May 12

My Saturday {A Goal Accomplished}

This is why this blog is good for me; it holds me accountable. Back in January I set some goals for 2012. Today I checked off one of those goals.

I ran the Race for the Cure, a 5k.


It was timed, but I have no idea how I did. {It doesn’t really matter.}

It’s a really inspirational race, if you’ve never done it. All that pink really makes you think.

I ran it for my step-mother in-law Mary, who is a survivor. And my friend Jackie, who is currently undergoing treatment and will be a survivor too.

The Finish

And I ran it for someone else, too.

I ran it for me.

Happy Mother’s Day, to myself.

And to all of you too.

Hey, and just for me? Give your ta-ta’s a check tomorrow. It’s just a good thing to do.