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Have I tempted you enough with peanut butter and carbs this week? In case you’re mad at me for those recipes, this one is a little better for you: Skinny Sugar Free Kettle Corn. Just a few easy ingredients and it’s the perfect lower calorie snack!

Skinny Kettle Corn that is also sugar-free! This comes together in minutes and is the perfect low-calorie snack.

Snacks derail my healthy eating. Am I the only one? I’m good at breakfast, I eat healthy after my workout, and I get a good lunch. Then I do one of two things:

1. I skip my afternoon snack because I’m too busy or not very hungry, but by dinner I’m ready to eat my arm so I eat two helpings and then a plate of cookies. Or,

2. When it comes to snack time pretzels or a handful of almonds doesn’t sound good, so I eat a bag of Chex Mix.

Neither of those two options is very helpful when I’m counting calories. This Sugar-Free Kettle Corn? Luckily, it is very helpful.

Healthier, lower calorie snack? Check. Kills my sweet tooth? Check.

This recipe is so good, and so easy, it’s almost not even a recipe. But often non-recipes are the best kinds.

Skinny Kettle Corn that is also sugar-free! This comes together in minutes and is the perfect low-calorie snack.

Like I said, this recipe is so easy it’s almost not even a recipe. How did I make my popcorn skinny and sugar-free? Well, it’s cheater kettle corn. There’s no cooking involved, unless you count popping corn as cooking. You simply sprinkle popcorn with Splenda. Then it tastes sweet and salty, like the real deal.

Amazing, right??

I know some people out there are anti-Splenda. Let’s just put this out there: I’m not. I use a packet in my coffee every day. So…I’m pro-sweetener, and Splenda is the only one I’ve tasted that, when used lightly, doesn’t make me taste chemicals. But you can use your favorite brand if you prefer a different one.

Let’s talk popcorn for a minute. You have two choices for popcorn:

1. Pop fresh. This is, obviously, the most healthy method. You’re just getting popcorn, no additives. There are several ways to pop corn, but I suggest an air popper. They’re inexpensive and you don’t have to babysit your popcorn. Every time I try and make popcorn in a pot my house ends up smelling like burned popcorn for days. So…I use the air popper.

If you’re using freshly popped popcorn, you’ll want to add some melted coconut oil, butter, or butter spread and salt along with the splenda. Otherwise the popcorn is dry and not very appetizing.

2. Use microwave popcorn. Now, I know there are those out there that think microwave popcorn is the devil. I love the stuff and I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Microwave popcorn is up there with my love of Cool Whip. However, if you’re using microwave popcorn be sure to buy the 99% or 95% fat-free, less butter, or the 100 calorie packs. Otherwise the popcorn is not skinny at all.

If you’re using microwave popcorn, there is no need to add salt or melted butter. Just sprinkle with splenda.

Pretty much this is the easiest snack out there. It satisfies your salty, sweet, and crunchy cravings. And it saves up your WW points and calories so you can eat two of these.

Skinny Sugar Free Kettle Corn is the perfect snack when you're counting calories.

And that? Is totally worth it.

Skinny Sugar Free Kettle Corn in an orange and white polka dot cup

Skinny Sugar Free Kettle Corn

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Just 2 or 3 ingredients and a few minutes gives you sugar-free kettle corn that's totally calorie and diet friendly!
Yield 2 cups


  • 2 cups popped popcorn see instructions for details
  • 2 teaspoons liquid coconut oil or melted butter spread omit if using microwave popcorn
  • Salt to taste (omit if using microwave popcorn)
  • 1/2 to 1 packet splenda to taste (or an equal amount of your favorite sweetener)


  • You can use any method of popping popcorn for this recipe. My favorite way is air-popping, since it has no added oil or butter. You can also use microwave popcorn, but I suggest buying reduced fat, less butter, or the 100 calorie bags (regular microwave popcorn is NOT skinny).
  • Measure out 2 cups of popcorn and make sure you pick out any kernels.
  • Toss with melted coconut oil or butter spread (if you're using air-popped or freshly popped popcorn). Omit this step if you're using microwave popcorn that has butter flavoring.
  • Sprinkle abut 1/2 to 1 packet of splenda over your popcorn, to taste. You can also use your favorite sweetener in place of the splenda.
  • Eat it all, it's okay. It's not too bad for you!
Nutritional information not guaranteed to be accurate
Author Dorothy Kern

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  1. 100 calorie packs of kettle corn are the best to snack on and now that I can make it myself I will be sure to love it even more. I’m going to have to invest in an air popper. 🙂

  2. Wow- that photography was so good, the popcorn looked like it was about to pop off the screen!  Looks scrumptious!

  3. Kettle corn is one of my favorite snacks and I love that this is sugar free. I have a huge bag of splenda in my pantry calling my name asking me to make this right away. YUM!

  4. Yum! This looks like a great snack. I love foods where you can eat a large volume without stacking up the calories 🙂

  5. I love to make fat free microwave popcorn and sprinkle on cinnamon and Splenda! I love anything cinnamon sugar and this flavor on popcorn is great! By the way love love love your blog!

  6. I’m the same way and once I start snacking it’s so hard to stop.  This looks incredible! Love that they are skinny and sugar free to hold me over until dinner and even after – non-recipes are my favorite kind! 

  7. Oh my word, kettlecorn is my favorite version of popcorn. I’ve been wanting an air popper, now I MUST get one!

  8. I have been putting Splenda on my popcorn for years and all of my family and friends have made fun of me for it! I was so happy to read this post to know I am not the only one! This really is the perfect sweet and salty snack!