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Are you stuck at home wanting something to do that’s not just binge Netflix? Are your kids bored and needing something to do? Driving you crazy?

I have 8 ways to keep busy right now, new things to learn, try and do that will keep your mind occupied (and off the news app). These ideas are the perfect distraction!

During the first few weeks of this weird time, I became a pro at:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Scrolling Facebook
  • Watching Netflix

Now that this is our new normal for awhile, I’ve started focusing on working out at home, planning my next trip, and finding something for my kid to do that isn’t making a TikTok.

I have a feeling you’re in the same boat, so today I’m sharing some new fun things I’ve recently found to pass the time (and I’m learning something too!)

Each of these resources is completely FREE. They’re email courses I’ve been taking over the last week, and they’ve been super helpful.

1. Cookie Baking Hacks to bake better cookies!

This is my free email course that I know you’ll love, because who doesn’t love cookies?

stack of chocolate chip cookies with half a cookie on top with gooey chocolate

In this course you’ll learn:

  • My EASY Hacks for baking better cookies
  • Some of my favorite easy cookie recipes

2. For Disney Lovers: Crafts, games, and activities!

collage of disney craft photos

These stay-at-home activities all have a Disney theme! You’ll get crafts, Disney-themed games, and screen-free activities to engage your child’s imagination.

You might not be able to GO to Disney right now, but you can still enjoy Disney fun!

3. Learn Culinary School Secrets to Transform your Cooking

overhead shot of meat and potatoes on blue platter on rack with sauce on side

Once you master a few basics it’s a lot easier to whip up dinner with whatever you have in your pantry. Right now, that’s really important!

This course will teach you about cooking chicken perfectly, grilling the best steak, how to make the perfect rice PLUS the secret formula for roasting vegetables!

4. 14 day Kids Activities Challenge

three children in a vertical row holding up hands with paint on them

If your kids are bored then THIS is the guide for them!! Are you looking for activities that are easy to set up, easy to do, and might actually teach them something?

This email course includes 14 days of FREE kids activities, from science to engineering and art and so many more. Keep your kids busy for the next two weeks!

5. Stress Free Travel Planning

woman laying in a hammock on her computer

I know, we can’t travel right now, but we will be able to again. This email series is perfect for you to do NOW so that when we can book travel again you can go for it right away.

Learn how to save money, how to get started, and so much more! If you’re ever thinking of planning a trip you don’t want to miss these ideas.

6. Learn to use that Instant Pot!

collage of instant pot recipe photos

Is your instant pot still in the box? Well, use this time to get it up and running. These 5 easy recipes will for sure get you going and give new Instant Pot cooks the confidence to use your pressure cooker!

7. 2 weeks of FREE Home Workouts

two women exercising on bench with city in the background

We can’t go to the gym so we’re ALL stuck working out from home right now. If you’re like me that can get boring or confusing FAST. Don’t give up your workouts – this series not only shares free workouts but also tips for making home workouts easier AND sample meal plans!

8. Keep your kids reading – without the library!

three children kneeling on floor of library

Public and school libraries are great resources for kids and a great place to get new reading material if you’re like me and don’t buy books. But what do you do if your library is closed? This 5-day course, No Library? No Problem: 5 Secrets for Reading During Quarantine is going to help you keep your kids interest in reading even now!

Dorothy Kern

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  1. Hi Dorothy,
    You’re truly an inspiration during these times! So good to know that others are feeling the same “cabin fever!” I find that keeping a daily routine is crucial. Some ideas-
    Reading books you normally don’t
    Walking for exercise and fresh air
    Learning Italian or other language
    Making challenging French recipes
    Like Boeuf bourguignon by Julia Child- Virtual trips to Museums all over the world. Kids would love this too! I have even made Moon Blushed tomatoes that cook overnight in the oven! Something to look forward to the next morning!!!
    Yes, it’s difficult, but we have to be thankful for the things we do have.
    One of those things is you, Dorothy!