that would surely make her workplace just a little bit happier.

And really, anything could be happier than how it looks now:

Let’s start with the faucet that will inspired the new look:

The Cassidy Single Handle with Touch20 Technology from Delta Faucet. It’s like a work of art, and it needs to be displayed accordingly.

The Cassidy faucet is a traditional look, and would match perfectly with the dark wood floors, white cabinets, and marble countertops in the dream kitchen photo above. But what could be done right now to improve the kitchen? The girl was stumped. She couldn’t see past the brown cabinets, white tile, and scratched sink.

The first way to change a room is paint. And that’s when the girl remembered the curtains she bought for her adjoining family room.

{Curtains/Photo from World Market}

The kitchen leads into the family room, so when one room gets remade…so does the other. Building off the curtains and the new faucet, the girl began to pin away in earnest, thinking up new mini upgrades for her boring, blah kitchen.

Classic paint colors, to accent the curtains and highlight the faucet will come first, and will change the feeling of the room.

Then there is the matter of the sink. It can’t be changed, not easily anyway. But it can be tidied up a bit. These mason jar soap dispensers are first on the list.

Then, some pops of color. New dishes, or something for the windowsill. Or a new kitchen toy. Fun colors and accessories can brighten up any space.

With a little decluttering and a little DIY design work, the girl knows a bright, new, fun kitchen is in store for her. All she needed was a kick in the pants…and a new Delta Faucet.

And…guess what came in the mail last week?

Now she just needs to get started!

To be continued…join us next month to find out how the girl does on her DIY project! Delta Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Delta via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.



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  1. We just bought a house that needs lots of work, including the kitchen. A girl never stops dreaming right?

  2. That dream kitchen?? I’m right there with you – but at least you have the new faucet to start. LOVE!

  3. Sounds great. But won’t you have to stop baking for a few days if you paint?
    I see batteries in the Delta faucet box. Does that mean if your water stops working you need to remember to change batteries? lol
    Are you planning to paint the cabinets? If so, and you DIY, be sure to check with someone at the paint store (or talk to Daddy) about prep work. Since they have been stained, they may need special primer or something for the paint to adhere.
    Good luck; looking forward to the next segment.
    Love, Mom

    1. Mom. – if Daddy is available to come to a cousin’s house, I would love to paint my stained cabinets white, too!- Laurie

      1. LOL! I don’t even know if I’d have it in me to do the cabinets. Sanding is the worst! But I’ll take you up on the weekend. 🙂

    2. We aren’t doing the cabinets. I don’t have that in me! Yes, it’s run with batteries, and there is a indicator light on the faucet to let you know when the batteries are out!

  4. Girl you’re doing amazing thinking of ways to spruce up the kitchen!

    I love that dream kitchen too, btw’s. Michael says white cabinets are impractical though *sigh*