Cheesecake French Toast

This is the one of the BEST French Toast recipes I’ve ever had: Cheesecake French Toast, made with King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Buns!


It’s SUMMER! Today is the last day of school. Jordan is going to be (gulp) a third grader!

Let’s not discuss the fact that, at this moment, I’m on an airplane to BlogHer Food and her last day photo was taken by my husband, after specific instructions on where to stand. I’m not going to let the mom guilt get to me for missing today, because it’s SUMMER. And I can make it up to Jordan by making some awesome breakfasts for her.

During the school year, breakfast is such a rush. She begs for pancakes. For waffles from scratch. For french toast. She ends up with cereal. Not during summer. In summer, I’ll make her things like this Cheesecake French Toast.

This is amazing you guys. It’s cheesecake stuffed inside of a King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Bun and then dipped to have a crust coating on the outside. Yes, I just said all those words and put them together in one sentence.

You need to make this for your kids. For your husband. Shoot, you need to make it for you.

In order to do that, you’ll need to head over to the King’s Hawaiian Blog to read the post and you can get the recipe here. Remember, I’m a contributor for them? Well, this is my newest recipe. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!


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I am a contributor to the King’s Hawaiian Blog and I am compensated to create recipes for their website. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. This is such a great idea for french toast! Heading over there right now to check out the recipe. Will be putting this on my to-make list. YUM!

  2. A couple weeks ago I sat down with some King’s Hawaiian leftover buns and had a great little PB & J sandwich party 🙂 Your French toast looks great. LOVE!! their bread!

  3. Wow.. brillant.. we want these in the summer too!!!

  4. SO excited, just picked up some KW rolls today…breakfast tomorrow morningI think 🙂 have a great time in Austin…SO upset i decided not to go this year

  5. Dorothy, you are brilliant. Just brilliant. How do you come up with these ideas???

    Have a GREAT time in Texas at the conference!! Already enjoying your photos on instagram. I can’t wait to see what recipe inspiration you find in Austin!

  6. Wow, lucky Jordan! Cheesecake for breakfast?! Totally on board!

  7. Such a creative idea!! I love it!
    Have fun in Austin!

  8. This looks SO fantastic! Love me some french toast and this is so divine!

  9. I never thought to use these buns other than dinner rolls! Yum!

  10. So creative and simple! I love it! Have a wonderful time in Austin!

  11. Holy yum, this is decadently delicious! I’d never have thought of sandwiching cheesecake and then frying it. You’ve improved my quality of life with this post, Dorothy – although maybe not the length of it 😉 Have a fantastic time at the conference!

  12. wow this looks amazing! thanks for sharing

  13. looks fab. Might have to make this for breakfast this weekend!

  14. You = evil genius. Anyone tell you that?

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  17. Oh my gosh I love Hawaiian rolls, I bet this is outstanding

  18. That just made me laugh out loud…I know how (most) husbands take photos. I also know how well they (don’t) pay attention to the specifics of (any) instructions we give them!
    I’m so in love with this recipe! Pinning.

  19. What a fun breakfast!

  20. This is super creative and such a great breakfast idea!

  21. This is brilliant! Oh my goodness I want a bite of that so bad!

  22. Cheesecake and french toast?! My two favorite things combined for breakfast.

  23. This sounds so awesome. I hope you have an fabulous time in Austin!

  24. Dorothy, this is some seriously good lookin’ french toast. Your daughter is certainly a lucky gal. Have fun at the conference!

  25. Can you drizzle Honey all over these? Yum Tum! 🙂

  26. You convinced me, heading over there to get the recipe ASAP!

  27. Genius! I love it. I might try it with the Portuguese sweet bread from across the street at Leonard’s. I love living in a place with so much diversity!

  28. Love it! I’ve always just dipped my French toast in an egg/milk mixture before frying it, but the graham cracker crumb idea sounds amazing! I bet this would be really good with a fruit topping – like a strawberry cheesecake French toast kind of thing 🙂

  29. Dorothy … you have outdone yourself! I should have read this earlier … it would have been breakfast this morning 🙂 It will be on the menu next weekend!

  30. Made with King’s Hawaiian? How could they not be delicious? Love that you stuffed them with cheesecake!

    I just made about 100 pancakes and waffles and froze them so the kids can have “real breakfast” in the summer, but I don’t have to spend all my summer mornings doing dishes 😉

  31. OMG, I love it! Every Kings Hawaiian thing you make I die over – I just love that stuff! And cheesecake flavored french toast? You’re brilliant.

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